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PWP Radio: Episode 19 – Now Available on iTunes!!!!


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The Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Network has been on a roll as of late! Not only have we been featured on various wrestling websites, but we have also been shattering listen records since blasting into 2013! And we went into Episode 19 of PWP Radio full force with one of our most interesting shows yet!

This was a free flowing conversation about what has been transpiring lately in the world of professional wrestling!

Topics discussed include:

  • The impact of the promo battle between The Rock and CM Punk.
  • Does funny equal money in professional wrestling?
  • What do we expect in 2013?
  • And much, much more!!

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You can listen to the newest edition of PWP Radio on BlogTalkRadio right here!

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About Jay Alletto

Jay Alletto is the owner of Pro Wrestling Powerhouse and primarily posts articles from the majority of writers who do not have access to the site.

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