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Real Championship Wrestling & REINA World Join Forces!!




The REINA Corporation will be starting a wrestling group called, “REINA WORLD JOSHI PURORESU” starting at the RCW “Reloaded” show featuring REINA on Oct. 6, 2012 in Baltimore Maryland

The partnership between Real Championship Wrestling and REINA has come together by RCW Management and Ankei Tamashiro (Riki) of REINA.
The first look at “REINA WORLD JOSHI PURORESU” will kick off on October 6th live at The Du Burns Arena with these following performers competing in competition:
Aki Kambayashi, Aoi Ishibashi, Mia Yim and Sarah Bridges (Crazy Mary Dobson).

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Take a look at some of their matches in the videos below iPPV
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