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My Take On WWE Summerslam 2012


My Take on SummerSlam 2012
By John Dimiceli

Summerslam is this Sunday and as the last few years have shown, this has been a hit or miss PPV for WWE. 2009 was a bit lack luster except for the amazing Jeff Hardy/CM Punk Ladder match which featured the return of the Undertaker as the PPV went off the Air. 2010 was a hard PPV to watch because all the main talent from Raw was in the Main Event with Team Cena vs Team Nexus, although the return of Daniel Bryan would of been an amazing surprise had WWE not spoiled it on minutes before the main event.

Of course, last year was built around a great Christian/Randy Orton World Heavyweight title feud and the much awaited Cena vs Punk unification match, and the huge mess that followed it with Kevin Nash, HHH, and Alberto Del Rio cashing in MITB. This year’s offering has potential to be either really good or really bad. Lets Examine the card complete with who should win and who will probably win.

PPV Pre Show: US Title
Santino Marella (C) vs Antonio Cesaro:

This match was built up the last 2 weeks on Smackdown when Cesaro defeated Santino clean twice. Santino’s US title reign has gone on way longer than it ever should have and needs to end ASAP. The fear for me in this match is that earlier this week, there was a report that came out stating that the WWE was mixed on Cesaro, which now makes this match all the more harder to call. Cesaro can be a great cocky heel with his in ring ability, look, and mic work. The fact that he has a hot gf in Aksana doesn’t hurt the heat drawing ability either. Ceasaro has the ability to carry the strap and be chased by a strong face, (Christian perhaps, who did beat Cesaro on SD only to be beaten down after the match).

Who Should Win: Cesaro
Who Will Win: Its WWE so I’ll say Santino, but this could definitely go either way and would not be a disappointment if it went to Cesaro.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Kofi Kingston/R-Truth (C) vs The Prime Time Players:

Boy oh boy where to start with this one. How much will this match miss AW?? WWE can send a message that the PTP will not be guilty by association with a win here. Count me in the slow growing number of people that wouldn’t mind a Kofi heel turn on Truth. The wild cards in the are also Epico & Primo, who lost to the PTP due to some Kofi/Truth distraction on SD as well recently. PTP could definitely carry the straps and work well being chased by face teams.

Who Should WIn: PTP
Who Will Win: PTP. This should be a lock espically with the beat down of Truth on Monday’s Raw, and it just makes snse for these guys to finally get the belts.

IC Title
The Miz (C) vs Rey Mysterio:

A match that was being set up to happen last year but was changed to a 6 man due to Rey’s knee injury, this match should help establish Miz as a legit and potential long term I-C Champion. Rey can still go and when motivated the Miz isn’t bad either. This has the potential to tell a good story. 9-13 minutes would be a very good time table for this match.

Who Should Win: The Miz
Who Will Win: the Miz, there seems to be no interest in pushing Rey due to his health and 2 strike status from the wellness program.

Brodus Clay vs Damien Sandow:

Despite the difference in size, reports from the road have stated that these 2 have worked very well together. The aggression Sandow has shown since Clay has come off very well on TV, and his character has already grown because of it. Clay is Clay and for now can get by with that and stay over. They should tell a good story in the ring as long as it stays under 10 minutes.

Who Should Win: Sandow and move on to maybe a feud for the US belt if Santino were to retain.
Who Will Win: Clay posibly by a DQ or countout as this feud could easily continue into the fall.


The WWE Championship Match

Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler

Words probably wont be able to explain how good this match SHOULD be, however expectations for this match have been set so high, that it may be impossible for them to deliver. This seems to be Jericho’s swan song for now so this could end a multiple of ways. The whole Jericho has lost a step claims by Ziggler could play into the ending here, as Ziggler could win and then Jericho could depart as he would feel he would need to “find himself” storyline wise. The other option is Ziggler could destroy Jericho and take him for the duration of his exit. Either way this match should end up setting Ziggler up as the man in the fall and make him loom even larger with the MITB briefcase.

Who Should Win: Dolph Ziggler
Who Will Win: Dolph Ziggler one way or another should Jericho into his time off.

World Heavyweight Title
Sheamus (C) vs ????

I am writing this article on Tuesday afternoon so to be honest i have no idea where they are going with this. My gut tells me ADR gets added in maybe with Orton in a 3 way, but like I said, I really have no idea where this is all headed. Because of how much more there is with this card, it wouldnt make sense for a cash in as it would get lost with the shuffle.

Who Should Win: ???
Who Will Win: ???

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

I’m calling it now, this match will either steal the show behind Jericho/Ziggler or top it. Now before you all say I am crazy, I am basing this on how Bryan was able to work well with Show and Henry earlier in the year, and how Kane when he wants to can still go decently, and has shown for some of the bigger PPVs he can kick it into a high gear. We are still unsure of any Charlie Sheen involvement as well as AJ involvement, so it should be interesting if either one of them get involved.

Who Should Win: Kane
Who Will Win: Kane

WWE Title
CM Punk (C) vs John Cena vs Big Show

From the moment Cena announced on Raw 999 he was gonna cash in on Raw 1000, this match became overly predictable. What wasnt predictable was the turn Punk’s character has taken. Show has actually been decent in this current run as a heel, and sure Cena is Cena but the new Punk seems abit rushed. A slow build of this Punk would of been better long term for him and the people chasing him. I have a feeling we may get a deeper glimpse into his full turn here, but the full pulling of the heel trigger should come either Monday night or leading into Night Of Champions which is in Boston.

Who Should Win: CM Punk
Who Will Win: CM Punk by heelish means, as the 1 on 1 show down with Cena is sure to happen at NOC in Boston next month.

HHH vs Brock Lesnar

Well 10 years later here we are. The original rumored Main Event for WM 21 had Lesnar not split back in ’04 is finally here and finally happening in LA which is where WM 21 took place. This is gonna be brutal and break every rule about blood and head shots and all that fun safe WWE stuff. Lesnar’s beatdown of HBk last night was well done, and what may have been lost in the shuffle was HBK yelling at HHH to leave him alone and get away from him. Heyman has been great as the mouth piece and hopefully sticks around post SummerSlam. The storyline here should be that Lesnar beat HHH who in the WWE can stop him and have Lesnar lay low for a few months untill his next batch of dates are ready to come up. I wouldnt be surprised by a potential HBK miscue here either.

Who Should Win: Brock Lesnar
Who Will Win: Brock Lesnar, the only question is how. Lesnar for his appearances needs to be built as a monster as his rumored WM match with Undertaker needs to have as much heat behind it as possible, and Lesnar has to look like the greatest threat to the streak. Destroying HHH would be the start for all of that.

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