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TNA Impact Wrestling Insight – December 13, 2012


Impact Insight 12/13

I am back and “Back in Black” is probably the best way to sum it up, so I just wanted to get that off my chest first. Normally, I would spend some time to summarize what has happened over the past several weeks, but this time I want to start fresh, so I have decided to start with this Thursday’s Impact which is the follow up from Final Resolution.

A lot has happened within TNA over the past several weeks so I want to get right into things here. This week’s show begins with a recap from the matches from Final Resolution, which included Jeff Hardy’s victory over Bobby Roode due to the double cross from Aces & Eights…as well as Christopher Daniels victory over A.J. Styles & Austin Aries pulled out the win over Bully Ray, but not without some controversy of course.

Bobby Roode began the show by coming down into the ring and complaining about how he was screwed over by Aces & Eights. He demanded that he wants answers from the group, which led to their entrance in full force. Devon explained to Roode that this was just business and he was outbidded by another person and told him that tonight he may just find out who that guy is. Hardy then makes his entrance asking for his music to be cut off as he stood side by side with Storm on the entrance ramp.

Hardy said that they were here to fight and hit the ring as the Aces & Eights group scattered off.  Well that was an interesting segment to kick the show off. I thought that everyone involved here did a great job they kept things open involving Bobby Roode and Aces & Eights as well as continued to shine light on the Roode-Hardy feud. I have a feeling that there is going to be a crazy twist involving these 3 men somewhere down the line.

I am really hoping for a heel turn by Storm as he helps to put the title around Roode’s waist and we now have the long awaited return of Beer Money. I think that is just wishful thinking and far too crazy of a twist for TNA to handle so I am sure we will continue to see the same stories we have seen over the past few months as they continue to drop the ball further and further week by week, so sad. But all in all not a bad opening segment here it really put the wheels in motion for a decent evening of Impact.

velvet-returnVelvet Sky is shown backstage saying how good it feels to be back and how she is ready now more than ever to make her Impact on the Knockout’s Division and said 2013 is the year of Velvet Sky.  She ended by saying that her pigeons are ready for action.

I just want to make a note she has definitely aged since her last trip in TNA. Her face gives that right away, and she comes off with a very trashy look for her big return match to TNA. Then a promo for Mickie James was shown as she was shown crying after her defeat at Final Resolution.  She said that she still is the best wrestler in the world and that she was better than that.  We then cut down at ringside and have the introductions for the Knockout’s battle between Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne (why has she fallen off so much, does anyone have the answer?!?). Sky went on offense first and worked over Rayne but Rayne regained control and begun to work on Velvet’s neck.

Sky eventually puts Rayne away with her butterfly facebuster. Wow, that was just plain awful. Velvet may look worse now than she did before she left. I mean, pretty much everything about her is a step back in the wrong direction, her looks, her wrestling style, that horrible red lipstick…I am a big Velvet Sky fan, especially Beautiful People days. This match gets 1/4 star on my scale. I am only giving the 1 star out due to Madison Rayne’s efforts to try and carry Velvet while trying to save this match and the sad part is Velvet is nowhere near what she used to be, sorry girl!

In the backstage area, Kurt Angle was giving his peptalk to his students, Brisco & Bischoff, while putting over 5-hour energy. Then Daniels & Kazarian are shown as they say that they’re not the ones behind the Aces & Eights saga. Of course, some gloating was done after Daniels was still celebrating from his victory over Styles at Final Resolution.

Our next match is set as we have Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff squaring off against the Robbie’s.  The Robbie’s gained the upperhand in the early going and continued to work over the young babyface’s for a good part of the match.

In the conclusion, Brisco put Robbie T away with a flying cross body for the victory.  Post match as Brisco & Bischoff were celebrating with the fans from inside the ring, an Aces & Eights member snuck in from the crowd and blindsided Kurt Angle, nailing his leg with a foreign object. This led to Angle selling on the floor as Brisco & Bischoff came to his aid with the damage already done.

Not a great match here. I am trying…really trying to take a liking towards Brisco, but he just doesn’t do it for me inside the ring and Bischoff well, it’s Bischoff. I rated the match 2/4 stars as I felt it wasn’t awful, but did not stand out in anyway.

Austin-AriesAfter the break, Angle was shown selling the injury backstage with the trainers as well as his two protégés. We are then taken to a video where Joseph Park is seen traveling to Ohio Valley Wrestling to be trained as a wrestler, no comment on this angle. Tara & Jesse were also shown walking into Brooke Hogan’s office where she demanded that she wants to pick her opponent for Championship Thursday.  Hogan declined their offer and sent them on their way.

A video package aired showcasing something about 1/3/13, possibly another big turn for the direction of TNA hopefully these past 2 months have been terrible. Kenny King then gives a promo about his performance from Final Resolution where he suffered a tough loss to RVD saying that he would have better luck next time.

Back down in the ring, we are ready for Jeff Hardy & James Storm to square off against 2 members from Aces & Eights.  Aces & Eights were represented by DOC and another masked member who were left lying after the assault from Hardy & Storm in the early going.  After the commercial break, Aces & Eights took control over Hardy. Storm was eventually tagged in by Hardy and cleaned house on the heel team.

The match was decided when more Aces & Eights members came out to wreak havoc on Hardy & Storm. They were able to fight off the attacks as they picked up the victory when Hardy hit his Twist of Fate on the masked member.

