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2012 Year In Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Now, as you may know that I do the WWE PPV reviews but this time, we are going to do a year in reivew of the good, bad and downright ugly moments of 2012. This includes TNA as well. Now, mind you this is only my opinion, like it means much to you or anyone else.  With that said, let us get the negative out of the way with some of the uglier moments of 2012!


SantinoMarella-UnitedStatesChampion_crop_650x440The United States Championship….well, Santino holding it.

Santino Marella’s United States Championship reign or lack thereof. Can anyone really recall a memorable match from this atrocious run? No. The only PPV match he had as champion was against Antonio Cesaro (thank goodness he won and no I am not counting the Tuxedo match). This reign ran its course way too long.

Yes, Santino is a great wrestler but in WWE, he is a comedy act and his run, thanks to the oh-so-smart creative team, devalued the championship since they forgot he was champion in the first place! As you alrady know, by the way I post comments and write these sort of blogs, I am a belt mark and this is just appalling and should not happen again. It will, but I hope not.

AJ Lee-4AJ Lee…and her many partners.

Don’t you just love her? Ok, Let’s count: Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Kane, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. Yup, five! Yet, we don’t hear a “slut” chant or “hoeski” or anything like that.  Lita cheats on Matt Hardy in real life, we hear it. Eve leaves Zack Ryder, we get “hoeski.” AJ does this? “We love her!”…uh, continuity is missing here!

Plus, I’m getting annoyed with her as a character. She takes up just as much TV time as Vickie Guerrero and that is a shame compared to the actual Divas Champion and those competing for it. I hope to see AJ actually wrestle in the coming months instead of replacing Kelly Kelly as the resident screaming, rolling around, untalented slag. I have seen her NXT work and she can be pushed a lot better than this. Ok, I’m done ranting.

Aces & Eights

Can someone please unmask these guys?! Please?! Please?! This is getting old. Really.

The Miz’s Face Turn

Does anyone take this face turn seriously?! I sure don’t. Why? That is because The Miz is a douche!  He is supposedly one in real life and that is an extension of himself on TV. It just doesn’t work. The lame jokes, the sophomoric humor and his promos mirror John Cena in terms of lame. People want to pay to see The Miz ges his ass handed to him, not cheer for him. There are some people who can get the crowd to cheer or boo. The Miz is not one of them.

The Royal Rumble 2012

The match itself, the PPV, the person winning it and everything was just wrong here. Just flat out wrong. Announcers participating in the match, the wrong guy winning the match, the  undercard being underwhelming and everything about this PPV was garbage in my opinion. A terrible, terrible way to start off the year.


Extreme Rules 2012

“Derron, what?! That was a great show.  Why is it under bad?!” I’ll tell  you why!  Because it is sad that the “WrestleMania Revenge” show is better than the biggest show of the year. WrestleMania should be treated like a big show, not just with the glamour and glitz, but the matches as well.

Yes, we got John Cena vs. The Rock and also CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship, but the Extreme Rules card from top to bottom this year completely overshadowed WrestleMania in terms of match quality and booking and most of the matches were basically rematches with gimmicks in them!

I feel that WrestleMania has been taking a backseat for the “aftermath” show for years now and that should not be the case.  I haven’t seen a WrestleMania that was considered “good” since 24 and that is saying something. WrestleMania 17? Best ever. WrestleMania 14? One of the best ever. WrestleMania VIII? One of the best ever. WrestleMania XIX? Great. Since then? Either ok or god awful. (Yes I am looking at WrestleMania 25 and 27)

thCA2J8PR0Chris Jericho’s Third Run

All the build up leading to his return and for what? Him to smile, say nothing and troll us. Nothing really good came from this aside from a few good matches with CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. WWE completely dropped the ball on him winning the Rumble match to face Punk and it went down hill from there.

Loss after loss in big money matches led us to not care for Jericho at all. Yes, we saw Y2J return to his old tricks again, but it was too little, too late. What will we see from his fourth run? I hope better than the third because his second one was superb and that’s an act to follow.

Feuds That Last Too Long

How many times have we seen Sheamus and Del Rio or Sheamus vs. Big Show, etc.? This has been a common theme on Smackdown as of late. Sheamus and Big Show had an amazing trilogy, but do we need to see it anymore? No. With 50+ wrestlers on the roster competing on both brands, they can’t find anyone at all to face Big Show leading into the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania? Nothing wrong with seeing a great rivalry or a series of matches, but you have to know when to end it.

Wrestlers of the Past Still Going Over

TNA, I’m looking at you. RVD as X-Division Champion (a couple years too late), Jeff Hardy as the World Champion. TNA has had a long history of holding back homegrown talent and it seems to have reared its ugly head yet again near the end of 2012 after months of suppressing it. They actually had great TV and PPVs for a while that got everyone interested again. Too bad it was short lived. Hopefully,  they stay the course here.

300px-TNA_Knockout_Tag_Team_ChampionshipTNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Can someone explain to me why this title is still activated or still called the Knockouts Tag Team Championship when it is a man and a woman that are the champions? I don’t get it. Either rename the titles or deactivate them. They are seldom defended anyway and plus it’s useless to have when  you haven’t a division for it

RAW Going 3 Hours

I was never sold on this idea whatsoever. You have 6 hours of wrestling saturating the airwaves from WWE alone and two more from TNA–that’s 8 hours! This format is exhausting especially if the products from both sides are just decent at best. I don’t mind RAW being three hours if it’s done rarely, but since it’s three hours on a weekly basis, the “special” episodes of RAW have very little meaning whatsoever.

