WWE Network Preview

WWE Network Review: 24 Hours Later

24 hours after launching.

I hope my little WWE Network Review can help!

The first strike WWE got against it’s new WWE Network is traffic.  Normally, you wouldn’t blame netflix for a million people crashing their servers, but someone in WWE had to know that opening it up for registration to the entire country at the same time, 9am, was going to cause major problems.  I signed up at 6am that day.  Obviously it was available to sign up and download to your device all weekend but the WWE didn’t want to tell everyone. (They also have a big strike agaisnt them for even existing, or so my wife tells me. Meh.)

It was insanely difficult to watch anything “on demand” such as No Way Out 2000. Great American Bash 1996. Every PPV was hard to access and if you got it to start, it would stop to load the video and take forever due to high demand. I did get through Jericho/Angle at No Way Out 2000 for the IC title. It only took the 9 minute match 45 minutes to finish.

One other glitch/bug they have will even effect the “Now Playing” TV style stream.  Every so often it will glitch and jump backwards a second or two. It’s like watching the scene in The Matrix where Neo sees the cat walk past the doorway twice and calls it DejaVu.  It’s not a big problem, but at some point it catches back up with itself and 2 or 3 seconds skips forward and you have no clue what is going on now.

It’s only been 24 hours and I accept bugs and glitches.  I also expect with the money they made yesterday and all the people they probably have on staff to focus solely on the Network, it will be fixed soon.  The problem could be as simple as everyone trying to sign up AND watch all at the same time.

I hear reports that it will NOT work yet on the XBox 360.  I also hear from people that it plays everything, even On Demand PPVs easily through the WWE app on their tablet or phone.

Google Chrome has trouble playing it. Chromecast TV seems to require a “restart” in order for it to accept the WWE Network and allow it to work.  I have heard no issues with the Apple TV or the Roku streaming box. I have the Roku box and the only issues are what I said above.

I went through the WWE website to sign up and enter my credit card. I don’t have Apple but it looks like Apple TV will charge all $60 up front for 6 months, or so this article explains:  WWE Network comes to Apple TV with in-app subscriptions as service debuts

No matter what, this is worth $10 a month, hands down.  Two live PPVs and watching some matches on the old $9 a month Classics On Demand pays for the entire YEAR of the WWE Network and STILL gets you another 10 live PPVs.

It is easily worth every single penny.  I’m watching RAW Rewind right now.  Shawn Michaels vs Max Moon(Yes, Konnan from WCW)


If you don’t know if you want the WWE Network yet, I hope my WWE Network Review: 24 Hours Later is helpful. You also get to try it for free for one week. Should you be charged for that week, WWE Network Customer Service is available and I hear are very helpful.


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WWE Post SummerSlam Raw Results and Review: Corporate Evolution

Just 24 hours after WWE SummerSlam 2013, Raw delivered in being must see as Jersey Strong Jay’s prediction of a new corporation was born. Tonight’s episode of Raw reminded me of days during the Attitude Era when Stone Cold Steve Austin feuded with Mr. McMahon and his Corporation. However, this corporation has a more modern vibe to it and I will discuss this as we take a look at the post-SummerSlam 2013 episode of Raw.

Raw opened with John Cena who put Daniel Bryan over and then announced that he was leaving for elbow surgery. Luckily for WWE, Bryan has become very popular and can be a suitable number one babyface of WWE in the meantime. Cena brought out Bryan who was eventually met by Stephanie McMahon. It became clear that Stephanie was siding with her husband, Triple H who turned on Bryan in favor of new WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Raw delivered a rematch between Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. I am not a huge fan of rematches. Especially, the next night. However, it makes sense if this feud is continuing. Logically, Rhodes won again. Sandow has no need to win these matches with Rhodes since he holds Money in the Bank. Though with Cody defeating Sandow twice now, perhaps their next encounter will have the briefcase on the line.



Paul Heyman next addressed CM Punk. It’s clear that this feud is not over, but we won’t be seeing Brock Lesnar return for a while.

Shameless tag match involving divas in order to promote the Total Divas show. Since Nikki is injured, they can’t have the Bellas wrestle in tag matches. At the same time, it is great to see AJ the champion involved. It made sense to have the Funkadactyls win and perhaps one will receive a divas title match in the near future.

The Shield defeating Dolph Ziggler seemed to begin to show Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as the enforcers of the new corporation. Now that I think about it, Brad Maddox is likely a small member of the group as well since he booked these matches. Nonetheless, this match was for the new corporation to prove they are here now.

