WWE: Is Daniel Bryan “The Next Big Thing?”



Daniel Bryan is one of the most adored and ‘over’ wrestlers in the world right now. He has gone from NXT Rookie to the guy behind you in the unemployment line to MITB winner, World Heavyweight Champion, WrestleMania laughing stock and now SUPER OVER tag team champion with a slight anger issue.

He’s been in couples anger therapy, he’s been a groom left at the ‘altar’, he’s a goat faced vegan, and technical wrestler extraordinaire!

However, Daniel Bryan just is not marketable. Well, ok, maybe he’s somewhat marketable, but he’s not up there with guys like Cena, Sheamus and the man beast, Ryback.

You think I’m crazy? Yeah, you do. You think I’m crazy. Fine, let me spell it all out for you guys. Welcome to Ryback vs Daniel Bryan here at PWPowerhouse….

Daniel Bryan has the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ chants. That’s it. Fans will chant and yell ‘Yes’ because of Bryan’s reaction. They think it’s funny when he gets worked up and gets into ‘Yes’/’No’ shouting matches with fans. Ryback has ‘Feed Me More’ that the fans also chant, but they chant it to get behind Ryback. They support Ryback. They know he’s about to tear into the guy unmercifully and then Shellshock them. The fans eat it up and LOVE chanting and cheering the guy to success.

Ryback is so big and marketable that he got his first shot at a major title in just over four months. Daniel Bryan was never given a shot. Over 30 months (2 ½ years) after his televised WWE debut, he took the title without a real match from Big Show by cashing in MITB. Really? Yeah, good job Danielson. Way to be honorable.

kane-bryanIt’s clear to everyone, well not to the IWC, that the WWE is trying to keep you happy while also marketing to the younger generation. Get them young, get them for life. Daniel Bryan is over with the IWC and the young fans just like chanting YES! Good for them! But Ryback is over even more with the young and old.

Each week, the only Daniel Bryan shirts and signs I see are on the backs of guys who sit in their mother’s basement and write about wrestling matches as though they are the masterminds that know all and see all! But Ryback shirts are on the guys, the girls, the kids, the parents. There aren’t as many of them as Cena’s but there are many, many more than Bryan’s

Daniel Bryan was getting over, but then started to flounder a little. Then in steps Kane and the anger management. Daniel Bryan would be curtain jerking on Superstars if it wasn’t for getting put with Kane and forming Team Hell No. His chemistry with Kane is great, I will say that. However, without Kane and the ‘odd couple’ style, Bryan wouldn’t be relevant right now, at all. Ryback needs no man to help get ‘over’ with the fans.

Daniel Bryan will waste a lot of time with his stupid “I’m the tag team champions” saying and something ridiculous that will lead to either the YES chants or the NO chants. Ryback on the other hand, he doesn’t waste our time on the mic. Ryback will show up, kick ass, then leave. He needed no time on the mic at all to get ‘Feed Me More’ to the fans to chant for him.

Ryback is a beast. Ryback can go out there and just maul anybody he wants. He’s a legitimate threat to anyone and everyone. I mean, even CM Punk can’t beat him cleanly. Daniel Bryan is small and meager. The fans won’t believe that he can end the streak of The Undertaker, lift Big Show on his shoulders, take the title from any champion holding it at any given time. Daniel Bryan could never hold a candle to Ryback’s wind.

I like Daniel Bryan, I really do. I love how he and Kane helped revitalize the tag division. However, in this instance, while he is over, he will never be as good as Ryback as far as being the future, being marketable, being legit and being a world champion.

I’m sure most of you will give me a tongue lashing and to that I say: “FEED ME MORE!” You can do so by depositing your thoughts in the trash recept… I mean, the Disqus feature. Deposit your thoughts below in the disqus feature….

Crazy F’n Bill

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