TNA Impact Wrestling Insight – January 10, 2013

Impact Insight 1/10/2013

This week’s show kicks off with a bang as Sting’s music hits immediately as he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle, this trio looking as bad ass as ever. Taz, Tenay, & Kenely welcomed us to the show as the weekly pre-show recap highlighted the hottest stories currently taking place in TNA.

Sting got on the mic & said at Genesis he will be looking for DOC, but tonight he & his 2 friends, Shooter (Angle) & Killer (Joe) were calling them out.

Joe grabbed the mic & said that he would choke them all out. Angle added that the masks will come off & they have already started, but he wanted to know where Anderson stood based on his actions last week so he was calling him out. Anderson then made his way down the entrance ramp stopping before he got to the ring & grabbed a mic asking where all of them were when Aces & Eights was kicking his ass?

He said he was on his way to the ring to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Sting when Aces & Eights tap danced with his brain & Sting just left him there.  He said he did not understand what their problem was?!?

Angle responded by saying that their problem was that either Anderson was with them or that they are going to fight, Anderson climbed into the ring & got in Angle’s face. He responded by saying that he did not have to answer to Angle & he never really liked him anyway, where Angle said that the feeling was mutual as he punched Anderson.  Angle continued to beat on Anderson until he fled the ring.

Not a bad opening segment here to kick the show off as I am very much looking forward to this match as I am a DIEHARD Angle guy & enjoy the work that Anderson brings when he is given the opportunity. I hope that his involvement in this angle can help to relight the spark that we have from seen him in the past.

I am going to continue by trying a different approach again just to try & keep things fresh within my write-ups so I am only going to critique the matches & important segments from the show for this week. I also want to add an additional piece to my conclusion with what I expect to get out of Genesis or how I feel the company should take action with the PPV.

Kenny KingSo, our 1st match of the evening saw Kenny King squaring off against Zema Ion in the 2nd of 2 matches to determine the matchup for the #1 contender’s spot for the X-Division title @ Genesis. In the early going, King kicked Ion to the floor & went for a corkscrew dive, but Ion moved. However, King was able to land on his feet.

Ion slid back into the ring & hit a dive of his own in a cool exchange. Back in the ring, Ion hit a freaky looking slam on the back of King’s head for 2 but came up short on the 450 splash which led to King hitting his Royal Flush for the victory.  Post match King said that Christy Hemme would be announcing his name as the new X-Division Champion come this Sunday at Genesis.

I guess this was a good match, but not really much time for either guy to break out & show what they are made of. I am glad that King got the victory, as I have been excited to see what he can provide since his blockbuster jump from ROH to TNA.

Overall, the match gets 2/4 stars as it was decent but just really not enough time to earn anything better. I look forward to seeing King/York throw down at Genesis.

The next match saw Jesse & Tara square off against Robbie T & Miss Tessmacher after much disappointment from Robbie E as Tessmacher told him that she would rather team with a real man instead of the joke that Robbie E is.

Jesse tried to get the early attack on Robbie and jumped him as he wasn’t looking but Robbie quickly recovered and demolished Jesse as he quickly made the tag to Tara. Tessmacher came in & knocked Tara to the ground then hit her with the Stink Face as Tara made the tag back out to Jesse. Robbie then continued to demolish Jesse & put him away with the powerbomb for the victory.

Post match Robbie T has another breakout moment full of fist-pumping & slapping asses with Miss Tessmacher, not a bad reward for the victory haha.  He ended up sweeping her off her feet, Dirty Dancing style, & took her breath away with his kiss as she fell out of his arms.  Robbie E had that flabbergasted look on his face as he was left in the ring by Brooke & Robbie T after their big moment.

brooke-adams-2Eh, not the best of matches, but I am excited to see Robbie T back in the ring. I just think they need to work with him to smooth out his in-ring performance as well as the kinks & ring-rust that he shows. He often comes across like a robot & nothing but a meathead. It is a nice change from seeing Robbie E week to week.

Tessmacher is always nice on the eyes. I give this match 1/4 stars as it never really got off the ground and was finished within 3 minutes. The post match antics were a little much for me but I understand they need to get Robbie across to the fans as it has been years since the British Invasion angle.

Up next, we have our Gut Check Challenge, but now there are some new guidelines with how it is going to be done from here on out.  Now, with each Gut Check Challenge will have 2 participants facing each other in a match which will then be judged & the winner of the competition will be announced the following week. For the 1st competition we have Jay Bradley taking on Brian Cage.

