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TNA Impact Wrestling Insight – December 27, 2012


Impact Insight 12/27

I hope that 2013 is most definitely a better year for TNA. I remember Hogan promising to make changes at the beginning of this year that we have never seen before. Hogan, I am sure you had some great intentions with your ideas, but the way they were executed came across as trashy & boring.

TNA is still a giant step from even considering themselves in the same league as WWE, which is hard for me to say since I pretty much live & breathe TNA.

Now for this week’s Impact, which is another Open Fight Night, the show begins with Bully Ray coming down to the ring and saying that is has been weeks, months now and it is pretty obvious that he & Hogan cannot get along. Ray goes on to say that he doesn’t know what he has to do to prove to Hogan that he is trustworthy.

He then calls out Hogan to talk, but not to fight. After a long delay with no Hogan Brooke comes out and tells Ray that her dad knows about “us”. Ray questioned how does he know and says there is nothing to know.  Neither of them could figure out how Hogan knew about them. Ray left the ring and said that there is nothing to know about them because there is nothing going on. Brooke chased after Ray to the back.

Ehh, I guess that was good, they established further buildup to this story and the fact now that Ray & Brooke have to go see Hogan in order to speak with him. This segment got 2/4 stars on my scale, nothing great, but nothing terrible either,  I am hoping for some off the wall turns here where Ray joins Aces & Eights with Brooke to go against her father, now that is the kind of turn this company needs to make, just wishful thinking though.

austin-aries-tnaAfter the break, Austin Aries headed to the ring in his ring gear and said that he should be the TNA Champion & will always be the main event.  He recalled having Hardy pinned only for Roode to screw him over. He said that he cannot be mad at him because he was the one who screwed Bobby 1st.  Aries goes on to say that they will find which one of them really deserves to be facing Hardy for the title. He said that they are going to put the 2 best wrestlers in the universe and put them in the main event where they belong.

Excellent mic work again here from Aries as he really shines in pretty much everything he does in wrestling, I rated this segment 3/4 stars as I am very intrigued to see where and how this feud exactly goes down.

I am now starting to pretty much give a rating on every segment on the show whether it be a match or a promo just for the heads up. This should be an entertaining affair later on in the show as Bobby Roode is my favorite current wrestler on the roster next to Angle and Aries has wowed me and proved me wrong over the past year or so showing me that he is that good in and out of the ring.

Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring and said he is there to pick a fight on Open Fight Night. Joe calls out one of the masked men from Aces & Eights, he goes on by saying that he is going to rip off his mask to expose to the world what a little moped riding bitch that he really is.  Within 3 minutes into the match Joe applies the rear-naked choke for the victory.

Post match Joe played up to the crowd trying to remove the mask but was attacked and chased off by an entourage of other Aces & Eights members. Nothing really great here how can Joe put anything over in 3 minutes I mean unless it is the old Samoa Joe that use to completely dominate his opponents but not in a way like this.

I gave this match 1.5/4 stars on my scale as I feel this faction is more like Right to Censor rather than Nexus or N.W.O. In the backstage area, the Robbie’s were talking when Jesse walked in interrupting the party. Jesse & Robbie E bickered which led to Robbie E challenging him to a bro-off.  Really TNA?!?!

Kenny King was seen in the backstage area with Christian York telling him that he should pay attention to King as he wrestled RVD tonight.  He tells York that he expects to face RVD because he is going to call out someone that he respects. As King walks off York says to himself where do they get these guys? Robbie E & Robbie T made their entrances down to the ring, with Robbie E saying that it is open bro-night and he called out Jesse saying that he is a fake Robbie E.

Jesse & Tara made their entrances into the ring as Jesse said that he is “Mr. Pectacular” as Robbie says that there are 3 rules to a bro-off.  One, it’s every bro for himself, Two, everything must end with a bro, and three, well there was not a three.

Robbie E then calls for his music and dances to it saying to Jesse top that bro! Jesse music hits and he poses as Tara looks on in awe.

Jesse concluded by pressing Tara over his head several times, saying that is how you bro-off dude! Robbie said that it wasn’t as bad as he expected but there was a problem this was about bro’s not ho’s in the bro-off.

He said that Jesse was disqualified for saying dude during the bro-off. Robbie E was set to declare himself the winner when Robbie T cut him off and said that there is one more bro. Robbie T poses to Jesse’s music then presses Robbie E over his head, haha that is a nice touch there for some quick comedy.

The music changed and he did pelvic thrusts on the mat & then pumped his fist into the air before ending by saying bro.

Tara-TNA-ChampionThis left both Jesse & Robbie E speechless as they looked on in complete shock.  Okay, on the hole Preparation H, haha just kidding sorry Goldmember is on right now, but anyway I was glad to say that I was able to get a laugh out of this segment.

