WWE: Is The End Near for Rey Mysterio?



Rey Mysterio Jr just turned 38 this past December of 2012. The Undertaker will be 48 in March 2013, before WrestleMania 29. These two legends of wrestling have a near 10 year age difference but, did you know their respective professional debuts are separated by less than 5 years!?

Mysterio debuted in 1989 at the age of 15. Incredible, but given his lineage and being in Mexico, it should surprise no one. He was only 22 when he had his first televised WCW match and it was against Dean Malenko for the WCW Cruiserweight Title. Undertaker debuted in WCW before he went to WWE in 1991. By now, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the hell I’m getting at.

Rey Mysterio seems to be looked at by the fans as a younger, more agile, high flyer that has years left in his career. In reality, his body probably feels just like Undertakers. They are separated by less than 5 years of wrestling and 10 years in age. However, Mysterio was so much harder on his body. Not to take from ‘Taker, but those high flying, high risk, insane lucha moves will add up real quick and take you down earlier than you would plan.

Undertaker’s body is so badly beaten that he only wrestles one match a year anymore and it’s expected, it’s accepted. I think we are fine with that. Isn’t it time to accept that Rey Rey isn’t what he was back in WCW or his earlier WWE days? His injuries are adding up.

Between injuries, surgeries and wellness violations, I think it’s time to ride off into the sunset! Rey seems to be missing more time than he is there. He comes back and they just push him like it’s 2004 and he’s going after the World Title!

Sadly, Mysterio will never be the draw that Undertaker is. No one will accept Rey working one match a year at WrestleMania. I think it’s time to wind down and enjoy retirement with the family. He’s put in a lot of great years and has had countless amazing matches in Mexico, WCW and WWE.

If he retires, will WWE give him a ‘legends’ deal like HBK and Edge? Do you think they should? I just can’t see Rey Mysterio being the draw that an Edge or HBK appearance could be, unless they go to Mexico.

While I despise the 619, I will always be a Mysterio fan and I hope he sees his time might be coming to an end before his body is so bad he could only work once a year, or before he is so run down he can only hobble to the ring like a certain old timer in TNA…..

Rey Mysterio Jr, hang up the mask and leave your legacy for everyone who will remember how amazing your career was! We salute you, you Filthy Animal!

“Crazy” Bill
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