Throughout the evening, we were shown various videos from both men building into the match. Bradley played heel & took quick control in the early going. Cage was able to fight back & hit a suplex on Bradley back into the ring & hit him with a flying elbowdrop for a near 2 count. Bradley reversed the next whip & hit a diving lariat that he calls the broomstick for the 1-2-3. Another rushed match here that falls under the 4:00 minute mark. I mean it is hard to make a judgment just off of that little amount of time. I am glad to see Bradley win here as his story had me more intrigued coming from the Windy City during the same time as Punk, Cabana, etc.

I gave the match 1/4 stars as it just felt rushed & hurried just like pretty much the rest of the matches this evening. TNA is doing a horrible job with the go-home show for Genesis it is like they are taking 2 steps back yet again coming off last week’s show.

Bobby Roode along with Austin Aries were involved in some great backstage comedy trying to one up each other. I am glad to see that one of my predictions has actually come true whereas a few months back I predicted & hoped for a partnership between Aries & Roode that could take their careers to the next level.

These 2 are mirror images of one another and feed off each other so well along the same lines as Christopher Daniels & Kazarian just like they came together to be a phenomenal tag team.

Anyway, Roode & Aries were shown in a backstage segment bickering about each other’s shirts but Aries made a note that they were 2 awesome guys that needed to get on the same page tonight as a team & can handle their individual business after the match.

They walked off bickering about the t-shirts once again, great stuff here from both men.  Back down in the ring we had the entrances from all 4 men involved in this tag match including Aries & Roode as well as their opponents, James Storm & Jeff Hardy.  Roode & Hardy started the match but Hardy took quick control which led to Roode tagging out to Aries who also came up short against Hardy as he & Storm sent both men to the floor as Roode & Aries shoved one another as they had a stare down into the commercial break.  Aries was able to distract Hardy long enough for Roode to knock him off the ropes as we returned from the break.

austin-aries-tnaAries slapped the shit out of Roode to tag him in as the heels continue to work in & out to get the best of Hardy but never really seemed to be working together. They started to try to one-up each other for a while but Hardy eventually got his break as he hit a chinbuster on Roode to regain some momentum.  Storm got the hot tag & was able to take out both men as Storm covered Roode but it was broken up by Aries with an elbow but Storm was able to move out of the way as Aries nailed Roode.  Storm then hits the Last Cast Superkick on Aries as he fell to the floor. Daniels then ran out & distracted the ref as Kazarian dragged Storm out of the ring regained momentum & threw him into the stairs.

Back in the ring Hardy hit a Twist of Fate & went for another but Aries ran in and nailed Hardy with the title for the DQ. Post match, Storm fought Daniels into the back as Roode & Aries continued their assault on Hardy in the ring. They closed with both men holding the titles up but trying to pull them away from each other to show who the true champion is. Well, definitely the most enjoyable match of the night by far.

Aries & Roode have a great connection with one another that will hopefully keep both men at the top of the title picture or involved for the tag titles in the near future. All 4 men put on a great show in this match and I was entertained from start to finish as I really enjoyed the one-up show out of Roode & Aries.

I gave the match 3/4 stars on my scale and hopefully one of these guys will walk away with the strap at Genesis. Daniels & Kazarian were a nice twist to get Storm out of the picture as this looks like we have another feud brewing on the backburner until Styles comes back.

Mr. Anderson then makes his entrance normal self-entrance & all followed by Kurt Angle for the next matchup.

Anderson bailed to the floor as Angle grabbed a mic & asked him when he became a bitch? He told Anderson to get in the ring or he would come after him. Anderson continued to stall until Mike Knox sneak attacked Angle as his back was turned and took him out with the hammer.

Knox continued to assault Angle & hit him on the back of the neck until Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, & Garrett Bischoff ran out to make the save for Angle.

StingKnox joined the rest of the members of Aces & Eights as Angle was stretchered off. Sting then made his entrance & grabbed a microphone telling Devon to call off his troops, but he wants Knox now in the ring.

Aces & Eights seemed to like the idea as Knox headed back towards the ring as they cut to commercial.  In the early going, Hebner let Sting hit Knox with the bat in order to make him drop the hammer but prevented Sting from going further.

The fight went to the floor & Sting slammed Knox into the steps 3 times & brought him back into the ring to hit the Scorpion Death Drop for the quick victory as Aces & Eights come off looking horrible in yet another 1 on 1 matchup.  Post match, Sting continued to go after Knox until Devon called him to stop as Devon revealed that they have Brooke Hogan in their custody.  Devon told Brooke Shut Up Bitch as he promised bad things to happen to her if Sting laid another finger on Knox.