A bro-off was probably the worst idea that they could’ve came up with, but the finishing touch with Robbie T was great minus all the scary looking pelvic thrusts that he was doing. I hope that this helps him to break out of Robbie E’s shadow and helps to take him back to in-ring work as I feel that he has been wasted & overlooked with his stay in TNA.  This segment gets 2/4 stars from me as it was watchable but hopefully we will never have to sit through one of these again, great finale to it though for Robbie T.

RVD then comes to the ring and built-up his opponent, while Kenny King was backstage assuming it was him. RVD then called out Christian York and he said to King as he was leaving to ringside, maybe next time.  York worked a flurry of offense to begin the match while nailing RVD with a missile dropkick to the back of his head & a double foot stomp for a 2 count.

Taz takes a shot at Keneley for knowing York’s moves yet again, RVD was able to regain control and fired back with a split-legged moonsault for a 2 count of his own.  In the conclusion of the match, RVD was able to hit his 5-star frog splash for the 1-2-3.

Another loss for Christian York, who I feel shined the brightest in Gut Check Challenge thus far but his image is quickly being erased and forgotten about, I gave this match 2.5/4 stars as I do enjoy the work from both men, I just feel like the match was rushed and neither guy really came off benefiting from the match, I expect a 3 way for the title at the next ppv.  Devon was shown backstage talking to other members of the club, he states that there was someone who was a little difficult & a little arrogant but they could have him if they made him feel like a part of the club.

Devon called in DOC who had 2 women with him, Devon asks him if it would work, and DOC said it would.  Interesting twist there but this group desperately needs someone to get them over verbally and with mic skills. A Joseph Park at OVW training video was shown where Danny Davis said that he liked the fire that Joe had showed him last week when his nose got busted. He said he needs to see that fire from him 24 hours a day, as a wrestler never takes a day off and he hasn’t seen that from Park as of yet.  Daniels & Kazarian were shown at a merchandise stand just making sure that their merchandise still was not there.

Daniels says that Christmas has come & gone but there was still one present left to give from everyone’s favorite tag team. He then threw all of the A.J. Styles t-shirts in the trash as we head into commercial break.

Well, I enjoyed the Aces & Eights promo for the buildup into Anderson, the Park piece was rather childish but that is how I feel about this overrun character that we have seen from Joseph Park. Kaz & Daniels are by far the best tag team in this company and their promos are enjoyable week to week as they both seem very clever and are great actors for this current piece that they are cutting with A.J. Styles.  I rated this group of promos 3/4 stars here as 2 out of 3 I did like & enjoyed on this week’s show.

After the commercial break, we are shown Bobby Roode who said he knew that Austin Aries would call him out because he is predictable.  We are then shown another 1/3/13 video that hypes Sting’s return and he promises to take Aces & Eights out one by one starting next week with DOC.  Christopher Daniels music hits and he struts his way down to the ring.  He said he’s not just the face of Impact Wrestling, he’s a ring general & a national treasure & the man with the “rear to make the girl’s cheer.” That was awesome haha, Daniel’s said that he & A.J. meant one last time until the next time.  He then calls out Styles & his music hits but Kazarian comes down impersonating Styles going as far as wearing his ring gear and performing his in-ring entrance to perfection.  Kazarian impersonated Styles & said that he cannot beat Daniels, but that he will find Claire Lynch.

chavo-guerreroDaniels cut him off by saying that nobody wants to see that, Daniels said that the fans now have the permission to worship them now.  This segment gets 4/4 stars from me, Kazarian’s impersonation was solid all the way around & the connection that he & Daniels have really meshes well with everything that they do. I am sorry that I ever doubted you two, you have proved my opinions wrong and I am glad to admit that, who would’ve thought that these guys would ever amount to anything, considering I was watching them in the Toms River Arena 10 years back, not even realizing what was right in front of me, 2 amazing wrestlers as well as 2 geniuses on the slapstick.

Bravo gentleman you deserve to take a bow, especially for trying to save this shitty A.J. Styles character, put the belts back on them immediately. Chavo & Hernandez came out and complained that Daniels & Kazarian were having fun at the expense of others. Chavo said that they were going to end 2012 for Kaz & Daniels with a foot up their rear. Why do both of these fools still have jobs?!? So, now the match begins as Keneley describes Kaz & Daniels as “Bad Intentions” hint hint here is a clever name for them creative.

Taz calls him out on the error, shocking, which Kenely quickly corrects as “Bad Influence” well that was stupid.  We cut to commercial break as Daniels was begging off Hernandez. Back from the break, the heels were able to capitalize & isolated Hernandez in their corner. Chavo was eventually tagged in and had a nice flash of offense.  Kazarian tries to impersonate Styles by attempting a springboard forearm, but that backfired & led to Chavo’s frogsplash for the win.

A decent match here from both considering we have seen them square off time & time again. I gave the match 2.5/4 stars as Kazarian & Daniels have pretty much become the thing that I look forward to each week when I tune into Impact.

In the backstage area, Jeff Hardy was asked about Bobby Roode & Jeff Hardy by the cameraman.  Hardy says they are both great in the ring but he does not like them outside of it.  He said that their selfishness & arrogance does not fly with him & that revenge was on the way.

