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Last month, yours truly and two other members of the Gonzogeek crew covered a little event in San Diego called Comic-Con 2012.

At this cavalcade of nerdery and geekery, I interviewed some people.

Actually, I interviewed a lot of people.

Which comes in handy with this whole regular interview series thing we’ve got going on here at Gonzogeek.

Up next in our series … Daniel Bryan, current WWE wrestler and former world-traveling independent wrestler. In this interview, we talk about the “Yes!” phenomenon, his vegan lifestyle, his inadvertent maiming of T.J. Perkins and more.

Enjoy. GG: The whole “Yes!” thing just seems so organic. The fans have taken the ball and run with it, ever since WrestleMania. The first“Raw” after WrestleMania, you’re in the back, you’re hearing all the “Yes!” chants. What’s going through your mind?

DB: My first thought was, they’re doing “Yes!” when The Rock was out there for the opening segment of “Raw.” Right? And I thought, this guy… he’s gonna steal it. It’s all of a sudden gonna become The Rock’s thing. But no. He came to the back and he said, “Oh, you’re over, man!” I was like, oh, cool! He didn’t take it.

GG: You’re still a bad guy but the “Yes!” thing is so popular. It’s got you kind of walking a tightrope out there.

DB: At some times it’s getting easier, because fans enjoy chanting “Yes!” but they don’t necessarily need to chant “Yes!” at me. So, they can chant “No!” at me and say “Yes!” for CM Punk or “Yes!” for AJ or somebody else like that.

GG: You and Punk, you’ve gone from wrestling each other in bingo halls and high school gyms in Indiana for Ian Rotten to pay-per-views and all. It’s kind of crazy the rivalry between you two has gone all this way.

DB: We don’t actually ever really talk about it. But sometimes we’ll just make comments in passing, something along the lines of, if something bad happens, “Well, at least we’re not at Ian’s.” You know, “The ring might be dirty but we’re not going to find a piece of glass in our finger whenwe come to the back.” That sort of thing. We don’t really talk about, ‘Hey man, remember back in the day?’ We’ve never had that talk.

GG: Not quite that grizzled yet, then.

DB: Yeah. (Laughs)

GG: Who are some of the other wrestlers, whether they work for your company or not, that you like to watch? Do you watch a lot ofwrestling in your down time?

DB: Yeah, I actually love watching wrestling. I lovewatching MMA. I love watching a lot of that stuff. Tyson Kidd is actually one of my favorite guys to watch in WWE. He has incredible matches every time he goes out there. When I’m watching Japanese stuff, I love watching Yuji Nagata.I got to wrestle him when I was with New Japan, and probably maybe the best guy I’ve ever been in the ring with. He’s just incredible. There are guys I like watching. There’s a guy named T.J. Perkins who I always like watching on the independent scene. There’s a lot of guys out there that are really good.

GG: Are you still doing some of the MMA training with the Coutures in Vegas?

DB: No, I actually just moved to San Diego. I moved here to San Diego and there is actually some great places to train here. The problem is, I just have so little time. A couple weeks ago, I had been on the road, in 33 days I had been on the road for 30 of them. Those three days off included my move from Las Vegas to San Diego. So, it’s just been one of those things where this year’s been so busy for me. I’ve literally gone in and grappled a handful of times—which is sad for me, because that’s one of my passions. I love going in there and grappling and stuff. But I just wasn’t able to get a chance to do it very often.

GG: I got to interview Davey Richards recently. I’m from East Tennessee and he went up there and wrestled. Him and Ricky Morton in a tag match at the same time—



[Thanks to John Moorehouse at GonzoGeek.com and MMA-Insider.com]


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