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Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio: Episode 20 Now Available For Download on iTunes!

On the milestone edition of Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio, we took a long, hard look at the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw and the high expectations for the show. We were also joined by the beautiful, 2nd generation female wrestler, Miss Adiva!

Listen as we ask Miss Adiva about her modeling career, her future appearance on MTV True Life, her experience training to become a professional wrester, her father “Diceman” Ronnie Vegas, and much more!!!

We also officially made Miss Adiva the first ever PWP Babe! We will work with Miss Adiva to get her name out to the world and follow her career to superstardom!

The guys also spent a fair amount of time talking about what has been transpiring in TNA Wrestling and much more!

Please DOWNLOAD the show on iTunes so you can listen anytime, anywhere! Also, be sure to join Seth M. Guttenplan and JCD for “Oh You Didn’t Know?” every Wednesday Night at 9 pm ET! 
Check out the newest addition to the station as Graham “GSM” Matthews and Ben host “Spoilers” each and every Thursday evening at 5:30 pm ET!!!

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