Another promo with Aces & Eights is shown after the break with the VP telling Devon that this new member would bring a certain level of asshole to the club.  The camera then revealed Mr. Anderson who said that Devon assured him that he would be safe so he was all ears.

tessmacherThe 2 girls then went to Anderson’s side as Devon said that they had business to tend to that would be physical and could even be more physical. Anderson responded by saying that he is not sure if this pertains to him as the girls whispered to him.  He then said it would be rude not to think about it & asks Aces & Eights for some time to think about it.

A great segment there from the faction again as well as Anderson, I think that this is what Anderson needs to do if he has any hope of reviving his career & character. I rated this promo 3.5/4 stars as I am very intrigued to see what does down next. Gail Kim then comes down to the ring to call her title loss a fluke.  She then says that she wants to erase all the bad memories before she heads into 2013 as she then called out Miss Tessmacher.  As usual Taryn Terrell was our referee for the Knockout’s match.

Tessmacher did pelvic thrusts (must be the move of the night lol) into Kim’s face before performing a facebuster off the ropes. Taz said it was an amazing Knockout’s match & it should go for 60 minutes (and this guy has the nerve to say shit about Keneley, wait so he couldn’t cut it in WWE & feels like the 3rd wheel again here now on Impact, just put him Prichard’s role he needs something new & fresh, I am tired of hearing his outplayed comments week in to week  out, as I feel he is the ONE who brings down Velvet Sky’s character every time he decides to bark out, let the pigeon’s loose, so trashy & unclassy Taz, it has been sad to see what you have become since your departure from ECW, just plain CLASSLESS!!!

In the conclusion, Tessmacher went up top and missed an elbow drop that Kim took advantage of and hit the Eat Defeat for the pinfall victory.  A good match here from both women unfortunately I think creative needs to turn the tides here, Tessmacher needs to go heel, as Kim needs to return to her babyface character as she has failed miserably as a heel. Overall this match earned 3/4 stars as it has been sometime since we have had a worthy match of any type of consideration on Impact, great job by both.

Backstage Austin Aries & Bobby Roode are both shown backstage as our main event is next. Back from the break, we are shown another Sting video for next week as well as Tenay & Taz announcing the tag team match between Devon & the masked member from Aces & Eights squaring off with Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe. They also noted that the 2012 Wrestler of the Year will be announced also.  In the main event, the match was pretty even in the opening moments as both men exchanged moves.

A pre-taped video was shown of Jeff Hardy stating that neither man deserves to be champion & something has to be done about that.  Back from the break, Tenay continues to build up that how these 2 are mirror images of each other.

Aries caught Roode in the Last Chancery but Roode was able to rake Aries eyes to break out of it.  Roode fires back with a cross-face but Aries rakes Bobby’s eyes to break out of it.  The two then exchanged pinfalls where they both tried to cheat to win & Roode then nails Aries with a spinebuster for another close 2 count. Roode then goes outside to get a chair but Hebner took it away.  Aries then caught Roode with a spinning forearm shot for a 2 count of his own.  Aries then continues to the outside to grab a chair of his own that is also taken away by Hebner.  Hebner’s face turned Strawberry Red as he told both men that he was tired of their antics.

Roode & Aries then both kicked Hebner & teamed up to throw him out of the ring, which was awesome!!! They both stood in the ring & smiled before they both raced for the chair lying in the ring.  They fought over the chair until Jeff Hardy’s music hit & both men let go of the chair.  They both stared at the entrance area but Hardy snuck in behind them and got the better of both men.  Hardy clotheslined Aries to the floor and nailed Roode with the Twist of Fate as he celebrated with the crowd to end the show.

jeff-hardy-tna-september-2012Therefore, this match is ruled a no-contest. A great main event here I felt as I enjoyed the anything you can do I can do better antics from Roode & Aries. A great match with some great comedic spots & just like I said a few months back I see these two coming together to form a great team but I still feel that is months down the road. The ending was stupid as Hardy looks like Superman (I mean John Cena) as he cleaned house with both men, with neither really looking like that they will be taking the belt from Hardy. I rated the match 3/4 stars as I enjoyed the double heel main event. My newest prediction is that these 2 are going to come together as a team to take the belt off of Hardy, now exactly which one will wear the belt, now that is the question.

An average Impact I guess is the best way to put this week’s episode. There were some great moments in the show but there was also a lot of downfall & filler that seemed to not really build anything into the upcoming storylines. Ares/Roode vs. Hardy is going to be a lot of fun but other than that what really was accomplished this evening? Tessmacher/Kim, Robbie E/Jesse/Robbie , RVD/Kenny King/ Christian York, I mean sure they all sound like great storylines now but I feel that TNA will drop the ball once again as they have in the past so I am not very confident heading into 2013 seeing as what we have gotten from them over the past year, all of these great promises that never amounted to anything.

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