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Preview: Randy Orton vs. Big Show at Survivor Series 2013


The main event for Survivor Series is confirmed to be Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against The Big Show. After months of Daniel Bryan trying to secure a WWE Championship reign, Randy Orton has now solidified himself as “the face of WWE.” That entire time, The Big Show was embroiled in a feud with The Authority over his treatment.

While the majority of fans actually believe the reports that Daniel Bryan has been pushed out of the championship picture due to low PPV buy rates, I believe this has been the plan all along.

As usual, there has been a negative backlash on anything involving The Big Show in the main event scene. However, there is no denying that he is on a complete career resurgence. While the stereotypical IWC mark will argue that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk should be pushed to the moon because of their weekly reactions from the live crowd (even though they both were), nobody is drawing more of a reaction than The Big Show.


Randy Orton turned heel at SummerSlam 2013 after a 3+ year run as a baby face. Fans have been clamoring for the heel turn of The Viper for years and it finally happened. However, fans also wanted Daniel Bryan to get a “CM Punk-like” run as WWE Champion. At this point in time, we can’t have both.

When Orton turned heel, Triple H turned with him. Right now, it is imperative that WWE continues to solidify heels at the top of the card. There was NO WAY that the heels shouldn’t have won that feud with Daniel Bryan…regardless of who they are.

While torture was being inflicted on Daniel Bryan on a week to week basis, WWE made it a point to use Big Show in a sympathy role. While I am not trying to recap the entire feud for you, it is crucial that you understand the in order for the baby face to ultimately get over, the heels need to be solidified.

You may hate the idea. You may be sick of Randy Orton. But the fact remains that the guy is still in the prime of his career. He’s at his pinnacle as far as in-ring performance as of late. He’s also in pristine physical condition. If Randy Orton being the “face of WWE” is pissing you off, then he is doing his job.

WWE is in a position where they need to continue these long term booking plans. The Authority has unlimited potential and right now, Big Show is the perfect foil to all of their plans. Who else could believably kick everyones ass by himself?

Don’t forget: Big Show and Randy Orton had a pretty solid match this year at Extreme Rules 2013. If they can build off that chemistry, I expect that we will see a pretty good showing at Survivor Series.


Randy Orton has been put in a position where The Big Show will be his first championship defense since finally defeating Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell. Since it is still a must for WWE to drive the point home that Randy Orton is the biggest heel they have, Orton needs to win this championship defense.

If WWE decided to give Big Show another run with the strap, I would be completely confused at why they have been trying to build so much momentum for him. You can ask any booker that has a long term plan for a heel. In order to get to that huge moment for the baby face (in this case, Bryan or Punk) to overcome the biggest heel in the company, you need that heel to extinguish the fire of all baby faces in his path.

I’m looking for another screwjob at Survivor Series. Hopefully they don’t rehash the Montreal Screwjob. I see Triple H bringing back his trusty sledgehammer to destroy get revenge on Big Show for the knockout punch a few weeks ago on Raw. This will set up a match between Big Show and Triple H at TLC and Randy Orton will take on another hot baby face for the WWE Championship on that same show.

Who will that baby face be? It could be anyone, but I’d bring someone back to the fold like Christian or Mark Henry to challenge Randy Orton. We’ll see what happens, but either way, I am looking forward to a solid WWE Championship match at Survivor Series 2013.

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