Bully Ray than ran from the back & took out 2 men from Aces & Eights as he made the save for Brooke as Hogan came out on the ramp rubbing his chin. A quick match here where Aces & Eights does not come out looking the way they should. I gave the match 1/4 stars on my scale as you do not really deserve much if this type of match is over in less than 4 minutes.

Creative really needs to put in some deeper thought regarding this whole Aces & Eights storyline or they just need to write it off in the way the Nexus was written off with Punk, these “new” wrestlers that TNA is trying to bring in are coming across as weak & jobber’s just as they were in the WWE.

Now, the final part of the write-up ties this match into the final segment as well as touching on an earlier segment with Joseph Park, Hogan, & eventually Brooke just as a heads up so you do not get confused when reading it.

Joseph Park was in the ring & called Hogan out begging him for a match after just completing his OVW training. Hogan finally agreed to let Park have a match if he would just leave him alone. Park hugged Hogan & left but Brooke Hogan popped up on the videotron & said that she has been trying to get in touch with her dad all week but has had no luck with him ducking her & he has never acted like this towards her in her life. She told him not to move as she was making her way out as her music hit & she comes down into the ring. She said that she has a question for him & depending on his answer it will determine the future of their relationship.  Hogan said that he had been asking a lot of questions & did not like the answers he was getting so she should go ahead.

brooke-hogan-bikiniShe asked if he was going to reinstate Mark (Bully Ray)? He said no and stormed off as the show cut to break. Picking up now later in the show Hogan was back in the ring after the main event & said that he guesses that he should be thanking Bully for saving his daughter right? Hogan said that he should be falling down to the ground to kiss Ray’s feet for making his life such a mess right? He told Bully that he was a fake and not the man for his daughter, Ray responded by saying that Hogan is so disillusional right now that he’s talking crazy to one of  his own best friends, Sting. Ray goes on to say that he loves pro wrestling & did not think that there was anything else he could love as much as he takes Brooke’s hand and says until I met your daughter.

He said the funny part of it was that she came into his life because she was apologizing for the way Hogan treated Bully. Ray said it was too fast & Hogan threw down his mic, with Bully responding by saying that he can throw his mic down too.   Ray again saying that it was too fast as he stressed on how he felt, which led to Ray getting on one knee & telling Brooke that he loved her & asked her to marry him.  Hogan looked on in shock as the crowd went nuts with Brooke answering with a yes and then kissing Bully. Hogan was furious as Ray said he wanted to do it next week on Impact, Brooke answered with a yes, which led to the furious Hogan leaving the ring & storming into the back as Ray & Brooke continued to kiss to close out the show.

Well, this has gotten completely crazy now as they seem to trying to mirror WWE again with Bull & Brooke along the lines of ZIggler/AJ in the WWE. I mean that segment was corny no doubt but it had to be done to further the story.

I just hope that this leads to a double-cross by Bully as he is really a part of Aces & Eights & this leads to Brooke turning heel on her father in the long run down the road as the saga between Hogan/Sting & Aces & Eights continues on in the next couple of months. They have to have some kind of big shakeup to have any hope of saving this storyline. This promo segment gets 2/4 stars from as I did not really enjoy it but it most definitely helped to set the stage for the upcoming months.

Overall, a pretty weak show especially for the go-home show for Genesis this Sunday. Again, too much focus on Bully & Brooke as that seemed to overshadow pretty much anything else going on in the company. I hope that they really consider a nice twist with either Hogan or with Bully/Brooke with the continuation of the Aces & Eights saga.

This show only earned 1/4 stars from me as besides the Roode/Aries match everything else was forgettable or should be forgotten. I hope that Genesis delivers this Sunday as TNA really needs to get back on the right path. Well, I will see you all again next weekend after next Thursday’s Impact. Below are my predictions for Genesis this Sunday…

Genesis 2013 Predictions:

1)     Velvet Sky wins the #1 contender’s gauntlet match to become the new #1 contender for the Knockout’s title

2)     Devon defeats Joseph Park to retain the Television Title

3)     Kenny King defeats Christian York for the X-Division title shot against RVD later in the show

4)     RVD defeats King to retain the X-Division Title

5)     Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan defeat Chavo Guererro & Hernandez for the Tag Team Titles

6)     James Storm defeats Christopher Daniels to earn a World Title Shot at a future Impact show

7)     Sting defeats DOC to get his revenge for the brutal assault

8)     Bobby Roode defeats Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries to become the new Heavyweight Champion

So there you have it, those are my predictions as well as some wishful thinking involved in some of the matches.