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Alberto Del Rio, Destiny or Delayed?


In 2011, Alberto Del Rio won the biggest Royal Rumble in history, the 40 man Battle Royal. (Glad that was a one time only thing.) Del Rio seemed primed and ready to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge at WrestleMania XXVII. However, due to a career ending injury, it was only right to send Edge off on a feel good story where he would win his last match and retain his World title.

After WrestleMania, Alberto Del Rio and Christian faced off in a battle for the vacant title at Extreme Rules. Is it his destiny? In the words of Del Rio, destiny can be delayed.

After losing to Christian and finding his way to the Raw roster, Del Rio easily could have found himself under the radar, now playing in the big leagues with then John Cena, the Miz and R-Truth. But he finally earned a shot at getting in the Money in the Bank match.

As CM Punk took the wrestling world by storm and dropping the infamous pipe-bomb and eventually becoming the WWE Champion, Del Rio cashed his Money in the Bank contract in and became the WWE Champion.


Del Rio held onto the title for a month before losing to John Cena at Night of Champions. However, Cena’s title reign would only last 14 days as Del Rio defeated John Cena and CM Punk in a triple threat Hell in a Cell match.  Del Rio held onto the title and successfully defended against Cena, but at the Survivor Series, Del Rio lost it to CM Punk, which led to his currently 400 days plus title reign.

Alberto Del Rio, a prominent heel on the roster, recently turned face and the IWC went screaming. Everyone just knew he would get lost in the shuffle. In a recent episode of WWE Smackdown, Del Rio shocked the world and become the new World Heavyweight Championship. The belt he was “destined” to wear. As we settle into the new year, one has to wonder, Is it truly Alberto Del Rio’s destiny to be world champion, or perhaps was it delayed and no one cares?



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