TNA Impact Wrestling Insight – November 22, 2012


TNA, you RUINED the Bobby Roode/James Storm angle and for what? Oh yeah, you guys should step aside so that we can put my daughter Brooke Hogan in the spotlight with Bully Ray. Hogan, if you see this, can you do us all a favor and GO THE FUCK HOME AND STAY THERE…PLEASE??

Hogan promised to change TNA a little while back with some things that we have never seen before. Yeah, we haven’t seen them before because they are that fucking bad! Now, I often wonder: who really was the centerpiece at the demise of WCW? Was it really Eric Bischoff or was it the washed up has been talent who had to have their way and was only thinking of themselves?

I have been one of the people sticking by your side for these past couple of months (and yes, years because I have loved TNA that much) and what I feel now is that I am just getting a straight direct kick to my balls! Get your shit together! Seriously, you are losing all that you had.

Okay, I am sorry to have to do that but I needed to get the heat off my chest I have kept a lot built up over these past couple of months and things are just getting worse and worse.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

This week’s show kicked off with usual video recap to fill viewers in on what is currently going down in TNA. Our broadcast team welcomes us to the show which included Taz, Tenay, & Todd Kennely. Jeremy Borash was already in the ring with Wes Brisco who was our Gut Check challenger. He definitely has the complete professional wrestler look to him. His opponent was introduced as Garret Bischoff, who came down to the ring with no reaction. Way to start off with a bang here, TNA. You really caught the viewers attention here.

In the beginning both men exchanged reversals to show their equality as Kurt Angle made his way to the ring to watch the match. Garret gained control and hit what seemed to look like a one arm flapjack as he started setting up for something. Brisco took advantage of this and hooked a roll up on Bischoff for the 1-2-3. Wow, that was worthless!

Post match, Angle jumps in the ring & gives Brisco a big hug. He also congratulated Bischoff as the 3 left together.

In the backstage area, Al Snow was seen talking to the 4 prior Gut Check winners and said that they could call out anyone they wanted. He wished them all luck and ended it by saying no guts, no glory as we cut to commercial.

Eh, I’m sorry but Brisco & Bischoff were not really given anything to work with. The match was over before it could even get started and that is pretty much all I have to say on that. My rating: 1/4 for the opening bout.

As we return from the commercial break, Angle was shown with Wes Brisco, who was so ecstatic that he looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. Wow, this just looks terrible.

Joey Ryan then made his ring entrance and cut a quick promo saying that he didn’t need Gut Check to be a star because he was “born a star.” He then takes a shot at Hogan by saying that he wants to try and control himself and Morgan by dividing them but you cannot divide the tag team champions and that is what he and Morgan are going to become as he called out Chavo Guererro. As soon as Chavo hit the ring Ryan immediately went on the attack.  Ryan worked his offense, but Chavo fired right back with a flying head scissor and climbed the ropes for the Five Star Frogsplash.

However, Morgan ran in and grabbed Chavo by the throat as he hit a vicious chokeslam on Chavo. Morgan grabbed the microphone and promised Hogan that he will pick apart his roster one by one.  Chavo gets the DQ victory as Hernandez ran down to clear the ring for his partner after the assault by Morgan & Ryan.

Eh, again not really doing anything for me here. I’m going to rate this match 1/4 on my scale for the second match of the night. Still not sure how I feel about Joey Ryan; he kind of seems to be taking off in his own way, but I feel like he is left on the back burner. He had a forgettable feud with Al Snow which was supposed to put him over, but I think it brought him down taking on Snow (who sucked 16 years ago in WWE & WCW it is beyond me how this guy has such a deep connection in professional wrestling, he was the “terrible” replacement in the New Rockers, did we all forget that?).

As for Matt Morgan, he continues to come across as the King of Junior Varsity; this guy never had a chance since he ruined himself with that first run in WWE a few years back.

However, I guess I might as well get used to it. This looks like it is going to be our tag team title feud for the next couple of months, ughh.  In the backstage area, Austin Aries said he knew who he was calling out and that it would be a family affair…hmm very interesting.

Sam Shaw then made his way into the ring and said that since tonight is “Gut Check”, he is going to call out the 1st Gut Check winner, Alex Silva. Well folks, I am sorry I feel like I have been teleported back a few years and we are stuck back in WCW Thunder’s nightmare.

Silva attacked as soon as he hit the ring and threw Shaw around like he was nothing playing a heelish style of character to the crowd.  Silva tried to flip Shaw over, but he landed on his feet to begin his offensive attack nailing Silva with a spear.  Shaw then hit a combo backbreaker/neckbreaker to lay Silva out. He then climbs the ropes and hits a top rope leg drop for the 1-2-3. I am sure Hogan appreciated the aerial leg drop…fucking stupid.

This match never even should’ve have happened! What is this garbage?

Ohio Valley Wrestling has to be pretty sad if these are their headliners. I am still stuck on the same rating scale…we have ourselves another 1/4 stars! This has to be the WORST Impact I have seen in about 4-5 years, you should be ASHAMED!

