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WWE Raw Review and Results – August 20, 2012


Raw kicks off with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman making their way to the ring. Heyman  grabs the mic and begins to rant on last nights match with Triple H. Heyman reminds us how Triple H tore his quad one time and finished the match, but last night he had to tap out to Lesnar. Heyman says that no one should feel sorry for what happened to HHH because he was the one who asked the referee to bend and break the rules, and that HHH wanted the fight that he got. Heyman calls referee Scott Armstrong to the ring, because Brock Lesnar would like to talk to him. Armstrong reluctantly comes to the ring, and though nervous, Brock simply tells him “good job”. Heyman says that Lesnar is the new “King of Kings” and that the WWE Universe are now all loyal servants of the master of the “Brocktogon”. This was a very good open for the show, mainly because Heyman cut one of the best heel promos of the entire feud…
Opening Segment Rating: 4/5

The WWE Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth head down to the ring. They are tagging with Sin Cara to take on Cody Rhodes and the Prime Time Players in a six man tag match. Kofi and Darren Young start things off with a very quick pace. Back from a commercial break, R-Truth is in a bad way, with Cody, Young, and O’Neil keeping their tags frequent. Sin Cara gets the tag and goes wild with offense, and while the tag champs take out the Prime Time Players, Sin Cara is able to pin Cody who once again focusing more on unmasking Cara then pinning him. A decent tag team match here, with some pretty good action.
Match Rating: 3/5

AJ is backstage being interviewed by Matt Striker. David Otunga approaches and offers his services to the new Raw general manager, but uses a poor choice of words in the process, prompting AJ to tell him he will be in a match tonight. Striker asks about WWE Champion CM Punk choosing his next opponent, and AJ says she’s fine with whomever he chooses, pending her approval, and then she skips away.
Segment Rating: 2.5/5

Ryback is set to take on two jobbers once again. Ryback beats these guys up, as he tends to do, but Jinder Mahal shows up and attacks him from behind. A DQ ends the match, and Mahal puts Ryback in the Camel Clutch. Ryback manages to get out of it and drop Mahal hard, who flees the ring. Ryback picks up where he left off with the jobbers and performs his finisher to once again show his insane strength.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler comes up to Chris Jericho and demands a rematch, saying he can beat him. Jericho and Ziggler argue until AJ interrupts them. She says she’s going to give them what they want, but is going to raise the stakes, stating that if Jericho loses, his contract is void, and if Ziggler loses, his money in the bank title shot goes to Jericho. AJ leaves as Ziggler chases after.

Segment Rating: 3/5

Alberto Del Rio heads to the ring and explains how he was robbed of the World Heavyweight title last night at Summerslam, as Sheamus cheated twice in their match. AJ comes out and says she has no authority over the World Heavyweight title, but seeing how Del Rio is dressed to compete, he can have a match right now, against Randy Orton. Before the match can get underway, Sheamus heads down to join the announce table. Orton takes it to Del Rio, then the reverse, in a fairly basic match, with the focus to be more on Sheamus’ commentary than the match. Orton nailed a nasty DDT off the middle rope on Del Rio. Sheamus decides to get involved when he puts Orton’s foot on the rope, causing Del Rio to lose his opportunity to win the match. Orton follows up this distraction with an RKO to Del Rio to win the match. An okay match, but it felt a bit dragged out and more focused on Sheamus than the in ring action.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Brodus Clay dances his way to the ring in his usual entertaining fashion, and he is set to take on the man who attacked him viciously a few weeks back, Damien Sandow. The Funkasauras beats on Sandow hard, tossing him around the ring. Sandow mounts nearly no offense in this match, but somehow is able to roll up Clay for the victory! Sandow celebrates with a cartwheel, but a very angry Brodus makes Sandow pay after the match.
Match Rating: 3/5

