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If WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Wants To Win…He Must Lose At Summerslam


“What the hell is this guy talking about? Is The Sphinx from Mystery Men writing this article?!”

No, I’m not him.  I’m Crazy Bill and I’d like to be the one man you can count on to really piss you off.  But, honestly, by the time I finally shut up you’re gonna say: “Damn, he’s totally right”

So, let’s get to this Daniel Bryan/AJ Lee/Kane trifecta of crap.  It all started at WrestleMania 28 when he lost his World Heavyweight Title to Shame-us in 18 seconds. He blamed AJ, verbally belittled her, then dumped her in the middle of the ring.  But, it was to late for D-Bry. He was already over and becoming a fan favorite. The “YES!” chants were sweeping arenas and taking the world by storm.  That’s not what they wanted.  Bryan was still very clever in his heel role and got to jump to a feud with CM Punk.  What better way to keep him seen as a heel?  Then AJ got involved.  Then they had to involve Kane.  Well, I’m not going through the history of this shit storm but, it was crap.

People were falling in love with AJ.  I was not. I hated her. I wanted her taken out of the storyline, out of the match as Ref. It never happened.  So, eventually the wedding is happening at RAW1000 and not only did AJ leave D-Bry at the alter, she was named RAW GM.   I call bullshit!  Total foul.

Let’s clear one thing up.  I despise AJ.  Not only does she look like a pedo’s wet dream but, she’s just a childish psychotic bitch, just like my first GF was.  She can’t really wrestle either.  At least not in the ring. If comparing to my first GF then, maybe she CAN wrestle outside the ring…  Oh the memories…

So, back on track…  Long story short: D-Bry and AJ dated, D-Bry dumped AJ in front of the world, AJ left D-Bry at the ‘altar’, AJ is RAW GM and like most psychotic school girls that should be drug outback and shot, she’s trying to make the Ex bf’s life hell and it’s all starting this Sunday at Summerslam.

So, why does Bryan need to lose?

“Oh crap!  This guy wants D-Bry to turn into the WWE’s resident jobber!”

False!  I don’t want that of Daniel Bryan but, I do want him to further his character.  Right now he’s the heel and AJ is the face with Kane right now. Bryan is playing up the Anger issues and the “NO NO NO!” chants beautifully.  The fans love the YES chants and they love that the YES chants are driving D-Bry insane.  But the fans are also not as high on AJ it feels, as they were before she was RAW GM.  So, what the hell am I thinking or saying?

Daniel Bryan needs to lose at Summerslam.   While I’m sure a lot of you would love to see him win, a win would change the entire landscape of his character, of AJ, and possibly of the entire WWE.  (Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic with that last part)  Daniel Bryan beats Kane and instantly becomes the new Austin.  He will become the guy who everyone starts to cheer as the ‘Boss’ keeps staking the deck against him and he keeps winning.  Oh, since AJ isn’t getting as much fan support as she was before being GM, they’ll turn on her fast….

Can that be done?  Sure.  I just don’t think it’s time to let D-Bry do that.  Bryan needs to keep his angry, borderline insane heel character that he is perfecting for the world to enjoy.

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That’s it for this week.  It’s officially 12:01pm and I can start drinking and not feeling like total white trash!  WINNING!

(Yeah, I’m intentionally ignoring any thoughts/talks of Sheen being at Summerslam)

-Crazy Bill-
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