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Future of the WWE is in Good Hands


As we get settled in 2013, we cannot help but think of the guys who hit the scene in 2012 and look to carry the company in the near future. He Mr Main Event’s views some of those guys.

Damien Sandow.
When I first saw Sandow, I knew there was something I liked about him. He is a classic heel that does not have the entire crowd cheering for him or buying his t-shirt. He has a way to annoy the audience and have them begging for a baby-face to come knock him out of his robe. This guy has a lengthy title reign in his future. When I met him, he stayed in character. THAT IS HOW YOU PROTECT THE BUSINESS.

Dean-Ambrose_crop_exactDean Ambrose.
Formerly known as Jon Moxley in the indys, Ambrose knows how to draw heat. Before arriving onto the scene, he drew a lot of heat with Mick Foley via twitter. He, immediately, had everyone hating his guts. When the Shield did their sit down interview, he let everyone know that the Shield was not about trying to be the NWO 2.0, he even told everyone to buy the DVD. When he speaks, the audience listens.

Seth Rollins.
Everyone knows this guy can wrestle. If Ring of Honor had a Hall of Fame, he would be a first ballot. It is only due time where we get a match with he and Daniel Bryan or CM Punk in a WWE ring.

Roman Reigns.
There is nothing like a member of the Anoa’i family in the WWE. Reigns has the look and physique. The last WWE Champion in the family was Yokozuna, but I believe the WWE has found their second.

cesarosurvivorseriesAntonio Cesaro.
Perhaps the strongest person on the WWE roster, Cesaro will be Champion in a manner of time. He neutralized the Great Khali multiple times. On the 20th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw, he cut an incredible promo on The Nature Boy Ric Flair, telling him that the only thing “four” stands for is the number of ex-wives he has. Watching Cesaro in the ring and on the microphone makes you wonder when will he get his chance to hold a major title.

FEED ME MORE! Ryback has children and adults screaming FEED ME MORE! When you hear his music, you know business is about to pick up. Everyone is screaming for a new superstar because they are bored with John Cena, but maybe if you open your eyes wider, you will see that Ryback is that guy. He is someone who children want to see and in a PG Era, thats exactly who you need to appeal to.


About mrmaineventbw

Brian Waters is a long time pro wrestling fan and one of the longest members of the Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Team. He currently holds a job working for ESPN and pops in from time to time with his thoughts on current issues in WWE.

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