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  • Triple H WM30

    Eron Ramadanov

    Triple H – WWE’s Standard Bearer

    Triple H is one of the most successful WWE superstars ever and has had his share of the spotlight, but PWP’s Eron Ramadanov explains how...

  • WWE logo 2014 TWO

    Joshua Gibbs

    WWE’s Gimmicks: Same Shtick, Different Day

    PWP’s newest writer Joshua Gibbs talks about WWE’s crutch of using gimmicks and shtick to sell merchandise, tickets and superstars to the masses. Most sports...

  • Impact Wrestling Logo PURPLE

    Callum Wiggins

    Is Impact Wrestling On The Road To Recovery?

    Whilst many were ready to call time on Impact Wrestling’s tumultuous existence, has 2015 witnessed signs of an unfathomable recovery? 2014 was undoubtedly a year...

  • Rusev

    Chris Baker

    Who Can Beat Rusev?

    Rusev has been on a reign of terror since his debut, which makes PWP’s Chris Baker pose the question: who can beat Rusev? The undefeated...

  • WWE logo

    John "JCD" Dimiceli

    WWE’s Future Is Now

    PWP’s John “JCD” Dimiceli believes the future is now after looking at the current talent pool within WWE. For all the talk of the WWE...

  • Vince McMahon WWE 2015

    Oliver Norgrove

    Vince McMahon Must Step Aside For The Sake of His Company

    It goes without saying, Vince McMahon has had a bigger impact, and more profound influence on the wrestling industry than anyone else in history. His...

  • Jobbers WWE BIGGER

    Zak Fellows

    Wrestling Jobbers: Yay or Nay?

    PWP’s Zak Fellows takes a look at the art (or lost art) of professional wrestling jobbers. Consider this an indirect sequel to a previous look...

  • paul-london-brian-meyers


    Another Wrestling Podcast Ep 37 w/ Paul London & Brian Meyers

    Episode 37: Fun Times with Paul London & Brian Myers In this episode, the guys are getting ready for FWE’s “No Limits” show as they...