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PWP Radio: ROH Star Michael Bennett Interview


Ring of Honor Star Michael Bennett joined Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio on November 26, 2013 to discuss his upcoming match at Ring of Honor “Final Battle 2013” with Kevin Steen.

Bennett gave us his candid thoughts on a variety of topics

On His Match w/ Kevin Steen: “Final Battle is definitely ROH’s biggest show. We like to say it’s our WrestleMania, but I always think it’s better than WrestleMania.”

“I have always wanted to work with Kevin and I knew we had something special as soon as I stepped in the ring with him.”

“I think this match is going to pleasantly surprise a lot of people. It is going to be exciting, but it’s going to be extremely brutal too.”


Recent knee injury suffered that he has yet to talk about:

“About a month ago, I dislocated my knee and I’ve been rehabbing it ever since. I’ll be good to go by Final Battle, but I haven’t told anybody yet.”

Thoughts on how Obamacare can affect independent pro wrestlers:

“Unfortunately, I know far too many people in wrestling who don’t have health care. As I said, you blow out your knee unexpectedly and you’re going to have medical bills that completely screw you. Not a lot of guys in wrestling make enough money to pay for those medical bills.”

Thoughts on John Cena:

“I think he is awesome. I think he is one of the best ever. The guy has been on top for 10 years. Not even Stone Cold or The Rock were on top for 10 years. I don’t care what people say: he sells out arenas, he sells merchandise, he makes movies…he’s a bonafide superstar.

We also talked to Michael Bennett about physical fitness, steroids in pro wrestling, what’s been up with his fiancé Maria Kanellis, his thoughts on Total Divas and much more in this near 40 minute interview! You can follow Michael Bennett on Twitter @RealMikeBennett

Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio was also joined by independent wrestling standout, Alex Reynolds, to discuss FWE Wrestling “Open Weight Grand Prix” on December 7th in Corona, Queens, New York.

And of course we talked about current events in professional wrestling in WWE, TNA and much more!

About Jay Alletto

Jay Alletto is the owner of Pro Wrestling Powerhouse

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