Shawn Michaels is live via satellite. HBK tells us that he knows what HHH is going through. He knows the feeling of when it hits you in the face that your career is over. Shawn tells us he should have told HHH when he had the chance that he felt that he couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar. He says it was too hard to tell his friend to his face that he feels it was over for him. HBK gives us an emotional sendoff for HHH and really makes you feel for the Game as he says goodbye.
Segment Rating: 3.5/5

David Otunga makes his way to the ring, and his opponent is predictably the Big Show. The Big Show makes short work of Otunga, as he beats down and pins the returning Superstar.
Match Rating: 2/5

Kane and Zack Ryder take on the Intercontinental champion the Miz and Daniel Bryan. An extra amount of tension is added in this match as both teams are forced to tag with someone they have feuded with. These Superstars are tagging each other hard, and for once Zack Ryder shows me some impressive offense. This doesn’t last as he becomes isolated quickly when the Miz and Bryan keep tagging in and out. Kane eventually makes the tag, and both the Miz and Daniel Bryan flee the ring and abandon this match. Kane goes on a rampage and begins to attack his tag partner Zack Ryder. Kane leaves Ryder down in the ring after a Tombstone Piledriver.
Match Rating: 3/5

WWE Champion CM Punk is backstage to announce who he has chosen to be his next opponent. Punk says he has chosen someone who people say he cannot beat, John Cena. Punk says it will be on one condition, but he will explain that later when he calls Cena out to the ring later.
Segment Rating: 3/5

A Divas battle royal for the number one contender for the Divas Title is next. After many quick eliminations, Kaitlyn is able to get Eve out of the ring to become the next challenger to Layla’s Divas Title.
Match Rating: 2/5

Vickie Guerrero is freaking out backstage about Ziggler’s match later tonight. Vickie says he has to win because she must represent a World champion, and Ziggler responds that he will win so he can go to best World Heavyweight Champion ever. Vickie was especially annoying tonight.
Segment Rating: 2/5

Dolph Ziggler takes on Chris Jericho next. Huge ramifications for the outcome of this match, if Ziggler loses, his MITB contract goes to Jericho, if Jericho loses his WWE contract is done. Ziggler is looking great in this match. Jericho fights back, but Ziggler catches him and is able nail the Zig Zag on Jericho for the win! Chris Jericho’s contract is now terminated, as Dolph Ziggler celebrates his win, Y2J sits in the ring disappointed. Jericho grabs the briefcase and attacks Dolph…then delivers a Codebreaker before he leaves the ring and the WWE once again. A decent match, but we all knew what the outcome of this match was going to be.
Match Rating: 3.5/5

WWE Champion CM Punk heads to the ring. Before CM Punk addresses his title situation, Punk spots Jerry Lawler at the announce table and heads over to him. Punk asks the King to apologize for a comment he made a few weeks back saying that Punk had turned his back on the fans, but before they can work out the issue, John Cena makes his way to the ring. Before Cena says anything, Punk goes off on him. Punk goes on a rant about respect, but many of his issues are not too off from the truth it would seem, although Punk clearly comes off as bitter towards Cena. Punk tells Cena that the title shot at Night of Champions is his, provided he admits in front of the WWE Universe that he is the best in the world. It’s Cena’s turn to talk. Cena uses the crowd to prove his point, but refuses to call Punk the best because he believes in his heart he is the best. Cena cuts his standard good guy promo, and he makes his argument very believable, but ultimately leaves the ring when he feels that Punk won’t give him the shot. Punk goes back to Jerry Lawler, and calls him into the ring. Punk makes Lawler apologize, but when he tells him to say that he’s the best in the world, the King refuses. Punk kicks him in the back of the head, and it would seem the heel turn is complete for Punk as Raw goes off the air. Quite a lengthy end to the show, but we now have a full on heel Punk and Cena will be his next opponent, which I’m sure will be made official soon.
Main Event Rating: 3.5/5

So Raw will get 43 out of 75 which will be a C grade. This was a looooonnnggg show tonight, a lot of dragging on it felt like for this show, but it wasn’t all terrible. If this were a 2 hour show as opposed to 3 it would have been a lot better.

WWE Raw Review
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