Top 15 Finishers in the WWE


Top 15 Current Finishers of the WWE

I ended last year with a countdown, so I figured I would start this year with one. I figured lets hit something that everyone seems to have an opinion on. Simply put these are my top 15 ways the wrestlers of the WWE Universe like to finish their foes.

By the way, this list only includes current full time guys on the roster. No legends or guys that only show for the big shows. That rules out guys like Undertaker, Triple H, Rock and Brock Lesnar. As always, this is just my opinion, but since I have a column it makes it better than yours.

Also, feel free to post any comments or opinions on the site or on our Facebook and send feel free to email opinions and future requests for topics at drewmcindoe@gmail.com.

15.) Trouble in Paradise (360 spinning front kick) – Kofi Kingston.

The Boom Squad Captain has one hell of a kick. It’s flashy, it can take just about anyone down, and Goddamn it’s cool to watch! The best one yet that I have seen at least happened on WWE main event when then IC Champ Kofi caught The Miz as he bounced off the ropes after a reversal.

Seriously, this looked brutal and gave Miz a concussion. It is this low on the list simply because of the timing involved the rotations makes it tricky and a lot of guys and usually dodge the first one.

DrewMcIntyreWinsIntercontinentalChampionship14.) Future Shock DDT (Snap double arm DDT) – Drew McIntyre

“Lead Air Guitarist” has probably the most underrated finisher in the WWE. Personally, I am not a fan of the double arm DDT. In concept, the move makes sense, but in delivery, most guys just do not deliver it well. McIntyre, on the hand, literally does it with a snap.

He kicks his back leg out then whips it forward snapping is upper body to the ground and whipping the opposition’s unprotected head to the mat. Only issue is, these days he seems to be taken out before getting a chance to hit it.

13.) Cross Rhodes (Corkscrew Reverse DDT) – Cody Rhodes

This moves starts out like any other reverse DDT with Cody leaning his opponent backwards and grabbing his foe into a dragon sleeper. Instead of just dropping down, Cody rocks one way then twists his body doing a 180 driving his back into the mat. This in turn causes the poor soul to corkscrew into face planting into the mat.

12.) Skull Crushing Finale (Full Nelson Reverse Russian Leg Sweep) – The Miz

WWE’s must see master of the stick has a very devastating finisher that has taken out just about everyone. He first locks a full nelson then delivers a forward leg sweep driving the opponent’s skull into the mat. It’s lights out if it hits. The only down flaw is it has to be locked from behind. However, with the Miz’s resume of titles, that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

11.) The Cobra (Nerve strike) – Santino Marella.

It’s a strike to the neck with a Cobra hand puppet. Yeah I know, but keep in mind Mr. Socko won Mick Foley 3 WWE Championships and The Cobra has had almost the same success. Since employing The Cobra, Santino has won the United States Championship, which he kept for several months, and won several Tag Team Championships.

You’d also be lying to yourself if you didn’t get excited when that green sock puppet comes out. Also, I’m not going to lie…I’ve been stuck on line at the store many time and have wanted to strike someone after yelling “Cobra!!” I’m pretty sure I’d get away with it.

kanevsorton10.) Chokeslam – Kane

The track record alone sells this one. This devastating slam has literally devastated everyone in the WWE since 1998. The Big Show, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, and The Miz are just a few who have fallen to the Chokeslam!

There just isn’t a person that is immune to it. This is the perfect move for a monster. The scariest part is the simplicity. Guzzle neck, lift and slam.

9.) Arm Breaker – Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has the most precise move set in the entire WWE. Over half his arsenal is to weaken an opponent’s arm and shoulder area. This only makes his signature submission scarier.

For anyone who has ever trained MMA, Judo or wrestling, you are already aware the danger of the hold. For those who aren’t, just try this experiment. Take the point of your elbow and lay it across your knee. Then, take your free hand and slowly start adding pressure, pushing on your wrist. See how much you can take.

That is exactly what Alberto is doing, except he is doing it with all the weight of his upper body and strength.

8.) Broski Boot (Seated Running Corner Face Wash) – Zack Ryder

Sit victim down in the corner, run as fast as you can and kick in the face. Simply devastating and I dare anyone to say they don’t fist pump in delight any time they see this move. It is a knock out shot and a half.

If The Long Island Iced Z put more stock into this moves versus his Rough Ryder, he might find himself being a dual champ…Woo Woo Woo…you know it.

sscmpunk7.) Go to Sleep – CM Punk

Put opponent on shoulders toss off and on the way down, deliver your knee to their face. 414 days and counting! This fact alone helps show the devastating nature of this move. Combine that with the fact that he has done this to everyone from Rey Mysterio to the Big Show.

The simple fireman’s carry set up is so simple to apply to where it can come out of nowhere.  This is just one of many reasons why Punk is arguably “Best in the World.”

6.) Neutralizer (Face Plant) – Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro’s strength is just scary. Don’t believe me? Go to YouTube and look Mr. Cesaro up from his time in Chikara as Claudio Castagnoli. He used to throw the soldier ants into the air with hang time that would make NFL punters jealous.

Now, look at the fact that this move involves putting your opponent into a stalled piledriver position then driving his mass and his opponent’s mass forward…pancaking into the canvas.

Now, add the fact that he has done this move to every opponent including Brodus Clay and the Great Khali.  Wes Craven couldn’t write scarier stuff.

5.) Zig-Zag (Jumping Reverse Face Plant) – Dolph Ziggler

This move is perfect for Ziggler. He can hit it on everybody. It allows him to use his athletic abilities to get his opponents off balance using their own size to drive the back of their heads to the mat.

The best part of all is it can be hit out of nowhere. He is perfecting even more as time goes on. The move is starting to be put aside recently because Dolph is starting to use the super kick.

First off, Alberto does it better! Secondly, Dolph’s super kick just isn’t that great and this move is fine. It makes him different and is devastating it enough.

Big-Show-KO4.) KO Punch – Big Show

Look up Kofi’s last match on Raw versus Big show or any Big show versus Sheamus match and you’ll find out why this right hand is so damn devastating. Hell, the first match of the feud was built around the Brouge Kick vs. the KO punch. Speaking of which….

3.) Brouge Kick (Pump kick) – Sheamus

This is yet another reason why Dolph should stay away from his pseudo super kick. This thing is so damn deadly that any other kick just pails in comparison. Sheamus is 6’7 250lbs of pure muscle and pissed off Ginger Irish allowed to deliver his rage legally. Oh did I mention that it could be delivered from just about anywhere? Any more doubts, just ask 3MB how one feels.

2.) RKO (Jumping Ace Crusher) – Randy Orton

Ok I stand by it…The Diamond Cutter is so much better, but this is current roster and this move is just plain effective. Randy Orton coils, jumps, grabs his victim’s head and drives it down to the mat with his body. He has caught people in this move in just about any position imaginable.

The most devastating delivery of this was from his match with Evan Bourne. Evan went to deliver his Air Bourne shooting star press & in mid-air, Orton caught Evan and drove him into the ring. It was simply incredible.

Daniel-Bryan-No-Lock1.) No Lock (Modified Cross face) – Daniel Bryan

WWE’s current flying goat is also WWE’s deadliest grappler. It is only fitting that he uses one of the most devastating submission finishers of all time.

Now, he could have just done it the same as Benoit and been done with it but no….no ….no…(smacks self in back of head.) He added hooking his victim’s arm in a devastating vise between his legs. It hurts…trust me.

And as the other top contenders on this list, it can be locked on anyone on the roster and Daniel Bryan has the ability to use it. To those who say No…I say Yes…Yes…Yes…Yes…YES…YES…YES!!!!

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