Next, Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara after the latter seemed to suffer yet another injury. This guy cannot catch a break. In any case, thankfully Ricardo Rodriguez is getting involved with Del Rio. Unfortunately, it is not as his opponent. I would have rather seen Ricardo be the one feuding with Del Rio, but at least give him someone young. Pairing Ricardo with Rob Van Dam makes little sense to me. RVD is in a Jericho-type of role in WWE today. He is there to put the young guys over and deliver some great matches. Ricardo should have introduced Rey Mysterio back if it had to be a veteran.



The Prime Time Players have turned face and it could be the best thing for them. After Darren Young’s coming out as the first active WWE superstar to announce he is gay, the Prime Time Players were successful against the Real Americans. Perhaps Young and Titus O’Neil will finally get a nice push.

The Shield once again in a handicap match, this time against the Big Show. Another example of Ambrose and company acting as the enforcers for Triple H and family. At least Big Show has a date with the tag team champions in the future.

CM Punk responded to Heyman in typical fashion. With great mic work. It makes sense for him to begin feuding with Curtis Axel. At the same time, it makes the Intercontinental title look weak.

Squash match for Bray Wyatt against R-Truth. Not much to say here. This was Wyatt’s first official match on Raw so he is still in the process of being built up. His character along with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are very intriguing and I am excited to see where these three go from here.



One more squash match for tonight as the Usos defeat 3MB. The Usos seem to be stuck as a good tag team, but not great enough. Expect them to stay at the top of the tag team division for a while, but unless The Shield break up soon, the Usos won’t become champions.

The Miz faced off against Wade Barrett once again. I was expecting Fandango to be the heel in this match, but he would make an appearance at the end. Fandango delivered a leg drop to Miz, giving him the win by disqualification. Although this feud has little meaning, it is a nice filler feud that gives Miz and Fandango something to do.

Randy Orton’s coronation as WWE Champion began with great promos from the McMahons and Triple H. Vince solidified himself as a member of the new corporation. This is where things really resembled the Austin era. Daniel Bryan got beat, but he will eventually be champion. Triple H and Mr. McMahon also showed that they are much better characters as heels. It’s interesting that they turned now. It used to be that they were babyfaces as the owners of a family-friendly company. Now they show that the product is better when the heels are on top and babyface Bryan is chasing the WWE title.

In closing, I want to give a shout out to Graham GSM Matthews (@SAVE_US_GSM) who mentioned tonight on Twitter that the new McMahon-Helmsley-Orton group can be referred to as the Corporate Evolution. You have McMahon and Triple H as the veterans. Randy Orton as the prime superstar as champion. Then you have The Shield who is clearly the future.


What were your reactions to tonight’s episode of Raw? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Live Report

WWE Money in the Bank 2013

This is a special live report from owner of ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com, Jay Alletto.


Philadelphia has always been a mecca of huge WWE events with extremely memorable moments taking place in the city throughout history. While many fans of today automatically think of ECW when the city of Philadelphia comes up, I think about Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bret Hart and other WWE greats who set the Philadelphia Spectrum on fire for years in the 1980′s and 1990′s.

The Spectrum is long gone, but The Wells Fargo Center was on fire tonight for WWE Money in the Bank 2013! I arrived in Philadelphia early to meet with some friends at XFINITY Live, which is a sports bar complex with several restaurants and bars for people to watch the various sports games taking place in the area.

I highly recommend it due to the convenience and atmosphere. They were really catering to WWE fans by playing wrestling theme songs. Smart move by XFINITY LIVE to take advantage of the unconventional event in the area.

After hanging out with Frank from Wrestle Reaction, Seth from GuttWrenchPowerBlog (and right here on PWP) and others, we all headed to Wells Fargo. This show had to be one of the more unpredictable Pay-Per-View cards in recent memory. With both ladder matches being mainly a crap shoot, we spend a lot of time predicting who could possibly win.

We made it into the arena in time to catch the pre-show match with The Shield defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against The Uso’s. What a hot opener! The Philadelphia crowd ALWAYS caters to the heels and the talent the they’ve been familiar with for years.

usos-shield-mitbThe diehard Philadelphia fans have been watching Seth Rollins (fka Tyler Black) for years, dating back to his days wrestling in the old ECW arena for Ring of Honor.

