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TNA Impact Wrestling Insight – January 17, 2013 “Taz Joins Aces and Eights!”


TNA Impact Wrestling Insight 1/17


“Taz Joins Aces and Eights!”

Here we are back for another Thursday evening of Impact Wrestling fresh off last Sunday night’s Genesis PPV where Jeff Hardy retained the TNA World Championship against Austin Aries & Bobby Roode.

Anyway, this week’s show kicked off with our normal recap of what is taking place currently in TNA as well as being welcomed in by our broadcast team of Taz, Tenay & Kenely. The first segment of the show saw Jeff Hardy come to the ring to cut a promo for his victory at Genesis. Hardy put over Aries & Roode, but said he was still champion and was looking for a fight.

The new #1 contender Christopher Daniels & Kazarian both joined Hardy in the ring saying that they would bring the fight to him in seven days & take the title.  Daniels called him Jefferson (Daniels is amazing on the microphone yet again) & said that he beat James Storm without needing any creatures as Hardy put over the crowd for his victory at Genesis.

He then called the fans losers just like Styles, Storm, & Hardy. Hardy was then attacked from behind as he told them that they did not have to wait and they could do it now. This led to Storm hitting the ring to even up the score & challenged Daniels & Kaz to a match right now as they bolted from the ring.

They said no, but Storm said it wasn’t a request as he hit the floor & rolled Kaz in the ring to start the match. We cut to a quick commercial break, but not before Hardy & Storm were able to work some quick offense. The faces still were in control, but Daniels & Kazarian rebounded as Daniels backed Storm into the corner and Kaz choked him out.

Daniels worked in some chinlocks & a neckbreaker to try to weaken Storm. Storm was able to get the hot tag to Hardy as Daniels ran to tag in Kazarian. Hardy hit Kaz with a low drop kick to knock him to the floor followed up with a diving clothesline on the floor. Hardy hit Whisper in the Wind on Kazarian, but Daniels was able to make the save before the 3 count.

Storm then knocked Daniels on the floor & dove on him, but sold a hurt knee as Kazarian got a near fall on him with an inside cradle. Hardy then hit a Twist of Fate out of nowhere for the victory.

Post match, Daniels hits Angels Wings on Hardy on one of his title belts & then posed with the original TNA World Title Belt over his shoulder as they cut backstage.

Not a bad match here featuring the new #1 contenders as well as the top babyfaces in the company. I gave the match 2/4 stars on my scale I felt it was a decent opener and helped to build towards the #1 contenders match next week between Hardy & Daniels.

Jay-BradleyUp next in the ring were the Gut Check judges who were joined by the 2 contestants last week, Jay Bradley & Brian Cage. Prichard stepped up on the mic to put over both men, but eliminated Brian Cage so now the judging begins on Bradley, as Taz was our 1st judge with the microphone.

Taz said that the answer wasn’t unanimous so he wasn’t going to waste any time and fired out a quick “no.”

Bradley then grabbed the mic to cut a quick promo saying that he bumped so many roads that he probably owed some child support, but it led him here…whatever the hell that is supposed to mean?

He also threw in there that last week he was trending worldwide on Twitter. Al Snow was up next as he gave Bradley a quick yes followed by Prichard who agreed with Snow, so Jay Bradley has earned himself a TNA contract.

Not a bad segment here as Bradley most definitely has the look and I am interested to see how this new twist works for Gut Check, though I think I would have the three judges first vote on what superstar they favor and then the 3 judges make their final vote if that superstar deserves a contract even though this was not major, it was a nice shakeup to the lifeless Gut Check Challenge.

Back down at ringside, we have the entrances of Christian York as well as Kenny King as they showed a video recap from their match at Genesis. York slammed King all around ringside as the match began then rolled him into the ring. King tried to make a quick escape, but York grabbed his leg and pulled him back.

King then hits a Pele Kick, but York fires right back & lifted King up for his finisher. King raked York’s eyes & rolled up York with a handful of his tights for the win. Not really much to comment on here as King is simply being used for cheap finishes and not the talent that he was known for in Ring of Honor.

They need to think of something better for these two. It is fine to have them feuding, but King is clearly just as good, if not better than Christian York, why must we have the cheap finishes?

Overall, this match earns 2/4 stars as I was very interested in the story, but not to have a cheap roll-up, three-minute victory for either guy. Hopefully this will change for the better in the next coming weeks.

velvetThe 3rd matchup of the evening was for the #1 contender’s spot for the Knockout’s Title between Gail Kim & Velvet Sky. Prior to the match backstage, Kim had a run-in with Taryn Terrell questioning her call from Genesis when counted the 3 for Velvet, yet Kim’s foot was clearly under the rope.

Terrell said that she promised to call tonight down the middle & Kim said that she had better.

In the early going, Kim took early control going for a straitjacket neckbreaker, but Velvet fell down. Kim recovered nicely then hit a kick followed by the move. Wow, Velvet is awful. Kim followed with a cool twisting head scissor hold & hit Eat Defeat as she covers Velvet.

Velvet broke up the count by placing her leg under the bottom rope that led to Kim bullying Terell about the call. Velvet made her comeback as Kim took her eye off Velvet and was nailed by Velvet’s finisher followed by the 1-2-3.

So, Velvet looking as sloppy as ever is officially our new #1 contender for the Knockouts Title. I know the division needs someone fresh. The challengers in the past few months have come across as used & stale.

