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TNA Impact Wrestling Insight and Review – August 1, 2012


Welcome back to another edition of TNA Impact Insight. This week, we take a closer look at this past week’s show which had some great matches and a closer look into our crystal ball to see where exactly this “Aces & Eights” faction is headed.

There were a few production issues to welcome us into Thursday’s Live Impact, which was pretty discouraging considering how many of these “minor” tweeks and issues have occurred since going live. Anyway, moving right along into our first match which saw Austin Aries & Kenny King taking on Zema Ion and Bobby Roode.  This action began just as the show began as all 4 competitors were brawling through the Impact Zone down into the ringside area.

In the early going King & Aries got the best of Ion until Roode dragged King out of the ring and rammed him into the ringpost which led to enough recovery time for Ion to get the best of King. The heels continued their assault on King, until Aries had enough, charged the ring, and went right at Bobby Roode.  As that was going down, King landed his finisher on Ion for the victory. Not a bad matchup from all competitors. I am really looking forward to the King/Ion rivalry that is developing. King has actually brought some of my attention back into the X-division…something I have not had for the past 2 years or so.

Also, making a little note about our Aries/Roode showdown…it sure seems to me and a lot of other analysts that this feud has taken a back seat to Aces & Eights. I enjoy the chemistry and the work that is put into each and every matchup that these two have. I rate this match a 3/4 Stars. I felt it was a great introductory match to kick off the show with 4 of the most up and coming stars that TNA has to offer at this time.

We cut to some backstage riff-raff that summarized what has occurred over the past month or so involving Aces & Eights along with James Storm’s possible involvement with the crew.  Sting then stated that he was going to wait to hear it from the horse’s mouth before he believes anything that comes from Roode. We were then joined in the ring by Sting who called out Storm in which he quickly obliged.  Sting challenged Storm’s recent actions over the past several weeks, questioning his involvement and possible interaction with Aces & Eights.  Storm got on the horn and stated that they ran from someone who was going to kick their ass. He told Sting he never needed anyone to fight his fights for him. He then brings up that he was jumped by Kurt Angle once and he has fought back to defeat Kurt Angle on 3 separate occasions and didn’t need anyone’s help while doing it.

With that being said Angle joins both gentlemen in the ring agreeing that both he and Storm have been through a lot over the past year yet he doesn’t understand Storms motives while connecting the dots between Storm and Aces & Eights. Angle then does on to beg Aces & Eights to get involved in his match tonight which fired up Sting who said he was going to be at ringside for the match. Angle then gets in Storm’s face and told him that he would make him tap out. I really enjoyed this segment through and through. I have always and still do love the work of Kurt Angle…he still comes across as one of the top bad asses in the sport today.

James Storm has been a very fun, entertaining superstar to follow since his Beer Money split and with his possible involvement in the new NWO that makes things even more appealing. I rated this segment 3.5/4 Stars. I mean hell…I even enjoyed Stings mic work here, and I haven’t enjoyed that since the early 90’s.

Taz and Tenay then gave us a quick recap with a few photos of Styles trip to Australia while chiming in with the Claire angle and her most recent evidence of her “Night in Paradise.” Cameras cut to the back to Christopher Daniels & Kazarian who jokingly stated that they were going to throw Claire a baby shower this evening, Good Lord!!!

Back from the break Tenay and Taz gave us some quick buildup to the BFG series matches that would be taking place at Hardcore Justice. Meanwhile we cut backstage to Bully Ray stating that he has never trusted Storm while stating that he would also be ringside for the Angle vs. Storm match later this evening. Bully Ray was up next squaring off against Robbie E in a BFG series match. Before the match could even get started, Robbie T floored Ray to give Robbie E the early advantage. Robbie E came at Bully aggressively but Bully Ray battled back with some chops and hitting a cutter for a victory in less than 60 seconds. This series cannot end soon enough for Robbie E and then TNA has to figure where to go with him which is sad because I do think he has potential. I gave this match a 1.5/4 Starsas I do enjoy Bully Ray’s work and especially his heel turn has been rather enjoyable and the best move he has made in his career which before it happened I thought was long over. Like I stated previously with the Robbie’s, I hope that they can come up with something to save these two rather then watch them diminish down the cards.

We quickly cut backstage to where Earl Hebner is seen giving gifts to Madison Rayne as Gail Kim comes in to protest for their matchup tonight, but Madison quickly defends Earl stating that he would never screw someone over in a match with her devious smile as we cut to commercial break.

As we come back from break, Christy Hemme introduces Miss Tessmacher who will be joining in on commentary during the #1 contender match for the Knockouts Championship.  The match was a four way #1 contender’s match with the winner going on to Hardcore Justice to face Tessmacher.  A rather entertaining matchup here with all 4 women really working hard making each other look good while trying to vie for that top spot.  Kim had the match won yet Hebner was seen tending to a down and Rayne which caused him to miss the count for the pin, Tara took advantage here, hit the Widow’s Peak on Rayne and rolled her up for the 1-2-3.

Hebner raised Madison Rayne’s hand as the winner of the match as Tara looks on in amazement. Not a bad match here until the end, they have to think of better ways to end these matches to make it actually looks like Madison Rayne got the win. Last week was acceptable with the questionable rollup but this week was rather weak, as at least in my eyes, as Rayne didn’t even look close to coming out the winner here. I gave this match a 3/4 Stars as I felt everyone worked their asses off here.

