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  • Charlotte vs Natalya

    Joel O'Brien

    Charlotte Flair’s WWE RAW Debut – Enough is Enough

    Following a brief writing sabbatical, Joel O’Brien returns to PWP to ask…how much insult can we take as WWE fans?   After being a WWE...

  • RVD 2006

    John "JCD" Dimiceli

    Wrestling Missteps #2 – Rob Van Dam

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse In the second installment of “Wrestling Missteps”, PWP Senior Writer John Dimiceli talks about the “misstep” of Rob Van Dam in his...

  • Royal Rumble WWE Arena

    Derron Browning

    Ready To Rumble: The Top 5 Royal Rumbles

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse PWP’s Derron Browning ranks the best Royal Rumbles in the pay-per-view’s history Since the special events, Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs and...

  • Judas Mesias TNA


    TNA’s Missed Shots #9 – Judas Mesias

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse In his latest installment of TNA’s Missed Shots, PWP’s Zak Fellows talks about former TNA superstar Judas Mesias Sometimes wrestlers are introduced...

  • WWE NXT Logo with Stars

    Callum Wiggins

    Would an NXT Invasion Storyline Have Potential?

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse On the back of the success of Takeover: R Evolution, Callum Wiggins considers whether the NXT Roster should go head-to-head with the...

  • WWE TLC 2014

    WWE TLC 2014

    PWP’s WWE TLC Predictions

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse PWP’s Fab Five is back predicting WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs… and Stairs It’s that time of the month once again, as...

  • NXT Takeover Logo

    Derron Browning

    NXT Takeover Review: R-Evolution, R-Victory!

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Back by popular demand, PWP’s Derron Browning is here reviewing NXT Takeover: R-Evolution Back by so-called “Popular demand”, it’s time for another...


    Christopher Jobes

    NXT Takeover: REvolution Results

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse PWP’s Christopher Jobes gives you the results for NXT Takeover: REvolution Just when you think NXT can’t get any better it does!...