Our next little backstage segment was my favorite part of the WHOLE show. We have Eric Young & ODB who head into the Hogan’s office with the “Turkey Suit” to make sure it is cool to have the annual match. EY is just great with his character. I know it is old and stale, but when a show is as shitty as this one is, you tend to appreciate the little things. Hats off to EY & ODB…you guys were great.

Hogan gave them his blessing and said that they could have the match.  As we return from the break we see the Robbie’s confront EY. Robbie E said that he wants to challenge EY in his Turkey Suit Match to get revenge for Robbie T from the previous year.  Jesse and Tara were passing by as well and EY challenged Jesse to join the match along with Robbie E for the biggest Turkey Suit Match ever.

I give EY a lot of credit here for the effort he puts into these ridiculous skits that creative gets him involved in.

A video package was then shown recapping Aces & Eights actions over the past several weeks. After the video, we are taken into the Aces & Eights locker room where they are sitting around a table with a nice looking turkey. My money is on Devon as the chef and adding some Soul to that turkey!

Devon then noted that he had strippers for dessert (stay forever classy TNA) and he then congratulated D.O.C. for proving his loyalty and for his membership into the group. The VP then got up and threw a dart at the board and they all laughed as Devon said, “tonight was going to be a good Thanksgiving.”

A video package was shown on Christian York…hyping him up as pretty much the biggest winner who has come out of the Gut Check Challenge thus far.  He then makes his ring entrance and calls out Jeff Hardy, a person who he respects as his opponent for this week.

In the early going, both men exchanged some sharp looking kicks to one another, however York nailed a mean looking dropkick that took Hardy out, as he sold the move sharply to make York look like a beast as we go to break.

Back from the commercials, Hardy looks to hit the Whisper in the Wind but comes up short as York gets a near fall.  Hardy fights back and drops York in the corner with a mule kick. York was able to recover enough that Hardy missed his low dropkick as York moved out of the way. York then hit a cannonball in the corner and locked on a submission hold with his legs on Hardy’s arms.  Hardy is able to make it to the ropes and had another “hope spot” where he went for the Twist of Fate but York was able to escape to hit his own Twist of Fate to which the crowd showed 0% enthusiasm! From a live perspective, this is just about as bad live as it is on TV.

Hardy then reversed a swinging neckbreaker and climbs to the top where York met him.  Hardy then nailed a sick looking sunset flip into a powerbomb that rocked York’s world. Hardy then hits his Twist of Fate followed with a Swanton for the victory.

Post match Hardy and York hugged as Hardy goes on to celebrate on the turnbuckle. As this was happening Bobby Roode ran out and hit a Spinebuster on York.  He waits for Hardy to climb off the turnbuckle and spears him leaving both men lying in the ring!

Roode then grabs the title belt as he poses over Hardy and promises to get his title back. Wow, well that only took about an hour to get something worth watching. Hats off to Christian York here…he looked great in there with a world-class champion in Hardy. These two meshed together wonderfully as the mutual respect was shown with how well the match went over and how smooth these two feed off each other.

There is unlimited potential for York here…even though he may be over the hill for the developmental route. Bobby Roode came across in the manner that was needed to build heat on him and to get the audience to care about their match at the PPV.

I am very happy to see the “IT” factor back in the title picture and this is positive encouragement for my mind that we are still going to get Roode vs. Storm for the title in the very near future…call it wishful thinking, but that is what I am sticking to.

I rated this match 3/4, as this was the best thing that we have seen on the show so far. Too bad it only took nearly half the show to get to realize this.  Glad to see that TNA gave the York the chance that he needed and with enough time to establish his moveset to the crowd instead of 3 minute matches live Alex Silva & Sam Shaw.

A Taeler Hendrix video was shown and Brooke Hogan was shown in the backstage area wishing her luck with whomever she challenges tonight.  I would just like to insert this statement from a fellow wrestling fan commenting on Miss Taeler Hendrix, “I am not normally the lecherous guy when it comes to the women wrestling, but I have it bad for Hendrix. I will try and control myself, but you have been warned.”

Sorry, I just had to put that in there because this girl has really gotten a lot of positive vibe and feedback from various wrestling fans from all over. I am glad to see a Knockout with this much promise and potential which we have not really seen in quite some even going back a few years now.

Hendrix makes her ring entrance and says she wants to see how she measures up to the gold standard, as she calls out Knockout’s Champion, Tara.  Hendrix tries to slap hands before the match to show respect, but Tara just slaps it away. Tara followed her normal gameplan nailing powermove after powermove as she blew smooches to Jesse. Hendrix finally recovered and hit a dropkick that sent Tara flying into her boo.

Jesse then complains on the apron and distracts Hendrix as Tara makes a charge at her but Taeler moved and hit a roundhouse for a near 2 count.  Tara came back with her own WMD and hit the Widow’s Peak to score the victory.

