Could Jack Swagger Jumping Ship to TNA Be A Good Thing?


Jack Swagger is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, former WWE United States Champion, Money in the Bank 2010 Winner (The last MITB at WrestleMania), and ECW Champion. Swagger was ranked an astounding number 18 on the PWI 500 in 2009 and also held the FCW Heavyweight Champion while unifying it with the FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship. He was ranked seventh in 285 lbs. (129 kg) weight class in the NCAA Division I in 2006.

Jack Swagger is a pool of talent that has sadly been misused. He had some amazing matches with Kofi Kingston and The Miz over the US Title. Unfortunately, the same really can’t be said about his Heavyweight Title run. It’s no secret that the WWE booked him to look like a total failure and fluke of a champion.

Then something happened. Swagger got nasty. Swagger ditched the ridiculous bald eagle he came out with and started tearing into people with the famous Ankle Lock that he adapted as his own. He started winning again. He turned a few heads. He was just starting to make more waves.

Then something happened again. He was sent to RAW and paired with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie. You sat there and knew something amazing could come of this, but they went on a massive losing streak. Something went horribly wrong for Swagger and he kept losing…

The story ended when Ziggler beat Swagger forcing him to drop Vickie as his manager. Jack Swagger then went on a massive 3 month losing streak, then informed General Manager AJ Lee he would be taking time off.

Reports state that Swagger has been doing a few house shows and dark matches recently. Photos surfaced of Swagger with a new hairstyle and a scruffy beard, proving Swagger was coming back to the ring and rumors flew of him being a face.

It’s no secret that Swagger’s character has been poorly booked and misused the past few years and that he isn’t very happy about it. While it’s said he asked for his release and his wife denied the reports, it’s still possible. If WWE is getting rid of guys, what would stop this impressive athlete from leaving?

Swagger-2The worst thing WWE could do is to refuse releasing a wrestler who is tired, frustrated and fed up with the company, his character and the schedule. The more they hate what they are forced to do, the better chance there is for them to really mess up in the ring and potentially kill another wrestler.

Could TNA benefit from having Jake Hager a.k.a. Jack Swagger? Yes.

Swagger is greatly misused and while I wouldn’t want to see him go to TNA and get thrown right into the title scene just because of who he is, he is clearly someone who could move to the top quickly. Christian did it, R- Truth did it…

Swagger has much more talent between the ropes than both men. (Nothing against those two, but Swagger could be another Angle, in a way.)

While nothing TNA could do would ever ‘turn the tides’ on WWE, getting Jack Swagger on the roster would at least be a slight breath of fresh air and a needed boost of adrenaline, I would hope. So here’s to Jack Swagger getting back in the spotlight in 2013, be it WWE or TNA!

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