Anyway, The Shield and The Uso’s looked like they were out to prove something & they did. Solid match from start to finish with a few really awesome high spots. This is what a pre-show opener should be. For my money, they could have replaced this with any match on the main card and I wouldn’t have complained.

The Shield retains their tag team championships, but the future looks bright for both teams. The Uso’s really delivered and this feud seems far from over.

The World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match with all heels involved was the better of the two in my opinion…and that is a bit of a shocker. The lack of baby faces made you believe that this might fall flat, but in Philadelphia, heels are the way to go.

Dean Ambrose was really over with the crowd. He started gaining momentum in his career in the Philadelphia area working for companies like Combat Zone Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA. However, the surprise of the contest was Cody Rhodes. Cody has been wallowing around in the mid-card for the majority of the past two years.

His run with Damien Sandow has been a bit of a rejuvenation, but he’s been the fall guy time and time again. When Cody started to get fired up and take out everyone in the match, the crowd reacted huge! This shows you that even if we weren’t thinking about it, Cody has been poised for a baby face turn for a long time.

The aforementioned Shield vs. Uso’s rivalry spilled over into this contest when both teams got involved. Cody was able to capitalize by wiping out the field of competitors when he pushed Dean Ambrose to the floor on top of seemingly everyone. When Cody was inches away from securing the briefcase, Damien Sandow pushed him off and became Mr. Money in the Bank.

Unbelievable turn of events in this match-up with Sandow coming out victorious. I love the direction it is going. The crowd reacted huge throughout and this can push both Sandow and Rhodes up the card if a feud breaks out between the two. It will be fresh and fun to watch for sure.

Curtis Axel and The Miz was pretty run of the mill. Paul Heyman was really over in Philadelphia, which is to be expected, and the crowd did not appreciate him getting sent to the back. When looking at how the show ended, it makes perfect sense that Heyman wasn’t a huge factor here.

Axel got a much needed clean victory over The Miz to solidify his reign as Intercontinental Champion and move him forward.

aj-kaitAJ and Kaitlyn kept the heat going with a pretty solid divas match. The crowd wasn’t really into this very much from a live standpoint, but I’m a huge fan of AJ. She has been one of the most underrated stars on the show over the past year. A lot of people hate on AJ Lee for various reasons. However, from an all around performance standpoint, she’s delivered big time in a number of different storylines.

The finishing sequence was solid with AJ using her patented submission hold to make Kaitlyn tap once again. I’m not sure where this angle heads now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaitlyn falls out of the championship picture in order for WWE to heavily promote their “Total Divas” show featuring The Bella’s, Natalya and The Funkadactyls.

Ryback and Chris Jericho is next and the crowd reaction was a bit lame. Jericho really tried hard to get people to chant “Cryback”, but this was Philly. They aren’t going to chant that!

The match itself was ok, but nothing special. They had all of their big spots and Jericho attempted to get the best out of Ryback. The finish is what puzzled me the most. Ryback wins via a schoolboy?! I didn’t see that coming!

I was hoping that The Wyatt’s would make their presence felt by attacking Chris Jericho after the match to write him off TV. It didn’t happen, but I expect it to on Raw.

Ziggler and Del Rio was what it was. They have decent chemistry in the ring and my prediction of the disqualification finish came to fruition. I expect another contest between the two to take place at SummerSlam with Ziggler finally getting the strap back. However, the involvement of AJ Lee throws a curveball into the entire thing.

The crowd was really behind Dolph Ziggler and rightfully so. He has been busting his ass for years to get into the World Heavyweight Championship picture on a consistent basis and now he’s there. If you somehow take Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes and inject them into the division as well, you suddenly have a new guard of WWE superstars fighting over the illustrious championship.

I was one of the few people who was heavily behind John Cena in the crowd last night in Philadelphia. I don’t make it a secret that I’m a big fan of John Cena and have been since day one. However, I’ve also been happy with Mark Henry’s work over the past few years. He’s been a force to be reckoned with and proved it last night.

There were times in this match where I was almost certain Henry was going to walk out of Philly as the WWE Champion, but considering the placement on the card, I just couldn’t convince myself  fully. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment and a couple of STF’s to secure the tap out from The World’s Strongest Man.

Money in the Bank All Stars was extraordinary, but fell just under the World Heavyweight Championship MITB to kick off the PPV. The innovation wasn’t quite there, but the some of the spots were awesome. And what can I really say about the return of Rob Van Dam?

