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Interview with TNA’s Rashad Cameron aka BLK Jeez


On the January 14h edition of the Wrestling Wrealm Dungeon Edition, Blk Jeez aka TNA´s Rashad Cameron joined Mr Main Event Brian Waters and the Brains of the Operation Cameron Gee.

During the interview, Jeez discussed his recent appearance on TNA’s One Night Only taping in Orlando Florida. He also discussed his 2012 appearances on TNA, WWE and Ring of Honor all in a matter of three weeks. He discussed his match with Ryback. Jeez stated, “Ryback was really cool, he was safe and he was  cool dude. You would think a lot of guys who work up there (WWE) would have big egos, but I did not run into anyone , everyone there was really cool. And even being at that level, he was very fun to work with.”

When Gee asked him about the politics of the business, Jeez went on to discuss the recent suspensions handed to he and BLK OUT by DJ Hyde in CZW. The Manager of BLK OUT, Robbie Mireno, also joined in on the interview for a little. Check out the entire interview at


Photo Courtesy of Bliz Photography (@ItsBliz)

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Brian Waters is a long time pro wrestling fan and one of the longest members of the Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Team. He currently holds a job working for ESPN and pops in from time to time with his thoughts on current issues in WWE.

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