WWE Raw Review and Results – August 13, 2012 – Final Raw Before Summerslam

Raw kicks off in a truly awesome way this week with WWE Champion CM Punk in a match against the Big Show. I can’t remember the last time Raw started with a big match like this. Punk doesn’t get much offense in this match, as the Big Show delivers much punishment. Punk tries to fight back, but a spear puts both men down. Daniel Bryan comes down to the ringside are, ranting about how he should have title match at Summerslam. Punk gets the Big Show on the ropes, but Bryan attacks Punk and cause the DQ. Bryan has Punk in the No Lock until John Cena comes down to break it up. AJ comes out to make a tag match for later tonight between all four men. A predictable outcome to all the chaos, but at least they opened the show good and set up the main event for later tonight.
Opening Match/Segment: 3.5/5

Backstage, JTG is complaining to Caitlyn about how Raw is three hours now and he still can’t get a match. AJ overhears this and says if he wants a match so bad to go the ring now. AJ asks Caitlyn if she thinks she’s unstable. Caitlyn says she can think of a few names to call her.
Segment Rating: 2.5/5

JTG heads to the ring, but unfortunately for him, his opponent is Ryback. Ryback gets the crowd chanting for this one, as he absolutely wrecks JTG in this match. I guess JTG shouldn’t run his mouth on Twitter anymore.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Backstage, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Shawn Michaels meet up and chat for a few moments in a rare moment…until HBK gets a phone call from what seems to be Triple H, and he tells him he needs to be there.
Segment Rating: 3/5

Heath Slater takes on R-Truth next. Slater doesn’t last long against Truth, and after the match the Prime Time Players head to the ring and deliver a beat down to one half of the WWE Tag Champs.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Sin Cara takes on Tensai in the next match. Sin Cara is able to out maneuver the big man, and with the help of Sakamoto accidentally getting knocked off the ring apron, he actually beats Tensai. After the match, Tensai beats the crap out of Sakamoto.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Rowdy Roddy Piper is here for a special edition of Pipers Pit! The WWE Universe choose Chris Jericho to be guest. Piper talks about how he knows how Jericho feels regarding not being able to win the big one anymore, and Vickie Guerrero cuts them off. She brings out Dolph Ziggler, who tells Jericho at Summerslam he’s finished. Jericho gets fired up and cuts a good promo on Ziggler. The Miz comes out at this time, and he says he’s taking over the show and that Piper and Jericho should get out of his ring. Jericho beats both the Miz and Ziggler out of the ring and stands tall in the ring with Piper. An okay Pipers Pit, but seemed a bit sloppy to be honest.
Segment Rating: 3/5

After the last segment, AJ has made an impromptu triple threat match between Y2J, the Miz, and Dolph Ziggler. The beginning of this match sees Jericho get double teamed by the Miz and Ziggler. Some bickering between the two however allows Y2J to break up their alliance and gain some momentum over the two. This match completely goes insane at this point, with all three superstars getting near falls and nailing crazy finishing moves one after another. A very exciting match, and maybe one of the best on Raw in awhile, with Ziggler able to pick up the win.
Match Rating: 4/5

Eve approaches CM Punk backstage and says she’s glad to see the new Punk. The WWE Champion says he’s still the same person he’s been the whole time, despite what people may think. Eve says no one believes that, especially Cena. Punk says he’s going to go talk to him now. Interesting…
Segment Rating: 3/5

John Cena scares the crap out of HBK accidentally backstage, who is a bit on edge. He leaves, and when Cena turns around, CM Punk is behind him. Punk says he’s not “that guy” referring to him being someone who complains about matches and things like that. Punk says the only thing that matters is that he keeps his belt at Summerslam.
Segment Rating: 2.5/5

WWE Divas champ Layla and Caitlyn tag against Eve and Beth Phoenix. This match was pretty sloppy, but I give credit to Layla for trying to make this match watchable. Layla  and Caitlyn pick up the win.
Match Rating: 1.5/5

The Big Show and Daniel Bryan tag against WWE champion CM Punk and John Cena. Some funny interactions between Punk and Cena and Bryan and Big Show in the beginning of this match. This match plays out pretty standard, albeit pretty good, with Punk playing the role of the face? in peril for a good part of the match. Both teams do a good job showing how well they aren’t working together, and the end of the match sees the Big Show and Punk leaves their tag partners to finish the match on their own. Cena beats Bryan with an Attitude Adjustment, and after the match Cena refuses to shake Punk’s hand. Backstage after the match, Punk tells Josh Matthews that Cena is only out for himself.
Match Rating: 3.5/5

Damien Sandow takes on Christian next. This is a fairly short match, with Brodus Clay coming down to try to cause a distraction, but unfortunately for Christian, it doesn’t help him and Sandow is able to pick up the win. Feel kind of bad for Christian these days, but they are really making Sandow out to be a vicious competitor.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Brock Lesnar accompanied by Paul Heyman head to the ring. Heyman quickly grabs the mic and goes off. Heyman calls out HBK, who heads to the ring. HHH shows up immediately after Michaels. Lesnar and Triple H stare each other down, and Brock signs the contract for their match and throws it at the Game. Brock leaves the ring and he and HHH stare each other down. We get a glimpse of HHH and HBK chatting backstage after a commercial break, and Shawn tells the Game that he’s in his corner this Sunday, but Brock is on another level. Josh Matthews bumps into the Big Show for a split second, but runs off when we hear two cars slam on their breaks in the background. Paul Heyman has cut off HBK, and Brock comes out of nowhere and grabs him out his car. The camera gets knocked out as we cut to yet another commercial break. HHH stumbles upon the scene of the incident, and he wants to know what happened. We cut to Brock carrying HBK to the ring. Brock puts him in a Kimura and HHH finally makes his way to the ring. Heyman says if HHH comes closer Brock will break Shawn’s arm. Triple H approaches and Brock does it! HHH checks on Shawn as Brock and Heyman flee the ring and head up the entrance ramp. HHH and Brock stare each other down as raw goes off the air. This was a somewhat different way to end Raw, yet annoying with all the commercial breaks interrupting it. Very pumped for their match however…
Segment Rating: 4/5

40.5 out of 70 points for Raw this week, for a C grade. A shame the midcard was so lacking this week where the main events were actually very good. The triple threat with Jericho, the Miz, and Ziggler was really good, and the Brock and HHH stuff got me really pumped for their match. I’m very much looking forward to Summerslam.

Nick Ohrn