RVD went from wrestling in a glorified warehouse in Orlando to receiving a hero’s welcome in Philadelphia for WWE. It was truly a special moment for any longtime Rob Van Dam fan, man. I liked how the match kicked off with everyone attacking RVD.

Frankly, I knew Daniel Bryan wasn’t going to win and I’m happy he didn’t. My choice was RVD, but Randy Orton makes perfect sense. In the grand scheme of things, Daniel Bryan should get the Royal Rumble victory into a WrestleMania championship match. He’s already been Mr. Money in the Bank so it didn’t seem smart to me to give it back to him.


The IWC gave a collective gasp when Randy Orton pulled down the briefcase. However, within the confines of Philadelphia, the pop was huge when he won. A lot of those fans get it. Orton has been a blip on the radar as far as significance for a long time. He’s put over many talents including The Shield, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and CM Punk.

It was only a matter of time until Randy Orton reclaimed his spot in the main event scene and this solidifies that.

Overall, I was happy with the crowd (except for you idiots that bring signs and block the view of people. Shame on you.) and the atmosphere was awesome. Philadelphia is a longtime home for great professional wrestling moments and this show was certainly one of them.

I’d rate it an 8/10. Can’t wait to watch it on TV to further assess WWE Money in the Bank 2013!

Thanks for reading.

Jay Alletto

@PWPowerhouse on Twitter


Browning Review: Extreme Rules 2013

Time for another Browning Review, this time it’s our latest WWE PPV, Extreme Rules. This was the fifth annual Extreme Rules as it emanated from St. Louis, Missouri. There were eight matches on the card, one on the pre-show, which we will not discuss here because it’s the pre-show and I didn’t see it.  Extreme Rules is usually lauded for it’s quality wrestling, despite it being a PPV laden with gimmick matches. .Will Extreme “Rule” here? Well, here’s my take on it.

The show opens up with Chris Jericho vs. Fandango in a rematch from WrestleMania.

Fandango is kinda entertaining, until the bell rings. Jericho can make up and comers and championships look good as I have said before but he can’t here. The only good thing about this match is that it ended. Jericho wins with a Codebreaker counter from the top rope while Fandango tried a leg drop.  Jericho got his win in a match that could have easily went on the night after Mania with the same result. ½*

ambrose-us-championThe second match on the card was for the United States Championship. Kofi Kingston would defend his championship vs. Dean Ambrose. This match was originally supposed to be Big E. Langston vs. Kofi Kingston for the title but this was averted for reasons unknown. Good thing it was because Big E. is not ready for a singles title yet.

The match itself was very solid but this match could have went longer. I would have had rather seen a 15-minute match from these two than a waste of 8 minutes with Fandango. Ambrose wins with his Headlock Driver which is a pretty cool finisher. The move is not too fancy but it’s effective to win his first singles title. Another positive about this  match is that Ambrose won clean without The Shield’s assistance. There is nothing wrong with heels winning clean especially this day and age.*** ½

The third match on the card would be Sheamus vs. Mark Henry in a Strap Match. Now, I have seen many a strap match especially in WWE and none haven’t been that good. This is your traditional strap match were you have to touch all four corners in order to win. If Mark Henry were to touch a corner, a red light would come on, Sheamus would have the green light (oh, how convenient because he is Irish).

The match had some very stiff between these two big men and had some great psychology. I thought the strap would limit them but they proved me wrong. The finish of the match was when Sheamus touched three poles, but Henry held onto him while he went for the fourth. Sheamus wiggled free and nailed the Brogue Kick, allowing him to touch the fourth and final pole for the win. This match was violent enough for a PG-era match but my main complaint that the match was too short and yet again could have went longer. Still ****

Post-match in the locker room, Mark Henry said “he was going home”. I guess “going home” means recovering from nagging injuries. Henry has shown the past few years that he is a quality worker. Sheamus last year and this year has had some stellar matches as well on TV and PPV. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two go at it once more down the line.

Alberto-Del-Rio-microphoneThe Fourth match would be a #1 Contender’s I Quit Match for the World Heavyweight Championship as Jack Swagger would take on Alberto Del Rio with the winner facing Ziggler for the title most likely at Payback.

It has become more than obvious that no one cares for this feud between these two whatsoever. I personally don’t anymore. They have had some good matches but no one is behind it. This “I Quit” match beat the S & M show with Miz and Cena in 2011 and other PG era “I Quit” matches but that says little.

