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WWE Smackdown 4/27/12 Review: Last Stop Before Extreme Rules


WWE Smackdown 4/27/12 Review: Last Stop Before Extreme Rules
By Nick Ohrn

This week’s Smackdown is the last stop before Extreme Rules on PPV this Sunday. The show opens with a recap of what happened to Josh Matthews at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Raw explaining his absence from the show.

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring with a microphone, blames AJ for his loss at Mania again and tells us it doesn’t count. More recaps of Raw showing his fast count on Sheamus and the Labelle… I mean Yes! Lock that Bryan applied. Albertoooooooo Del Rioooo comes down to the ring and claims to be the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship regardless of who wins the 2 out of 3 falls match at the PPV. Big Show joins them and the segment ends with Ricardo Rodriguez getting a choke slam. Segment rating 3/5

Our first match is already underway returning from break, as Big Show and Alberto Del Rio are having a sort of rematch from Raw. Cody Rhodes comes down with a 2×4 to cause the DQ with Big Show getting the advantage on him. Rather quick sequence of events here. Match Rating 2/5

Backstage Johnny and Eve have a chat and our end result in Teddy Long has to get a name tag. Um ok? Backstage rating 2/5

Alicia Fox up against the new Divas Champ Nikki Bella is next. Wasn’t expecting much, but these two put on a pretty decent, albeit quick match. Twin magic strikes again and Brie Bella gets the pin for her sister. Match Rating 3/5

Yoshi Tatsu is backstage and joined by Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. They poke fun at him until big Ezekiel Jackson comes over and lays claim to being Yoshis’ tag partner later tonight. We move on to Teddy dressed in a maids outfit cleaning up Johnny’s office…poor Teddy.  Aksana, Johnny and Eve join him and we find out that Antonio Cesaro will have a tryout match tonight. We’re informed that Teddy will be commentating tonight, with Johnny in Teddy’s ear telling him what to say. Backstage rating 2.5/5

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young head to the ring to face Yoshi Tatsu and Ezekiel Jackson. Another fairly quick match with Young and O’Neil getting the win, they look pretty good as a team and their finishing move is pretty devastating. Match rating 3/5

Michael Cole has an interview with Randy Orton in the ring. A video package of his feud with Kane is shown. Orton lacks intensity on the microphone as he tries to sound like he gives a shit about this feud. For some reason Jinder Mahal comes to the ring, seemingly just to receive an RKO to get the crowd to cheer Orton. Segment rating 2.5/5

Aksana introduces Tyson Kidd followed by Antonio Cesaro making his in-ring debut. Cesaro manhandles Kidd, tossing him around and hitting some pretty nasty moves. But yet another quick squash match for tonight’s show, but Cesaro clearly has some skills, and is also rewarded for his win with a kiss from Aksana, unfortunately right in front of Teddy. Match rating 3/5

Cody Rhodes vs. The Great Kahli is the next match. Kahli gets a clean win over Rhodes which, I believe is done to show that Cody can’t beat a big man, nothing special match wise though, but I get the psychology of it. Match rating 3/5

Abraham Washington is with the tag champs again. This is pretty much the same backstage segment as Monday’s Raw.  Ryback walks by and Washington chases him down. Backstage rating 2/5

Some random jobber billed from Grand Rapids, Michigan (the site of Smackdown this week) is in the ring as Ryback comes down for what I’m guessing will be another squash for the show tonight and for Rybacks career thus far. And of course as I predicted, Ryback decimates the poor guy. Match rating 2/5

AJ is stopped by Matt Striker backstage for a few words but gets no responses for his questions. Kaitlyn comes over to rescue AJ from Strikers questions, calls Daniel Bryan a jerk and says she’s better, for which Kaitlyn receives a pretty nasty slap from AJ for. Backstage rating 4/5

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry in a rematch from Raw is the main event for tonight. I actually keep forgetting that Sheamus is the champ, probably because the belt doesn’t belong on him, at least not right now in my opinion. I’m really hoping to see Daniel Bryan get the belt back, but as long as they get a chance to put on the match I know they are capable of having, I’ll be happy regardless of the outcome. Some pretty basic back and forth stuff from Mark Henry and Sheamus here, they keep knocking each other down or out of the ring, neither guy getting an advantage for too long. Nice finish off the top rope from Sheamus as he rolls and hits the Brogue Kick on Henry for the win. Sheamus grabs the microphone after the match and tells Daniel Bryan, now at the entrance, that he’s going to kick his “arse” in their match Sunday as Smackdown goes off the air. Match rating 3.5/5

So Smackdown this week gets 35.5 out of 65 possible points. All the squash matches really hurt the show, although showcasing a lot of new talents.  We could have shaved a match off the show and given more time to another. Randy Orton’s segment was rather pointless. I give the show a C grade.

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