The WWE Indy Initiative: El Generico Signs with WWE


Overall, this week has been a fantastic wrestling week. ‘Mania season has kicked in, The Rock has returned again, and we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

There were other noteworthy headlines that hit the web this week as well. One of which was the alleged signing of El Generico to the WWE. Ever since the story was released, the newswires have been going crazy about other talents who are possibly making their way to the WWE, but what does this mean for the company?

The Indy Initiative, as I am calling it, will prove to be a huge turn in the WWE product. Not only will this make the IWC ecstatic, but with the possible signing of stars such as The Briscoes, Sami Callihan and Adam Cole, the WWE Universe members who are unfamiliar with these talents will be entertained once they hit the television screens.

Sure, I know that this is pure speculation, but with the apparent new approach that Triple H is taking, you can’t help but to wonder what is to come.

Now, I won’t fool myself into thinking that everyone will be packaged the same in WWE as they have been on the independent circuit, and history shows that there is a slim chance of that occurring. Despite possible repackaging, these guys can make it work. The independent wrestling scene is filled with high quality performers, many of which have the impeccable ability to make anything work in their favor.

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro have been doing a phenomenal job on WWE programming, The Shield has been a force already in the short time they have been on television, and with guys like Neville and Ohno in NXT there is no lack of exceptional guys waiting to put on a great show for the fans.

Additionally, each man has a different style and look, so the diversity will make for great television.

Also, taking the aforementioned names and adding in guys such as Callihan, Cole, and The Briscoes will force more wrestling to enter the television screen. Lately, WWE has been extending matches and spotlighting the actual wrestling, so the acquisition and eventual debut of each man would only add to that and improve it.

Sure, the entertainment will stay, and there is nothing wrong with that, but catering to the fans who want to watch the wrestling will be a major benefit.

From a championship perspective, this new initiative could spread the field evenly in regards to title contenders.

The WWE Tag Titles, US Title, Intercontinental Title, and both World Championships could become even more significant with such talented guys trying to get their shot at glory. Sure, at a glance, this looks like just a scenario that will excite the IWC, but we are talking about a group of guys that can translate their styles into amazing matches on any stage, so I doubt it would end up falling through in the quality and hype department.

In the end, I am a big supporter of this new plan if it does indeed materialize. I don’t feel there is really any room to debate how great the independent talents are, and their adaptability will allow them to wrestle however the WWE would wish.

It will all come down to the long term plans for each guy, and making sure that they are used to their best ability. Plus, look at another positive here, the more we see of talented young guys that can go in the ring, the more justification the WWE has to dispose of the guys that are not that talented and seem to waste precious television time.

Also, it should be easier to be involved in an entire 3 hour Raw with an influx of great talent.

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