Swagger and Del Rio had an amazing wrestling match at WrestleMania with a good finish. This match had a horrible booking finish that you would have seen either in TNA or the Attitude Era. Swagger puts Del Rio in the Ankle Lock, but Colter throws in the towel on Del Rio’s behalf.  The WrestleMania XI finish with Backlund and Bret Hart didn’t work here.

Then we have an instant replay in the middle of the match because WWE’s referees are not much better than any other sport. Even the commentators broke kayfabe and called bullshit on this. After this debacle, the match restarts and Del Rio hits the Armbar almost immediately on Swagger for Swagger to quit in this 11 minute mess of a match. I give this * because the finish greatly ruined this match. If only Swagger didn’t kick Dolph in the head, we would have had a Triangle Ladder Match and would have been much better than this crap.

The fifth match would be for the WWE Tag Team Championships as Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane in case you been hiding under a rock since last summer) vs. The Shield’s Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a Texas Tornado Tag Match.

Once again, another rushed match. The TLC Match was a good brawl in December with Ambrose and Ryback thrown in the mix but why this couldn’t get as much time as that match in December is beyond me. Reigns wins with a Spear on Bryan for the win. The Shield after the match celebrate all with their newly won titles. The right team won but the rushed matches are really getting very very old quickly **.


The sixth match would be Randy Orton vs. Big Show in an Extreme Rules Match which would actually go down as the Show-stealer. No pun intended. Orton has had some great matches on this show against CM Punk and Kane respectively in 2011 and 2012. Big Show in the past couple of years has proven he can bust his ass when he has to.

This was a great match and was a nice treat for a rather below average show  thus far.  This was the longest match on the card at this point at 16 minutes as they beat the hell out of each other. There were plenty of great weapons spots and psychology. This was a true telling of David vs. Goliath but instead of Goliath going down with a slingshot, he gets a kick to the head to end this match. Show may have lost but didn’t look weak in the process. Orton got a big win in front of his hometown fans and I am sure will be on the best of 2013 PPV match comp at the end of year.  *****

The Seventh Match would be for the WWE Championship as John Cena would defend his WWE Championship vs. Ryback in a Last Man Standing Match.

This match was very dry and boring. When you do rest holds in the crowd in a match that was supposed to be a physical gut check, you have a bad match which is sad because Cena had some great Last Man Standing matches in the past with Edge in 09 and Umaga in 07. The finish would be a rip-off of Taker and Batista at Backlash 2007.

Ryback would spear Cena through the LED Board of the stage. The ramp isn’t that high for them to do it off the stage like 2007 but still a play off it nonetheless. The match would be ruled a no contest as the referee didn’t even bother COUNTING to 10!

John Cena Elimination ChamberThe match technically didn’t end because medics rushed in to help the two combatants. I needed a medic from almost getting a stroke because of overbooked  nonsense like this. Even the crowd was chanting “Bullshit!” and I agree. This match gets * and I’m just being nice. To think these guys will meet again at the next PPV puts me in NO hurry to see this. Sad when your two World title matches (well, one was a #1 Contender’s match) are both overbooked and terrible.

The main event of “Extremely Average” is Brock Lesnar vs Triple H in a Steel Cage Match.

If I may echo the sentiments of every fan here, no one wants to see these two go at it anymore but at least this one ended rather strongly with it being much faster-paced. This was a strong non-bloody cage match. The finish would be Brock Lesnar winning by beating Triple H with his own sledgehammer and a F-5 to end the show on a somewhat good note. ****.

Overall, Extreme Rules did not “Rule” it was extremely below average. The overbooking and rushed matches completely ruined the quality of the show. You don’t get points for it looking good on paper.

Also, why AJ and Kaitlyn didn’t have a match on the show as it’s been slowly building to is also beyond me but I am glad they didn’t because that match would have been rushed as well.

The midcard matches saved the show from it being a total waste of time. I would have been disappointed if I were to see this live but I didn’t because I waited for others to upload the matches on Youtube.

Extreme Rules was one of WWE’s better shows but it seems either this was a dip in the road or the end of a seemingly good run. Payback is next month and I am in no hurry to see that show which looks like it will suck. Why they can’t bring back King of the Ring as a PPV for June is beyond me as I have said in another blog.

Extremely below average was this PPV and I wouldn’t recommend buying the DVD as it was largely forgettable. I give this show as a whole, 6/10.

