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WWE: Is It Time To Turn Zack Ryder Heel?


It’s Time To Turn Zack Ryder Heel… AND IT COULD WORK!
By John “JCD” Dimiceli

In 2011, Zack Ryder was a mid-card jobber struggling for TV time when he took to YouTube and created “Z! True Long Island Story.”

From the first episode, it was a hit. I remember telling all my friends that they needed to see it. It was trailblazing, and was slowly starting to get Ryder noticed with the fans.

In the summer of 2011, his popularity started to be noticed by the WWE and his TV time started to increase. He started working with Dolph Ziggler on ZTLS and it slowly evolved into a feud on TV for Dolph’s United States Championship.

In November of 2011, at Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden, Ryder was snubbed for John Morrison in a match vs. Ziggler. Between Morrison getting booed out of the building, and the never-ending chants of “We Want Ryder” it was clear whom the people wanted in the match.

At TLC 2011, Ryder had the moment of his career when he finally defeated Ziggler for the United States Championship.

The night after on Raw, he came out with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and it appeared a new day had dawned in the WWE.


As we moved into 2012, Ryder did what many, including myself, considered career suicide. He changed his look without telling WWE and all the merchandise they had ready for him was going to be for waste.

From this point on, he was made to look like a fool by Eve, the abuse victim in the John Cena/Kane feud and dropped the United States Championship to Jack Swagger in an impromptu match on Raw.

His fall from grace was just as fast as his rise from nothing.

In the end of 2012, Ryder started to take shots at the company both on his show and Twitter. Apparently, one episode had to be edited because WWE didn’t like the way it came out.

On Jan 11th 2013, Ryder posted the 100th episode of his show, which happened to be his last.

Now Ryder is in a tag team with Brodus Clay, and apparently they are being well received by WWE. This is the time that Ryder should turn HEEL.

His feeling of neglect and disrespect by the company would give him enough fuel to base his turn on. He can state all the facts of the last two years and even blame the fans for turning their backs on him and supporting guys like John Cena and The Rock.

He can become an anti-establishment figure and he has both the microphone work and in-ring work to be a success.

If built up over time, an anti-company, anti-WWE Universe, anti “superstar” Ryder could be one of the more over heels in the company.

Hopefully this time, the WWE won’t drop the ball with him.

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