After the match, Devon grabbed a microphone and said that Austin Aries was the one who had outbidded Bobby Roode. In the backstage area, Hogan was on his cell phone talking to Aries & saying that he needed to come clean tonight. Bobby Roode then comes in fuming over the news he just received, but Hogan told him he is just as guilty for his attempt to pay Aces & Eight for the hit he put on Hardy.

A good match here, but TNA has got to come to realization that if this group is as powerful as they are trying to make it seem, they need to start picking up some victories in their matches. I rated this match 2.5/4 stars on my scale, a job well done by both teams here, but if there is any type of threat from this group in the future besides being a group of “JV” wrestlers that came together to do NOTHING, but hopefully the storyline to this angle will get better in the future weeks.

Back from the break, we are shown a video highlighting the match between A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels. After the video was shown, Styles made his way down to ringside. Styles grabbed a microphone and demanded a chance to talk as the fans chanted you still got it, as Styles looks on in disgust.

He said that he is going nowhere, but has no idea where he is going. He said that he lost himself somewhere along the line trying to be a corporate guy.  He goes on to say that he is tired of being the TNA janitor and having to clean up its mess and does the right thing. So from now on he is going to do his own thing to which the fans cheered as he walked off.

Well, what is the reaction supposed to be? Was that a heel turn with the fans cheering at the end? And A.J. Styles heel turn is the last thing that you should be shooting for as the babyface of this company from its beginning up until now. Sorry dude, you are not Hogan! I hope they cut his whiny ass off of TV.

1/4 stars on the scale for Style’s useless heel turn. Backstage, Dixie Carter tried to stop Styles and questioned him on who he was. Styles took his TNA shirt off & threw it at her as Daniels was shown celebrating, but Kazarian killed the vibe and told Daniels that he has a surprise for him later.

Kurt-AngleBack down in the ring we are ready for the next matchup for the X-Division title between Kenny King & RVD which begun with some chain wrestling from both men. King was able to gain the upperhand & attempted several pin attempts in the process.

RVD was able to fight back with a suplex, which helped him to fight back.  King rolled RVD after a fly cross body attempt & was able to get the 1-2-3 after he put his feet on the ropes.

Eh, not a bad match just not enough for these two to show what they are really made of. I rated the match 2/4 stars on my scale, nothing great, yet nothing terrible.

I hope we get to see Kenny King really shine & to show the talents that I have heard his made up of, but only time will tell he was stuck on the X-division backburner for a few months there hopefully he doesn’t end up back in that position. I think that King can play a great heel if this is the direction that they are looking to turn with his character.

Backstage, Hogan continued to fume over the fact that Bully Ray did not come to him 1st that he was having a relationship with Brooke. Ray used some reverse psychology on him and asked Hogan how could it be that Brooke was pursuing him. Ray goes on to say that they were sitting on the couch and Brooke was apologizing to him for her father being an ass. Hogan did not buy that for 1 minute. Down in the ring, we are now ready for the next match between Jesse and Bully Ray, which I think should make for a very interesting matchup.

Ray started off with an aggressive approach getting the better of Jesse with a series of strikes. Jesse was able to get in a few shots that Ray no showed before he mauled Jesse. Tara ran in to try and talk Jesse down but was quickly spanked out of the ring, nice touch Bully! Jesse lost his mind and attacked Bully with ruthless aggression. He snarled and had an intense looks on his face that came across more as comical then intimidating, especially from this joke of a fruit loop. Go stick a few more needles in your ass, you tulip.

Jesse reopened the cuts that Bully had on his head, however, Ray was able to recover and put Jesse away with a cutter for the victory.  Well, I am glad it ended the way that it did, if this joke of a wrestler called Jesse puts one over on Bully, then this company has no hope. I mean, the guy has the build, but he is stuck in one of the worst possible angles that you can be in especially as you are making your debut.

Throw this guy back to OVW to sharpen his skills and throw him in a tag team with Crimson since we have to watch this joke a tag division week after week, Kaz & Daniels cannot carry this division forever. Anyway, back to the match I rated it 2.5/4 stars and it earned the extra .5 from because of my love for Bully the guy is pure gold and one of the only bright spots that this company has to offer at the current time.

Aries made his entrance and got on the stick saying that he wanted his TNA title back, he said he didn’t care if he was ousted he just wanted the job to get  done. Aries complained about Hogan pitting him against Aces & Eights months ago, Aries promised to the push the buttons until he gets his title back.

Jeff Hardy then makes his entrance and tells Aries that all that he has to do is ask for a rematch and it is his. Hardy goes on to say that next week is “Championship Thursday” and they might as well have their rubber match then to which Aries declined.

Hardy then attacked Aries and the two men brawled with Hardy hitting Aries with a Twist of Fate. The show ended with a stare down from both men. Eh, I guess that was good it seems every week the show ends with Aries instigating with someone. This was not a bad ending and further builds into the title feud between Hardy & Aries.

I do enjoy the work we get from both men when facing off in the match. This was not that bad of an episode of Impact, but it seems like week to week the show gets even more stale and outdated. I am often bored off my ass with this show and although I do DVR the show to watch every week, I am glad that I do so as I do not think I have it in me to sit for 120 minutes that this show is on the air for.

I rated this show 2/4 stars because TNA right now is just “average” and by being that you will never take that step into superstardom. I still love you TNA, but please just please give me something big that is worth waiting for on 1/3/2013.

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