If I may quote my friend and fellow reviewer, Bill Treadway “Vince McMahon can rest assured of one thing: as long as TNA keeps running god-awful PPVs this year, WWE likely won’t win Worst Card of the Year from me or anyone else. ”

Derron Browning


WWE Raw Review: 22nd April, 2013

WWE Raw Review
22 April, 2013

I actually attended the Raw taping in London. Great atmosphere. Most of the chants and musing of the crowd were similar to those of the post-WrestleMania Raw e.g. chants of “JBL, Jerry, Michael Cole, Justin Roberts & Olé Olé Olé” and the Mexican wave. Daniel Bryan’s diagram skit drew a chant of “Diagrams” – yeah, I didn’t get that one either. This was one of the much more, finer offerings WWE has provided the UK with in recent years.

WWE was right to replay Lesnar’s decimation of 3MB from the previous week during Heyman’s promo. HHH’s involvement was short and sweet which served the segment well.

Someone high up must have beef with Antonio Cesaro. The now former US Champ did the job for both Truth and Zack Ryder on the European house show circuit on numerous occasions. Oh dear.

Sandow managed to defeat Brodus Clay in an okay match.

What WWE didn’t show you on TV was the botched finish. You see, Sandow was supposed to hot shot Clay, climb back in the ring and roll up Brodus for the pinfall. Due to Clay’s size, Sandow was unable to hold Clay down for the three count so Sandow called for the finish to be repeated, properly this time mind you.

The seeds are now planted for Big E’s eventual departure from Ziggler and AJ with Ziggler ordering Langston to hit the bricks as he snogged the Mrs.

Cena’s make a wish VT was heavily booed by the audience. WWE encountered the same issue in MSG at the Hall of Fame ceremony. That’s not a good sign. Obviously, the jeers were edited out of the televised showing of Raw.

Jericho lost to Ziggler in what was a decent outing but sloppy at times. This is not the first time the pair have come across this issue. Nonetheless, the crowd popped at the finish and Jericho will be set clash with Fandango, most likely at the next PPV after attacking him later on in the show.

Cody Rhodes and Tensai put on a very good performance. It’s a shame that all three on commentary thought the whole thing was a joke as they amused themselves throughout the bout. This rivalry will never be taken seriously, the damage is done.

The Daniel Bryan/Kane skit was brilliant. Bryan’s character is truly flourishing alongside Kane.

Speaking of Glen “Kane” Jacobs, the man behind the Kane character for over 15 years is still continually evolving and adapting to the ever-changing WWE environment at 46 years old. In a business which operates under the premise of “in with the new, out with the old”, this truly is a story of successful longevity.

Big E. Langston downed the soon to be heel Zack Ryder in a 1991 WWF Superstars of Wrestling style squash match. This is a formula tried and tested over the years in the WWF/E which works for some. Time will tell if Langston has what it takes.

The six man tag match pitting Undertaker, Kane & Daniel Bryan against The Shield was easily the best match of the night. It was the only match that held the crowd from start to finish. Luckily, The Shield have a large portion of upper management and superstars with stroke on their side. Six months in and the group still seems like a legit threat on TV. That’s unheard of in the modern era.

WWE compensated us very nicely by having ‘Taker fill in for the absent CM Punk. Will he have any more involvement moving forward with this storyline? Doesn’t matter. Undi’ has more than earned the right to hang his boots up whenever he pleases. I for one just enjoy each moment that he steps into the ring these days.

Let’s be honest here, Fandango’s theme music is more over than Fandango. It was kind of WWE to let Regal have what may be his last match on home soil to a rousing ovation.

By the way, I can’t believe Johnny Curtis is using the leaping reverse STO as a finisher; a move that has been overused in WWE by MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Heath Slater and R-Truth. The leg drop from the top is miles better.


AJ is now the number one contender to Kaitlyn’s Divas Title after winning a battle royal, if you’re bothered.

Foley was on form as usual with the mic. Ryback was let loose of his leash and it worked. He cut a decent promo that made a lot of sense. Given that the use of profanities is banned in the current WWE climate, Ryback’s description of Foley as a “fat, pathetic, lazy *******” came across as harsh.

Apparently, Ryback Rules.

Cena has been defeating The Ryback in Tables matches on the house show circuit and you can damn sure bet that Cena will go over Ryback on May 19. Lucky for WWE, the rubber match between Lesnar and HHH will be the one that brings in the majority of the buy rate in this writers opinion.