Could Jeff Hardy Return at the 2014 Royal Rumble?

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Fake Jeff Hardy Tweet Starts Royal Rumble Rumors

There has been a little bit of drama surrounding Jeff Hardy lately. If you haven’t heard, he walked out on TNA recently, but that’s not even the least of the drama.

There have been pictures of a tweet looking like it was from Jeff stating:

“Dear Creatures, If there was ever a year to watch the Royal Rumble, it would be 2014. Keep a close eye. I know I will. #TheEnigmaReturns”

This picture started a whole firestorm of rumors that Hardy is coming back to the WWE at the Royal Rumble (I was even part of it for a second).

But, alas, the “tweet” was nothing but a fake. Jeff’s wife Beth tweeted on New Year’s Eve saying as much. Dissapointing, right?

Jeff Hardy (and even his brother Matt) is one of a few wrestlers that I would personally love to see come back. His character and style are unique to himself, and surely something the WWE could us right now.

But will he come back? Who knows? Jeff could come back to WWE (eventually), decide to stay with TNA, or go to ROH with Matt. But there is no way he is going to be at Royal Rumble 2014.