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TNA Impact Wrestling 4/26: Debut of Open Fight Night


Welcome to another evening of Thursday night Impact. This week’s show has a new feel to it, something fresh and hot off the presses. Could this be one of the key episodes to put TNA back in the “green light” district of professional wrestling and a possible lead to the promise land?

Let’s get to business as this week’s show kicks off with some hype from General Manager Hogan as he continues to sell his Open Fight Night with his current champions, stating that tonight will begin with Samoa Joe and Magnus being featured defending their tag titles in the main event of the evening.

This week’s first match opened with a clash from the past, as current Television Champion, Devon, calls out former partner Bully Ray to be his challenger. Overall, this was a decent match where Devon was well put over by TNA’s monster heel, Bully Ray. Devon will remain champion for one more week. I am glad to see Devon getting some recognition as long as his children are out of the picture. Bully Ray continues to impress me each week with his work.
After our first match, we were enlightened by a fantastic promo from the Nature Boy guaranteeing to “rock Orlando” in honor of Eric Bischoff. I never get tired of stylin’ and profilin’ with the Nature Boy. Speaking of Bischoff, he was up next in a throwaway promo featuring Jeremy Borash. They waited too long and took the back seat on this mini feud. I would have thought that TNA would come up with a stronger segment for Eric Bischoff considering this was his “farewell show.”

Getting back to “Open Fight”, we are now being enlightened with Mexican America calling out anyone or any team from the locker room for their challenge. I didn’t even know these guys were on TV anymore. Well, Mexican America got the short end of the stick as Anarquia’s call was answered by none other than Kurt Angle. As you can imagine, a quick thrashing occurred as Angle continues to look like the war machine that he is. I have and will continue to enjoy Kurt Angle each week as he is a top draw no matter the federation he is in.

It is now time for Gut Check Challenge as Al Snow (one of our judges) comes to the ring with this weeks featured superstar, Alex Silva, who will be challenged by Robbie E. This was a squash match. I did not see the point of this because the concept was established to put over new, young talent and bring them onto the TNA roster. Robbie E destroying Alex Silva here did nothing of the sort.

In between matches, we had some backstage blunder going on as Hogan was establishing who will face the tag champs tonight in the main event. This is followed by Miss Tessmacher putting herself over (not surprised in the least bit here) and calling out Knockouts champion Gail Kim. Gail Kim accepts and looks beautiful as usual. She is the total package in the Knockouts division right now. Odd booking here, but I can understand the theory behind it. Tessmacher went over with the very interesting belly to back facebuster on Kim for the victory. They need to establish a credible face to feud with Kim as I feel Sky just does not have the “it” factor to be the Knockouts champion.  Neither does Tessmacher, but let’s hope she proves me wrong here as well.

More backstage politics and nonsense with  Daniels and Kazarian threatening to expose Styles on his secret next week even though they are 3 months overdue on this storyline. This is followed by more of Hogan determining who the challengers are in the main event. He has it narrowed down to Daniels and Kazarian and Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson after the dismissal of Eric Young and ODB in some enjoyable comic relief.

After the break we are treated to the continuation of the Joseph Park on the search for Abyss angle as he stumbles upon Bully Ray. Bully Ray was not too pleased to see him and quickly barks a few choice words at Park and dismisses himself. I hope TNA can get out of second gear with this angle as it has been going on for over a month.

Samoa Joe and Magnus are now on their way to the ring as it is now time for the main event of the evening.  The two teams remaining were joined by Hogan who put over Open Fight Night as a great success and a lot of fun. He selects Hardy and Anderson as tonight’s challengers with reasoning that just did not make much sense to me, but I am glad he chose these two as I am not a big fan of either Daniels or Kazarian.

The main event was entertaining. Hardy and Anderson put on a great showing of their talents. They also showed why they can’t co-exist as tag champs either. The finish to the match was well written. I enjoyed the defense of Magnus as Joe locked in a very painful looking rear naked choke for the win and the champions retain. Great match by all 4 competitors.

Post match, attacks from Daniels and Kazarian on the champions take place as they make their way into the back. This leads into the final segment of the evening featuring Ric Flair and company bidding their farewell to Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff is put over well by Flair and company as he is presented with a Rolex, but is quickly interrupted by Garret Bischoff, Jeremy Borash and company. Horrible ending here as Bischoff ends up in the crapper and TNA continues to put Garret over with terrible storylines and character development.

Not impressed to say the least here and highly disappointed to see TNA end its new, hot night with this garbage. I guess it is what it is for the powers that be down there. I enjoyed the fresh new feeling to this week’s show, but I felt that a lot of the matches were rushed and cramped in to this Open Fight Night. I hope that creative is able to notice the flaws that were illustrated tonight and can work out the kinks for the future episodes.  I do still see a lot of potential here in this concept.

Not the worst edition of Impact, but far from the best. Match of the night goes to Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy taking on Magnus and Joe in an entertaining main event which I believe will now lead to Hardy versusAndersonleading into the next PPV.

Have a great week everyone, leave me some comments or shoot me an email, enjoy the week’s entertainment.

Take care, Touch of Gray…

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