Not a bad match really here considering the circumstances with what have gotten out of the terrible storyline between Jesse and Tara. I felt that Hendrix has promise. She did not look great here from a wrestling standpoint, but I think with some proper training and little more experience she has a bright future ahead of her! I score this match 2/4 on my scale.

EY is shown backstage making his way to the ringside area with his turkey suit.

Back from the break and ring introductions begin for the Turkey Suit 3-way match.  In the early goings of the match Robbie & Jesse formed an alliance to gang up on Young, however this was short-lived as Jesse broke up one of Robbie’s pin attempts as they began to start fighting one another. Then, ODB & Tara ended up in the ring fighting as they rolled over the ref who fell to the floor to admonish them.

Robbie T grabbed EY so that Robbie E could punch him, but EY moved and Robbie E nailed Robbie T with a spear. Young then tossed Robbie E from the ring and reversed Jesse’s attempt at his finisher and rolled him up with the win.

Typical finish here, as EY has to go over here and gets a nice cheap finish to add to his record. This match was just plain awful! Creative seems lost in the cards as what to do with these 3 characters. I rated this match 1.5/4 as I added an additional .5 for my liking of Eric Young.

Post-match, Jesse put on the turkey suit and sold the pissed off look as he and Tara left.  Aces & Eights then ran in to attack EY and they dragged ODB and handcuffed her to the rope to where she could not be any help to Young. They nailed EY twice with the hammer as he sold what seemed to be like a serious injury. Well, there goes any hope of having EY on the show in the near future, back to filming his show it looks like. The agents finally ran out to EY’s aid but the damage had already been done by Aces & Eights.

Kazarian & Christopher Daniels made their entrance and entered the ring where Kaz called A.J. Styles for a match. Wow, I have never seen this match before! Another genius move made by creative. Styles answered and started off with flash of fury nailing a flying head scissor and dropkick.

Kazarian fired back though with a front suplex on the rope followed by a kick to the floor. Styles nailed Kaz getting back into the ring and went for superman punch, but Kaz was able to pull Hebner in the way. Hebner and Kaz argued and Kaz goes for a clothesline, but Styles ducked it and hit the Pele Kick for the 1-2-3.

These 2 do put on a great show when paired together in the ring it just feels like being stuck in the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray having to see A.J. Styles take on Kazarian/Christopher Daniels for what seems to repeatedly occurring year in and year out.

Good match though! I give it 2.5/4 stars on my scale as they do keep everyone entertained throughout their matches.

Austin Aries was then shown backstage promising to open Pandora’s box! Ha…nice touch Aries, a Wizard on the mic.

Austin Aries then makes his entrance and says that he has been saying that he has not been getting a fair shake in months. He said the playing field has not been level and the cards have been stacked against him. He said there was one name that was at the root of his problems & holding him down, that name was “Hogan.” He said since it was Open Fight Night he wanted “Hogan” to get his bleach blonde, fake tan, ugly ass out here. He said he should be more specific he wants to call out, Brooke Hogan.

He said that he wasn’t going to fight her because she was a girl but she was a Hogan and daddy’s little girl.  He said he was tired of the name “Hogan” and that for the past 25 years, everywhere he has went, everything he has seen on TV and everything he has heard the fans chant it was always, “Hogan.”

He said that he bets that Brooke was tired of being a Hogan as well, and that she cannot wait to give up the Hogan name when she marries. He said he would have thought maybe Brooke Trump or Brooke McMahon however he never thought in a million years that she would be “Mrs. Bully Ray.”

Brooke had the confused look on her face and Aries then showed a video from 2 weeks ago where he was shown walking past Brooke & Ray arguing and then from last week when Tara & Jesse walked in on them.

Aries then added that she didn’t have to settle for the turkey, he would have given her all the stuffing she needed (tip my hat to Aries, perfect timing on that delivery).

Hogan’s music hits and he walks out, as well as Bully Ray hits the ring as Aries clears the ring apologizing. Hogan said that Aries was dead, and then looked at Brooke as Bully Ray was apologizing to her. It looks like she said “It’s not what you think” to her dad as she ran for the back as Hogan stared down Ray to finish the show.

Well, that was definitely an interesting twist to where the direction they are headed with Bully Ray. I mean, all in all this is a STUPID storyline as it just seems that creative is just trying to “mirror” whatever WWE is doing right now, and that will only keep you with the run of the pack, not separate you to greatness.

I give a lot of credit to Aries here, who comes across so nicely on the microphone and also, to Bully Ray for stepping into this storyline. I am curious to see where this heads next though, and just exactly how all the pieces involved are going to play out.

This episode of Impact was pretty awful, the whole 1st hour was a snoozefest and while the 2nd hour did show signs of promise. Overall, this show headed right to the shitter.

I rated this show 1.5/4 stars overall on my scale, and I am not even going to try and make up for lost time with any write-up from last week’s Impact. TNA is not headed in the right direction and looks like a company that is destined for DESTRUCTION!

These past couple of weeks take my mind back down memory lane with WCW Thunder and we all know how that ended up.

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