WWE: Will Paul Heyman Be The Reason To Turn CM Punk Face?



Paul Heyman and CM Punk have been the IWC’s dream come true from 2012 and into 2013. Heyman has added a great dynamic to Punk’s heel character. They have played off each other amazingly with their promos and little things like facial expressions. Heyman has been the prefect heat magnet for Punk.

Since the summer of 2011, Punk has claimed to be the Best in the World, and no matter face or heel, his in ring work for most of the 400+ day run of his reign has backed it up. Punk’s character during the run has been speaking the truth no matter how harsh or uneasy it was to hear. His heel turn was based on being over looked as WWE Champion and not being respected. That right there is where I believe the eventual downfall of heel Punk with Heyman.

Both Brad Maddox and The Shield have only been asked if they were connected to CM Punk, to which the answer both times has been no. However, neither one has been asked if they were connected to Paul Heyman.

I also expect Brock Lesnar returning to cost The Rock the match at the Royal Rumble. Now, what if this would piss off Punk instead of making him happy? What if Punk, despite being a heel, still wants to believe that he is the Best in the World?

If he drops the title or not, and if Punk’s rumored WM match with Undertaker happens, this could lead to the turn. He could blame Heyman for getting involved in his matches and devaluing the wins he had. He can want to face Undertaker to prove it to himself and that could be the tipping point.

If Punk would lose to Undertaker, then post match Heyman can blame and yell at Punk which would lead to Punk laying out Heyman.

Heyman with Lesnar, Maddox, and The Shield feuding with a “loner” Punk as well as “face” WWE stars that still don’t trust Punk could make for very interesting TV.

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