WWE: Is CM Punk Really Best In The World?



For 400+ days, CM Punk has been OUR WWE Heavyweight Champion. He has beaten many contenders over the past 14 months. He won the title back from Alberto Del Rio, had stellar show stealing matches with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho, more matches with John Cena and recently “beating” Ryback.

He’s had and won non-title matches with Dolph Ziggler, the [then] World Champion Sheamus, and even good matches with the much bigger superstars known as Kane and Big Show. CM Punk has claimed he’s the Best in the World and is proving it on a weekly basis.

But is he? Is the 400+ day title reign proof he is the best in the world? No. And I’ll tell you why on multiple levels that you won’t be able to deny. And if you deny it I’ll just politely point you back to B/R so you can hang out with those ass wipes. Ready? OK!

CM Punk started his reign at Survivor Series 2011. But let’s start before that. CM Punk beat John Cena at MITB 2011. The reign ended at Summerslam 2011 when Del Rio cashed in his 2011 MITB and won. But why?

Because they didn’t want Punk to represent the WWE in such fashion while being in the Punk/Nash/Triple H angle they had going on.  However, shortly after it ended, the title made it back to Punk.

CM Punk then began an epic reign, but was it because he is that damn good?  Or because they had no one else to give it to because everyone was busy?

CM-Punk-HeymanCM Punk entered into a feud with Chris Jericho beginning the year of 2012. The storyline started good. It took a nose dive with the ‘Alcoholic’ angle and CM Punk was just subpar at it.

While the matches were great, I give a LOT of credit to the experience of Jericho. CM Punk didn’t main event a single PPV with Jericho. That privilege still went to John Cena.

Then he moved on to Daniel Bryan, the poster boy for the IWC. The matches were anticipated to be amazing, and they were. Though it was rather shitty that the entire angle revolved around AJ Lee. It wasn’t about the title, it was about AJ.

Again, CM Punk wasn’t good enough all around to main event. No, the main event slot instead went to John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit, Big Show at No Way Out, and the WWE MITB at Money in the Bank. All matches featured John Cena.  But we can’t blame Cena, can we?  Even Ryback went on after Punk in a lot of PPVs.

By MITB, Punk and Daniel Bryan didn’t even matter anymore. They went on 4thvof the SEVEN (7) matches and even before not only a Ryback squash match, but the Diva’s Title match…shame.

Punk vs. Bryan focused only on the triangle with AJ Lee.  Again, AJ is more important that the title and the champion as she was the special referee and clearly the focal point. Punk can’t overcome that.

By SummerSlam, Punk was in the midst of a “Respect Me” heel turn. It was great. There was nothing better for the world of wrestling than the WWE Champion coming out every night at talking about deserving respect…over and over and over and over in a repetitive notion that, hell, was putting me to sleep!

CM Punk then entered into a match/feud whatever…with Cena and Big Show. Wow, impressive. However, CM Punk did what he does best…play 2<sup>nd</sup> fiddle.  Lesnar vs Triple H main evented SummerSlam of 2012.

Let’s not get caught up in more details, but Night Of Champions saw Punk finally Main Event the PPV…with John Cena.

Then he got to main event Hell In A Cell with Ryback. Why? Ryback was over big time, more than D-Bry, and well, because Cena was hurt and not wrestling. (P.S. Punk didn’t even win cleanly.)

Survivor Series 2012 came around and Punk got to be Main Event again!

Only because he fought Ryback AND Cena. And again, another tainted Punk victory. Twice he couldn’t take care of Ryback for the title yet he still has the title?

CM-Punk-WWE-SmackdownDamn, if that were Cena, everyone reading this would be cleaning up their brains from the floor because your fucking head would explode!

Now here we are, 400+ days since he won the title in 2011 and it’s obvious that Punk’s reign started because they wanted to use Cena to feud with The Rock and then Big Johnny/People Power and they really had no one else to rely on giving the title to. They could have dropped it the past few months, but why bother?

They already hinted at Punk vs. The Rock for the title and now that’s what everyone wants.  They want to see if Punk can even hold the jock strap of The Great One.

I know one thing is for sure: The Rock will be good on the microphone and Punk will just bullshit about Rocky caring more about Hollywood and/or ‘Dwayne’ not respecting him.

All in all, CM Punk was in the right place at the right time.  He’s over with the IWC fans but, I’m pretty sure the casual fan, who isn’t a pompous dickhead, couldn’t care less about him half of the time.

Should CM Punk lose to The Rock?  No.  The Rock shouldn’t be WWE Champion.

Should CM Punk give the title to someone who can do better with it? You better believe he should!

And for the love of everything living: Can you stop buying his merchandise?  It’s total shit!

The Yellow GTS shirt is ugly, Digging Crazy Chicks was a stupid flash in the pan and that fucking retarded, lop sided Star of David is the most ridiculous thing. The Cobra is a better symbol for a superstar!

If you disagree, feel free to comment below on the Disqus feature!  I’d love to hear someone try to poke a hole in this logic, this article, THESE FACTS!

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