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Top 20 Wrestlers of All Time: 7th PWP List – Submit Your List Today!


Continuing our quest to find the TOP 20 WRESTLERS OF ALL TIME!

If you’re new to you may not be aware that we’re searching for lists from all over the world of YOUR TOP 20 WRESTLER’S OF ALL TIME. In order to create the most accurate fan driven list as possible, we need YOUR help.

Please submit your list to: and you WILL be included.

As soon as we have a suitable amount of submissions [looking for at least 50] we will unveil the DEFINITIVE TOP 20 WRESTLER’S OF ALL TIME as voted by the real wrestling fans…not a intern or worse.

We haven’t updated with a new list in a while, but we have reached a suitable number and will start calculating the list soon! GET YOUR LIST IN AS SOON AS YOU CAN!! We have 3 more lists to publish before release the Definitive Top 20 Wrestler’s of All Time according to the fans and readers of

This list comes to you from #TeamPWP member Bill Shannon! Bill has a very unique take on the wrestling business and has wrote many  thought invoking articles here on Read his latest list on the Top 10 Superstars from the Attitude Era HERE

Without further ado, here is Bill’s list. Please comment below using the Disqus comment system or follow Bill on Twitter @RealCrazyBill

1. Kurt Angle
2. Ric Flair
3. Bruno Sammartino
4. Shawn Michaels
5. Chris Jericho
6. Bret Hart
7. Eddie Guerrero
8. CM Punk
9. Stone Cold Steve Austin
10. Sting
11. Macho Man Randy Savage
12. Ricky Steamboat
13. Ted Dibiase
14. Undertaker
15. Chris Benoit
16. D-Bry
17. Bob Backlund
18. Gorgeous George (Not the chick from WCW with ‘Macho Man’)
19. JBL
20. The Rock

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