I am glad to see Madison back in the title hunt as she is now my new favorite with the departures of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love though if they turn Tessmacher heel, she gets the trophy all day long but I don’t think that would happen anytime soon.

We cut backstage to Bobby Roode who bragged about his seed of distrust has spread all throughout TNA, he quickly noted that he would be joining the would be lumber jack match later on with Bully Ray and Sting at ringside.  Aries comes in and also states that he would be joining up for the would be lumberjack match later as well.

We then cut to Sting and Brooke Hogan who was still distressed over the attacks on her father from Aces & Eights. Sting wanted to be sure she would still be able to run the Knockouts Division which she obliged but they were both quickly interrupted by a man handing her a manila envelope, which had the Aces & Eights Cards inside, which is a warning to Brooke.

As we come back from break, we are backstage with ODB and Eric Young who were holding their Knockouts tag team titles, as ODB had claimed that Brooke had been complaining to her about not defending the Knockouts Titles. Young took a quick praise to his new fishing show as he grabs one of the titles and runs off to hide so that they won’t have to defend them. I am skipping around here touching on some of the minor stories before jumping back into the matches.

Jumping around we come to Joseph Park who was seen backstage during the show who was claiming that he was now representing some of the TNA talent.  He then runs up to Sting claiming that he doesn’t want to keyfab him but he is looking for clients. Sting thanked him but said that he was already was represented through TNA, but questioned Park about his Black Hole Slam a few weeks back to which Park just stared off with the puzzled look that he had no idea to what Sting was referring to.

Joining Daniels & Kazarian in the ring, they take a quick poke at Styles being down in Australia saying that he is likely impregnating women, wow with that being said they invite Claire into the ring to get on with this baby shower. Claire joins the duo in the ring while receiving a shiny, sparkly necklace that she was pleased to put in, damn gold digger, just kidding. Daniels goes on saying that Styles treats her like crap and now onto the presents which she first received were a ton of diapers, then a whole assortment of A.J. Styles memorabilia which included t-shirts, action figures, title belts, and a few signed pictures. The third present was a baby doll that was wearing an A.J, Styles vest, this caused Claire’s mood to change and she quickly turned to the camera and hit her high notes screaming that Styles needs to do the right thing. Well I did at least enjoy the work from Daniels & Kazarian here as they are the lone bright spot in this horrible story.  I am also very interested to see how they interact Brooke Hogan into the whole Aces & Eights story. I am starting to believe my prediction more and more as the weeks go on…the New NWO is coming, featuring Hogan, Storm, Roode, Bischoff, Jarrett, and a few others that we haven’t taken notice to yet, was that prediction that farfetched?!?

I am starting to think not, guess we are just going to have to wait and see how this all goes down. Moving onto Joseph Park, I mean really this guy needs another opponent besides Bully Ray every week, he just seems stale and underappreciated when he is not being featured in some way with Bully.  And well, EY is EY, still loves his humor, facial expressions, and actions, without a doubt a great comedic act though I know most viewers are tired of Eric Young, but you have to realize that Eric Young is like a James Storm and A.J. Styles, the guy has been there pretty much since the beginning and Jarrett or Carter will not let him go, no matter the case so just learn to enjoy it.

Chavo Guererro made his debut this past Thursday night with Hernandez by his side against Kid Kash who was accompanied by Gunner. The match was over pretty quickly as Kash did have a quick flurry of offense but missed on a top rope moonsault that led to the 3 amigos and the frog splash to give Chavo his first victory. I mean I guess it was good, I did enjoy seeing 3 amigos for the first time in a VERY long time as well as the frog splash. I give this match a 2/4 Stars I mean it was acceptable but nothing exciting or out of the ordinary to put it over the top. I just hope that TNA doesn’t try to have the legend of Eddie Guererro live through Chavo as that is how it is coming across at least in the early going. I mean the guy is mediocre at best stop trying to stretch that, he is not his uncle and he needs to respect that.

Now moving onto our main event, as the match begun it was just Angle and Storm working some chain wrestling until they were joined by Sting at ringside.  Devon and Garrett quickly followed behind Sting as Storm went for a quick Last Call that was caught by Angle.  Bully Ray was the next man to come down to ringside, who was followed by Bobby Roode and then Austin Aries. At the conclusion of the match Storm hung on during the Ankle Lock, fought his way out of it and hit the Last Call superkick to give Storm the 1-2-3.

After the match, Angle shook Storm’s hand as Storm called out Aces & Eights. Roode said that they are not here because he does not need them the match is over, still claiming that Storm is the culprit behind it all. Bully Ray then snuck up behind Storm and attacked him which led to a four way brawl between Storm, Roode, Bully Ray, and Austin Aries as the show went off the air.  Overall, not a bad main event I gave it 3/4 Stars as I do take a liking to both competitors involved. Nothing really was accomplished here in my eyes with Aces & Eights which I am okay with seeing as how much they were forced down our throats last week. I still think that this angle has a few twists and turns that are yet to happen and in the long run we are going to get a new NWO or Nexus faction out of this, run by Jarrett, Hogan, and Bischoff.  I just hope that they tell the story in the right way and don’t ruin any of their top stars along the way.

Overall, I enjoyed this edition of Impact if you couldn’t tell by now. I know that I write a lot but with summarizing everything that happens each week and applying my thoughts & opinions to each matter takes up a lot more space then I originally thought.

Until next time, take care, be safe & smart, and see you Thursday evening…

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