I fear that The 20th Anniversary of RAW will be one of those episodes. It’s what you do with the minutes you have on the air that matters…not how mny hours you are on the air.

Impact, in it’s heyday, had great TV for an hour’s worth of wrestling. RAW and Smackdown in the early 2000’s did well with two hours. Less is more is the moral of the story. Yes, we get a couple of matches that are 20 minutes long on TV on RAW, but you could have easily done that when the show was two hours and left some of the filler out of it.

Less is more. Less is more.  It is becoming quite a chore to sit there and watch a wrestling telecast that long. You would think WWE would learn from its former rival and not do this. I guess I was wrong.

On the positive side, we did get a few episodes that were gems, but the rest? Just another run-of-the-mill show going through the motions.

I’m done being negative and as much as I could nitpick every little thing between the two organizations that piss me off, I will not do that because I value my sanity and your time. Let’s talk about the good things.


Wrestling had it’s great moments as well, a few that really stand out, but were memorable nonetheless. Here are some that I think, in my mind, were the brighter spots of a rather average year for wrestling

Safe to say, TNA's fourth biggest show behind Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory

Safe to say, TNA’s fourth biggest show behind Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory

Destination X

I really like the fact that TNA dedicates a PPV to the division that made them stand out amongst the “Big Boys”, the X-Division. They have had two Destination X PPV’s dedicated to the division and both were superb, especially this year with the Roode/Aries main event which is by far, TNA’s match of the year.

I hate the fact that they only use July to showcase the X-Division when they should showcase it year-round like they used to.  The X-Division and the Knockouts are big draws for TNA and it seems like they have forgot about that. It shows that divisions in wrestling can be taken seriously if booked properly.

CM Punk’s 400+ Day Reign as WWE Champion and Bobby Roode’s 8 Months as TNA Champion

In the age of title reigns lasting no longer than a month or so, this is a complete breath of fresh air. Making the championship look prestigious and worthy of chasing by having a nearly unbeatable champion. Then, when you have a top face chasing the champion and beating the top heel, it makes the moment much more special. We saw that with Austin Aries and how tthat moment alone had casual fans of TNA watch the product yet again on a weekly basis.

Punk is champion still and we are waiting for that face to finally beat him and end his reign as champion. I think both companies should follow suit with their mid-card titles as well to give them the luster they desperately need that has been lost through the past decade alone. Seeing these long title reigns bring back and old school feel to a new school world and that works especially for new audiences who may have not seen it before and older audiences who desperately want something different.

 The Rise of the Indy guys

CM Punk as WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan as one-half of the WWE World Tag Team Champions, Austin Aries winning the TNA Championship last year and also the rise of Antonio Cesaro as United States Champion all are breaths of fresh air. After years of us fans wanting someone new as champion instead of the same guys who were over years ago, we finally get it and in abundance, at least in WWE.

Punk is yet again the top heel in the company, Cesaro is showing what an amazing champion he is with his skill and strength, Bryan growing to one of the top faces in the company shows how much since Punk’s “revolution” that the Indy guys are getting a much fairer shake.

The Return of Paul Heyman

Need I say more? I’m sure everyone else has sung his praises so I will not play to the peanut gallery and leave it alone.

The Revival of the Tag Team Division of the WWE

After being dead for a few years, one would have thought that we would have never seen the tag division ever be revived. How wrong we were! We have seen the tag division come from the grave like a phoenix and we have seen some stellar matches and the formation of fresh new tag teams like The Rhodes Scholars (calling them Team Rhodes Scholars is redundant), Hell No and Primetime Players.

We even saw a tag tournament for the right to even face the champions and even seeing the titles defended regularly on television and on PPV.  2012, I believe, was just the beginning and I hope to see the division grow even more this year in 2013.

You don't need gimmicks to have good matches

You don’t need gimmicks to have good matches

Night of Champions 2012

Keep in my mind, this PPV was wrestling PPV of the year. No gimmick matches, no sily entertainment BS, just wrestling. Seven matches, six championship matches and each match was built up (save for the US Championship) like it mattered.

Each match from top to bottom was from solid to excellent in terms of match quality. To start off with a fast-paced Fatal 4 Way for the Intercontinental Championship to a classic WWE Championship match to close the show.

All of it was great booking. The right people won, the finishes were great and this was the night like Extreme Rules that everything flowed mellifluously.  Hell in a Cell was a hell of a follow up as well.

Too bad the last two PPV’s of the year for WWE were just decent, but I hope the Royal Rumble this year is much more memorable than 2012. Just with CM Punk and The Rock alone for the WWE Championship, that is not a hard feat.

Welp, ladies and germs, that was a quick retrospective on some of the good, bad and ugly moments of 2012. I want to know what you think though. I am sure we can keep it going. I see some great things in 2013, but I also see some bad things as well. Hopefully more good than bad. Now, let’s get ready to Rumble!

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