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WWE Smackdown Results and Review – August 10, 2012


This week we kick off Smackdown with the General Manager Booker T making his way to the ring and even treating us to a spin-a-roony! Booker addresses Monday nights Raw where Sheamus stole Alberto Del Rio’s car and asks him to come out and apologize. The World Heavyweight champ comes to the ring. Sheamus says he took Del Rio’s car because of comments that were made by Del Rio, but he does apologize to Booker, the WWE Universe, and Alberto Del Rio. At this point Del Rio makes his way down to the ring. Del Rio says he’s going to have Sheamus locked up for stealing his car, but Booker tells him they can’t have a title match at Summerslam if he is. Sheamus says they can have the match tonight, and Del Rio agrees to it. Interesting opener for the show, I wonder if they’ll actually have the match or if something’s gonna go down to change it.
Opening Segment Rating: 2.5/5

Tonight’s first match is Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes. Before the match, Rhodes cuts a promo about there being nothing special about Sin Cara. Cody is very aggressive in this match, and seems to be a step ahead of his high flying opponent. Sin Cara gains the advantage for a few moments, and shows off some impressive moves. Rhodes goes after his mask, but Sin Cara is able to counter this into a roll up and pins Cody! Exciting, quick match here…
Match Rating: 3.5/5

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring. Bryan is yelling “NO” to counter the crowd chanting “YES” and he goes on to complain about his match with Kane at Summerslam. Bryan rants about AJ, but Kane’s music hits and he heads to the ring, followed by the Raw General Manager AJ! She joins both men in the ring and she tries to cool things down. AJ tells Kane it’s good to see him and that he treated her nice when others didn’t. She tells Bryan to prove that he doesn’t have anger management issues he can shake Kane’s hand. Bryan refuses at first, but AJ insists and he extends his hand. Kane however opts to attack and beat down Bryan as AJ leaves the ring. Bryan is able to escape, and AJ laughs at the top of the entrance ramp as Kane smiles in the ring. The Daniel Bryan/ AJ/ Kane saga continues!
Segment Rating: 3/5

Booker T. and Teddy Long are chatting backstage when Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks approach. They babble some nonsense to Booker and he tells them they need to step it up. Odd segment…
Segment Rating: 2/5

Jinder Mahal quickly defeats to two no names in a two on one handicap match. Mahal applies an impressive double Camel Clutch. Ryback comes to the ring, but Mahal leaves. Ryback decides to deliver his finisher to the two jobbers as well. Short match, but I’m glad these two are getting a feud going.
Match/Post Match Rating: 3/5

Chris Jericho is in the ring for a long overdue highlight reel. His guest is supposed to be Dolph Ziggler, but instead Vickie Guerrero comes out. She says she will be speaking on his behalf. Jericho taunts Vickie and these two are pretty funny bickering. Jericho shows a clip from Raw, and this conversation gets serious at this point. Vickie tells him that Ziggler knows he will beat him at Summerslam, and that Jericho can’t win the ‘big one” anymore. Jericho says he has been off his game lately, but from now on, Y2J is back! Ziggler comes out of nowhere and attacks Jericho, who tries to fight back, but ends up taking a briefcase to the face hard. Ziggler and Vickie leave Jericho unconscious in the ring. Very much looking forward to their match….
Segment Rating: 3.5/5

The WWE Tag Champs Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are ringside for the next match. The Prime Time Players take on Primo and Epico for the number one contenders for the tag titles. This match just starts to get good when Primo gets in the ring, but AW throws water on the tag champs and they attack him causing the DQ and awarding the match and title shot to the Prime Time Players!
Match Rating: 2/5

Antonio Cesaro with Aksana goes up against Christian next. Cesaro manhandles Christian in this match, who is having a tough time in this match. These two put on a pretty good match, Cesaro nails a crazy uppercut but Christian kicks out of the pin. A spear seals the victory for Christian, but Cesaro attacks Captain Charisma after the match and leaves on the ground. A pretty good match here…
Match Rating: 3.5/5

Backstage, Eve asks Booker if any positions have opened up, to which Booker says no. Teddy comes up with Caitlyn and she asks for a job as his assistant and he says yes. Eve says that isn’t fair and Booker agrees to make a match between them next week where the winner gets the job.
Segment Rating: 2/5

Rey Mysterio takes on the Intercontinental Champion the Miz next. These two are working well together and the action is very quick and aggressive. The Miz is doing a great job countering Mysterio, but even a caught 619 isn’t enough to beat Rey as he turns it into a pin and wins the match. The Miz is shocked after the match. Another good match for tonight’s show, wish it was a tad bit longer though.
Match Rating: 3.5/5

Alberto Del Rio challenges Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title in the main event. Before the match can start, fake police officers come to the ring to attack Sheamus. He fights them off at first, but the numbers catch up to him and they hold him down for Del Rio. Del Rio finishes him off with a cross arm breaker as Sheamus is unable to recover from the beat down. Alberto stands over Sheamus as Smackdown goes off the air. Well…. I knew something was going to happen to prevent this match, wish it was something a bit more exciting though.
Main Event Rating: 2.5/5

31 out of 55 points for the show, and another C grade. I actually didn’t find this to be a bad show, but I find it funny that the shows dragged down whenever the Champion or his number one contenders are on the show. The matches were decent this week so at least that’s a plus.

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