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TNA Slammiversary 2012 Review


TNA Slammiversary 2012 Review
by Matt Graichen

Ah yes, welcome to my Slammiversary recap as I just want to give a quick run through and a few comments then build into a preview for this Thursday’s Impact. You have to give credit where credit is due…feel and look for Slammiversary came off with the big ppv feel that TNA has thrived for over the past couple years. At least that is a good start in their hands for the look and feel of how a big ppv should be in comparison to their juggernaut counterpart, WWE. The live audience also played very well into giving off the feel of something special as they were felt all throughout the night in the different matchups.

The first match I would like to discuss is the Knockouts Title match that saw Miss Tessmacher go over victoriously against Gail Kim…and then being crowned the Queen of the Knockouts. I understand the need for the change here as Kim’s act has grown stale and tired so I can understand creative’s reasoning behind putting the strap on Tessmacher, as she is the new babyface of the division, and Kim has to come up with something to retaliate against Tessmacher to make this feud continue. I am very curious to see what all this leads to with the new additions of Brooke Hogan as well as how Tessmacher’s character develops over the next couple of months as I think we are in for a special treat from the Knockouts over the summer and it all starts this Thursday at Impact.

The next match I would like to speak upon is one of the top matches on the card which saw Bully Ray taking on Joseph Park. I feel that Bully Ray gave us a sold heel performance and Joe Park gave us a nice showing to the other side of Abyss, as Joe Park did a great job of selling and establishing Ray as the true “dickhead” heel character that he comes off as, at least from what I hear is pretty realistic to his true personality. Even upon the conclusion of this match, we were still left with a few question marks as within the final segment saw Joseph Park go under the ring and switch off/morph into the Abyss character and roll out from under the ring. I assume we are just going to have to go another week further into this week’s Impact to wait for the conclusion and the full-time return of Abyss to our television screens, but for now at least enjoy the performances of Bully Ray and Park as Joseph Park.

Samoa Joe versus Austin Aries lived up to just about everything people had anticipated for heading into the match. Both performers surpassed the expectations of their critics and further illustrated why they are who they are in this business. Great move sets, selling for each other’s moves, and true hard work was shown throughout and one can only hope that these two will see each other down the road again, but it looks as if Aries Main Event picture is coming sooner rather than later.

The tag match was also a special treat as all 4 competitors did a great job of performing together in what many considered as the match of the night. Angle and Styles shocked the world here walking away with the titles but I think that in the long run this is going to help further the development of A.J. Styles, Kurt Angle with their involvement in the Dixie Carter, Christopher Daniels, & Kazarian angle. I have a feeling that there is going to be a twist that no one expects or sees coming as we grow deeper and deeper into the details throughout this summer. Congratulations to all four men for giving us a great affair and matchup at this year’s Slammiversary.

There is still one more surprise to bring into our discussion as we finally got the return of the “Cowboy” James Storm as he looked great in the walloping defeat of the undefeated yet talentless, Crimson.  Crimson has the audacity to call out ANYONE from the back and just like his short lived career, and undefeated streak he watched it all get washed down the drain with a Last Call Superkick from the Tennessee Cowboy. Tune into Impact Thursday to see what Storm has planned for us upon his great return.

The main event was the worst match of the evening unfortunately, as we saw Bobby Roode come out victorious over the returning superhero, Sting. Back to the drawing board as  Roode earns a cheap finish victory and then proceeds to get the hell beaten out of him yet again by Sting. Creative needs to stop diminishing Roode as in the past 2 or 3 weeks they did a great job of finally establishing him as a true heel Champion. I have a feeling Roode with keep the title for now but with Storms return we will have our new babyface champion wearing the strap by the end of the summer.

Overall, I feel this show did a great job for TNA as it finally came off as a top shelf player as I stated previously. Impact should be quite an interesting show this upcoming week as I am excited to see what develops further in certain angles and what new creative storylines are developed. I hope you have enjoyed this recap as I k now it is longer than what I normally put out, but I am trying all different formats to see what comes out the best, until next time, take care, God Bless, and Flex To Impress….

Sincerely Yours,
Touch of Gray

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