I would still like to see a faction come together between Sky & Tessmacher that leads to a turn by either one as a heel that sides with Kim and/or Madison Rayne. They need to take it back to the level of the Beautiful People when the division was at its best. They need to come up with a storyline along those lines rather than Jesse & Tara.

The match gets 2/4 stars for the hard work put in from Gail Kim. Velvet still comes across as a deer lost in the headlights & can still not seem to get it together in the ring, so she has been a wrestler for over 6+ years and yet she still makes the same mistakes that she did years ago.

I think bringing her back was a hopeless cause unless they can shadow her behind another wrestler like they did with her & Angelina Love who clearly carried the team for years in the ring.

Now, for the final piece I am going to write about & basically what 85% of this week show has pertained to was the wedding of Bully Ray & Brooke Hogan. The madness started early. During the show’s beginning, we were shown both parties change rooms where Bully was joined by Spike Dudley & Dreamer whereas Brooke was joined by her bridesmaids, Mickie James, Christy Hemme, & Miss Tessmacher (who blows the rest of these women out of the water.)

Yes, Tess looks amazing tonight.

Tessmacher asked Brooke if her father was going to be there which caused a few jaws to drop & the room to go speechless.

Anyway, there was a lot of campy, corny buildup to the wedding throughout the evening that included Joseph Park making his way in to give Bully a box of Cuban cigars asking about a prenup that led to Bully tossing him out.

Also, Bully stopped Sting backstage to beg for him to speak to Hogan to ask him to be at the wedding so Brook could be happy. Sting responded by saying that what Ray meant to him he would talk to Hogan, even though Hogan has been digging at his heels.

On a brighter note, another backstage segment had Austin Aries & Bobby Roode preparing to be a part of the festivities with Aries saying that he is wearing all black because he had issues with what was about to transpire.

Hulk-ImpactHogan was then shown arriving backstage being questioned about the wedding. Sting made his way to the ring to call out Hogan upon Bully’s request. Hogan told Sting to cut the crap as Sting said that Bully had saved Hogan, Brooke & Sting numerous times. Hogan said that it wasn’t just him…people all over have been telling him not to trust Bully & Hogan said that he never liked the look in Bully’s eye & that he would never trust him.

Sting said the truth was that he needed to do it for his daughter as the crowd chanted, “do it” to egg Hogan on. Hogan said that he was telling Sting & everyone in the building that he always does the right thing & stormed off leaving Sting in the ring.

A video package was shown headlining Bully’s bachelor party in New York City with several strippers. I guess it looked like a good time? This trashy package was followed by another campy promo with Dixie Carter & Brooke crying in congratulatory tears with Dixie telling Brooke that her dad loves her.

Creative has just put together a horrible episode of Impact with this as its showcase, just plain awful.

In the final Sting & Hogan showdown backstage, Hogan told Sting that it wasn’t about Ray, he told him that he tried to keep all the bad in the business away from her. Sting told him that he was wrong about Bully & that he needed to walk Brooke down the aisle because he was jaded by the business.

Hogan responded by saying that he was going to pack his bag & he always did what was right for the business & for his family. Bully Ray then makes his way down to the ring to some soft music. Dreamer & Tessmacher (she still deserves a huge WOW for her appearance) followed by Mickie James & Spike, with the final couple being Taz & Christy Hemme as they joined the others in the ring.

The wedding march started as Brooke made her way to the ring stopping and looking back a few times with hope to see her father. The crowd went nuts as Brooke looked to her right & there was her father in a tux. The crowd chanted for him as the two hugged & made their way to the ring.

The crowd chanted for Bully & Hogan to shake hands, but they did not. The minister then went into a full-fledged marriage sermon asking them to say their vows. Brooke went first & said he made her feel safe as well as knowing how to make her laugh (corny) & closed by saying that she loved him.

Bully said that he started to write his vows down, but realized that she deserved to hear it from his heart. He said that she makes him happy & that he friggin’ loves her. The minister then asks the objection question where no one responded.

He then asked Brooke if she took Ray to be her as she responded with a yes. Bully then did the same as the minster started to declare them husband & wife, but Taz stepped in.

Taz asked Ray if he really wanted to do this with Ray responding that he was crazy. Taz asked a 2nd question if it was hot in here as he took off his jacket & the crowd went nuts. He turned around to unveil that the vest he was wearing was an Aces & Eights vest as they attacked from everywhere & drug Brooke from the ring.

Taz-AcesDoc & Knox held her on the outside as the rest of the group beat on the wedding party. They held Ray so that Devon could hit him with a planter that laid him out.  The gang then left as the show cut off with Brooke screaming & running around the ring attending to her father & Bully.

Well, that was a cool twist that I never saw coming. Taz is a great addition to this group because they all lack a strong voice on the stick to put the group over. Taz seemed to be getting bored of his commentary role so I hope this can put some spark back into his character.

I am a little disappointed. I was hoping for the return of Big Poppa Pump as one of the leaders, but Taz is not a bad choice either. The only thing that hurts him is that he cannot fight any more matches. Taz was a complete badass back in the mid to late 90’s where I watched him tear up ECW.

This episode was really shitty to me as I have never been a fan of any type of wedding in professional wrestling history.

Anyway, there were very few matches on tonight & I hope we can get back to the normal broadcast next week. I didn’t even bother to mention the promo with Roode & Aries dealing with Latin America because it was stupid & came across as just plain filler.

This show gets 1/4 stars from me on my scale. Step your game up TNA. The only good thing that I got from this show was the Taz being unveiled.

Other than that, this show can be forgotten about & washed down the drain.

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