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  • WWE-WrestleMania-30

    WrestleMania 30

    WrestleMania 30: The Most Important WrestleMania in History

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse WrestleMania 30 The Most Important WrestleMania in History According to the beloved IWC, WrestleMania 30 is going to suck, be terrible, give...

  • Titus-ONeil-2

    Humor News

    Titus O’Neil to Enter Championship Race! – #HumorNews

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse TITUS TO ENTER CHAMPIONSHIP CHASE!! #HumorNews After a bit of an absence due to threats from angry nerds, this reporter is back...

  • The Future can't be ignored any longer

    Crazy Bill

    NXT ArRIVAL: The Good, Bad and Ugly.

    Less than 12 hours removed from NXT ArRIVAL and I’m still on a wrestling fan high. I’m still “marking out” over the matches. We saw...

  • WWE Network Preview

    Crazy Bill

    WWE Network Review: 24 Hours Later

    24 hours after launching. I hope my little WWE Network Review can help! The first strike WWE got against it’s new WWE Network is traffic. ...

  • fan-wwf

    Crazy Bill

    Who REALLY Ruins Wrestling

    Wrestlers, Bookers, Owners, Promoters. There are so many people to point the finger at. We point it at the creative team. We point it at...

  • Hogan-WrestleMania

    Hulk Hogan

    Hogan To Host WrestleMania 30! – #HumorNews

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse HOGAN TO HOST WRESTLEMANIA 30!! Ladies and gentleman (mostly gentleman) we here at Pro Wrestling Powerhouse are happy to report what you...

  • Austin-Beer

    Humor News

    Austin WrestleMania Status Revealed! – #HumorNews

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse AUSTIN WRESTLEMANIA STATUS REVEALED!! It’s that time of the year again when people are anticipating the status of Stone Cold Steve Austin...

  • njpw-Young-Bucks


    New Beginnings: Hiroshima Show Review

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse New Beginnings Hiroshima Show Review El Desperado and Jushin Liger vs BUSHI and Kota Ibushi This was another good preview of the...

  • CM-Punk-WWE-2014

    Humor News

    Punk Did Change The Landscape! #HumorNews

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse ZAK FELLOWS: “PUNK DID CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE!” Highly regarded Pro Wrestling Powerhouse reporter Zak Fellows recently came out (ha ha ha) to...

  • Eddie-Guerrero-6

    The Great Brown Hope

    Latino Heat, Forever

    Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Storee Time with the Great Brown Hope Re-Visitation Rights I – “Latino Heat, Forever” Chào, accueil, and Have a seat! I am,...