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Top 20 Wrestlers of All Time: 2nd PWP List



If you’re new to www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com you may not be aware that we’re searching for lists from all over the world of YOUR TOP 20 WRESTLER’S OF ALL TIME. In order to create the most accurate fan driven list as possible, we need YOUR help.

Please submit your list to: prowrestlingpowerhouse@gmail.com and you WILL be included.

As soon as we have a suitable amount of submissions [looking for at least 50] we will unveil the DEFINITIVE TOP 20 WRESTLER’S OF ALL TIME as voted by the real wrestling fans…not a WWE.com intern or worse.

The great thing about this is: EACH LIST IS DIFFERENT.

And we continue our search for the Definitive Top 20 Wrestler’s of All Time by looking at a list created by wrestling talk show host and overall multimedia personality Mr. Main Event Brian Waters. Brian Waters is the host of The Wrestling Wrealm that can be found on BlogTalkRadio and YouTube.

Here is who Brian thinks are The Top 20 Wrestler’s of All Time. Please feel free to comment using the DISQUS COMMENT SYSTEM at the bottom of this page or join us at www.Facebook.com/ProWrestlingPowerhouse for further discussion:

1. Hulk Hogan
2. Shawn Michaels
3. The Rock
4. Stone Cold
5. Undertaker
6. Chris Jericho
7. Randy Savage
8. Bret Hart
9. Ric Flair
10. John Cena
11. Harley Race
12. The Great Muta
13. Andre the Giant
14. Triple H
15. Bobo Brazil
16. Sting
17. Mr Perfect
18. Owen hart
19. Mick Foley
20. Ron Simmons

Thanks to Brian Waters for his continued contributions to www.ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com When we all become millionaires someday, I won’t forget all the help.

Once again, please SUBMIT YOUR LIST to prowrestlingpowerhouse@gmail.com and you will be included.

Jason Alletto
Owner of Pro Wrestling Powerhouse

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