WWE: Why We May Not Want A Ryback Championship Run



Since day one, he has been compared to Goldberg. He has that chanted at him by crowds everywhere, and has had been compared with his streak, and rise up the card.

So, the question I ask all you Ryback fans who want him to be WWE or World Heavyweight Champion is this, do you want Ryback to follow Goldberg with his first title reign?

“But John, Goldberg defeated HHH for his first World Heavyweight Title, and HHH at the time is what CM Punk is today”. While that may be correct, I am speaking of Goldberg’s WCW title run. What am I babbling about you ask, well as usual let me explain the crazy in my head.

Goldberg’s WCW title win was a trigger reaction to the Stone Cold Steve Austin’s title win on Raw the night after the King of The Ring. Ryback’s near title win at Hell in a Cell would have been a trigger reaction to John Cena’s elbow injury.

As for Goldberg’s title run itself, it was indeed less than stellar in hindsight. He won the title on July 6th and headed in to Bash at the Beach 1998 and faced Curt Hennig in a match with no real build for the WCW title. Hogan/Rodman vs. DDP/Karl Malone was the hyped up Main Event of the show.

At Road Wild 98, he didn’t even defend the WCW title as he was in a WCW vs. Wolfpack vs. nWo Hollywood battle royal. This time Hogan/Bischoff vs. DDP/Jay Leno was the main event of the show.

At Fall Brawl 98, he wasn’t even on the card. Halloween Havoc 98, he actually defended the title in the main event vs. DDP in a match half the country missed because the PPV went past the three hour limit.

GoldbergDebutAt World War 3, he was once again not on the card.

At Starrcade 98, he was in the main event of the PPV where the streak and his title run ended.

Luckily for Ryback, his streak has ended. However, I feel him as an unstoppable champion may be hard to enjoy. There are very few superstars who could come off as believable challengers to him.

To me, he is better suited to chase the title with the slithering heel barely escaping. In a time where we get Super Cena rammed down our throats, I for one am not on board with Super Ryback with a belt being shoved down my throat either.

John “JCD” Dimiceli

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