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  • Impact Wrestling

    The Many Problems TNA Has Despite Their New TV Deal

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse TNA signed a new TV deal, but PWP’s Matthew Hollie still sees problems with them despite this exciting news TNA at one...

  • Impact Wrestling TNA

    How Many Lives Does TNA Have Left?

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse As TNA moves to another network, Christopher Jobes wonders how many lives TNA has left… Just when you think they are out,...

  • TNA in 2015

    The Rebirth of TNA In 2015

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse As TNA goes into a new year, JCD talks about the rebirth of TNA in 2015 With yesterday’s announcement by Impact Wrestling...

  • Tomko TNA

    TNA’s Missed Shots #7 – Tomko

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse In his latest installment of TNA’s Missed Shots, Zak Fellows takes a closer look at Tomko… I will admit that with the...

  • VooDoo Kin

    TNA’s Missed Shots #6 – VooDoo Kin Mafia

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse TNA’s Missed Shots #6 – VKM Quick note to start things off: If you can catch the joke with the name of...

  • Hernandez TNA Wrestling

    TNA’s Missed Shots #5 – Hernandez

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse TNA’s Missed Shots #5 – Hernandez One of the most original and over acts that TNA has put out there was the...

  • Magnus TNA

    TNA Wrestling Buyout – Magnus

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse TNA Wrestling Buyout – Magnus Magnus entered TNA initially as a modern day gladiator shortly before becoming a third member of the...