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Scott Steiner Continues To Bash Hulk Hogan and TNA. Is He Going Too Far?



Over the past few weeks, Scott Steiner has taken to multiple media outlets [mainly Twitter] to assault his former employee, TNA Wrestling.  Steiner has been critical of the direction of the company…lead by a man that was once a good friend of his, Hulk Hogan.

Steiner has always been an outcast in the world of professional wrestling since his initial run as “Big Poppa Pump” in 1999.  Just as Steiner was starting to gain momentum as a heel, he unleashed a shoot on Ric Flair in the middle of a WCW ring in 2000.

During his shoot on Flair, he said “the people at home, all they did was grab their remote, and change their channel to the WWF, and watch Stone Cold – a person you and your own friends got fired from here, ’cause you’re a jealous old bastard.”  No wrestler should mention the immediate competition in professional wrestling.  The focus should have been on WCW being the only show out there, but Steiner went off course and even stated that “WCW sucks!”.  Steiner was suspended for two weeks.When Steiner was signed to WWE in the fall of 2002, he made an immediate impact with the company.  Steiner debuted at the “Survivor Series” in Madison Square Garden.  The crowd went crazy for Steiner as he marched to the ring and destroyed both Matt Hardy and Chris Nowinski.  After both Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff tried to sign Steiner to their respective brands [Smackdown and RAW], Steiner targeted Triple H and his World Heavyweight Championship.

His championship matches against Triple H were far from catch-as-catch-can classic and were among some of the worst championship matches I’ve ever seen.  In 2004, after floating in the mid-card, Steiner was released from WWE.  Shortly thereafter, Steiner put the verbal assault to Triple H, Ric Flair and the entire organization.

Considering the history of Scott Steiner not having a filter from his brain to his mouth, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Steiner would continually bash his former employer, TNA Wrestling.  I have personally always been a fan of Steiner and like that he is giving his opinions…many of which I completely agree with.

Steiner has taken TNA to task on their lackluster television programming and Pay-Per-View events.  Not only has TNA Impact Wrestling been bad, but at times it has been unwatchable.  Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were supposed to save TNA, help increase ratings and generate higher Pay-Per-View revenue.

None of this happened.

Over the last month, “Big Poppa Pump” has taken to Twitter and has started a whirlwind of controversy directed at TNA Wrestling.  His main focus has been Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Pritchard.  He has been very critical of his former employee, but I applaud Steiner for speaking his mind.  He’s not the first to do it, and obviously won’t be the last, but Steiner is turning heads towards him while TNA is trying to get anyone to turn towards their product.

I do agree with a few of Steiner’s tweets.  How does TNA not mention “Ring Ka King” on a weekly basis?  “Ring Ka King” is being viewed by tens of millions of people throughout the world.  Steiner is featured on billboards throughout the country of India.  How does TNA not let the American audience know about this incredible concept?

Steiner consistently refers to Eric Bischoff as “Eric Bitchoff” and I chuckle everytime I read it.  I’ve always liked Bischoff, but lately, he is using his stroke in the company to push his own son.  This is something that Steiner has been extremely critical of, as seen in this tweet:

  • @ScottSteiner: Nobody gives a fuck about a guy who cant talk,wrestle and is the son of an asshole

That is just a taste of what you can find on his Twitter account.  Steiner has shown in the past that he has an issue with the filter from his brain to his mouth.  But has he gone too far?  Has Scott Steiner thrown his chance away at becoming a major star once again in North America?

It remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, Scott Steiner will never be completely out of the spotlight.  Whether he is conducting shoot interviews, signing autographs or verbally molesting Hogan and “Bitchoff” on Twitter, “Big Poppa Pump” will continue to entertain all of his freaks.

Thank you for calling out TNA on their bullshit, Mr. Steiner.

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