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WWE Smackdown Review – August 3, 2012


WWE Smackdown Review – August 3, 2012
by Nick Ohrn

Welcome to another edition of the Smackdown Review. This week kicks off with the one and only Mr. McMahon making his way to the ring. Mr. McMahon is here to name the new general manager for Smackdown and it is none other than the 5 TIME WCW CHAMPION BOOKER T!!!!! Book looks great in his new role. Our new general manager begins to address the crowd until Alberto Del Rio cuts him off. Del Rio talks some crap about Sheamus and how after Summerslam he will be the new World Heavyweight champion. Sheamus eventually joins them as well. The two superstars bicker until Booker cuts them off and lays down the law, stating they will both compete tonight in matches. Del Rio says he refuses to compete in a match until Summerslam and Booker says he’s the boss now and he WILL compete tonight against Randy Orton. Booker tells Sheamus to stay where he is because his match is up next, against Tensai. I think Booker T is an awesome choice for the new general manager of Smackdown. Hopefully we get to see him a lot because he actually is an entertaining character.
Opening Segment Rating: 3.5/5

Our opening match is Sheamus against Tensai. Pretty slow match here, both vie for the advantage in the power struggle, with Sheamus coming out on top more often than Tensai. Some surprising agility from Sheamus, pulling himself to the top rope, than jumping off and rolling into some offense, albeit a bit sloppy. Some nasty bruises on Tensai shows these two aren’t pulling any punches for this match. Eventually Tensai puts the champ down to the mat, and lands some decent offense of his own. This is short lived as Sheamus sees an opportunity to knock Tensai off the top rope to the floor. Another back and forth struggle to build momentum brings this match to a close with a victorious Sheamus via a Brogue Kick. I actually thought this was a decent opening match for the show, and I feel that Sheamus works better with larger superstars.
Match Rating: 3.5/5

Backstage, Eve tries to snake her way into being Booker T’s assistant, but Booker deflects her advances and instead offers Teddy Long as job as his senior advisor. Another good move here to these two together as I can only imagine how funny these two will be together.
Segment Rating: 3.5/5

Antonio Cesaro accompanied by Aksana is set to take on United States Champion Santino Marella. Before the match, Cesaro says hello to the crowd in five languages. Cesaro tosses Marella around a bit, until Santino gets an opening and nails a Cobra strike on Cesaro. Bad positioning allows his leg to be under the bottom rope and the ref stops the count. Cesaro collects himself on the outside, then is able to pick up the win with that awkward looking finisher he uses. Glad to see Cesaro stacking up wins, but get this guy a better feud than Santino Marella please.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Matt Striker is backstage with Daniel Bryan as we get a video package of his recent run-ins with AJ and his Charlie Sheen “feud”. When asked if he has any comments, Bryan says ‘No” and that he doesn’t want to hear anyone say “Yes” anymore. Bryan freaks out a bit, screams a punch until the segment ends.
Segment Rating: 2/5

Huge six man tag match next, with Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and Intercontinental Champion the Miz vs. Kane, Chris Jericho, and Christian. Bryan takes some punishment from Christian and Kane as this match starts. The Miz goes toe to toe with Jericho, but some distraction from Ziggler allows the Miz to get a nice shot in. Ziggler tags in, but Jericho recovers, and Ziggler hightails it out of the ring to hide behind Vickie Guerrero. The Miz is in control of Christian when Smackdown returns from the break, and Bryan and Ziggler both tag in to keep Captain Charisma down. Christian finally gets the tag to Jericho, and Y2J quickly takes down Daniel Bryan and the Miz, but Ziggler is able to break up the pin attempt. Kane, the Miz, and Christian end up on the outside of the ring, while the legal men, Bryan and Jericho face off. Ziggler attempts to attack Y2J with his MITB briefcase, but receives a Codebreaker instead. Daniel Bryan uses this distraction to roll up and pin Jericho for the victory. Solid match here, although considering the participants I could have used a bit more action in the ring.
Match Rating: 3.5/5

Backstage, Randy Orton is being interviewed by Matt Striker. Randy is asked how his two month hiatus has affected him and he says that the WWE is his life and that Alberto Del Rio will find that out later when he gets a RKO.
Segment Rating: 2.5/5

Jinder Mahal has the unfortunate task of taking on an especially scary looking Ryback this week. Mahal was ordered to face Ryback after walking out of his last match with him. Mahal holds his own for a few moments, but retreats to the outside of the ring when he sees he is having little effect on the monstrous superstar. Ryback follows Mahal out of the ring, but gets a microphone to face for his trouble, and the disqualified Mahal runs up the entrance ramp.
Match Rating: 2/5

The Prime Time Players are doing their “billions of dollars” dance thing and these two clowns actually make me laugh for once. These guys are ridiculous, and AW is just plain annoying. They throw a t-shirt at some poor guy, tell him to get some Prime Time Player shirts, then shuffle off doing their dance again. Ah man, really don’t want to laugh at these guys but I can’t help but to be entertained by them for once.
Segment Rating: 3/5

WWE Tag Team Champion, R-Truth accompanied by his partner Kofi Kingston takes on Darren Young with Titus O’Neil and AW. This match breaks down pretty quickly with AW and O’Neil causing distractions on the outside. Kofi chases AW up the ramp, but returns to ringside to get taken out by O’Neil, who in turn, also helps Darren Young gain advantage over R-Truth and he pins the tag champ. Huge week for the Prime Time Players, but if they’re on the way to taking the tag belts, I hope they can prove they deserve them in the ring as well as in their characters.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Booker T is backstage and approached by Layla. Before the two can chat, Cody Rhodes interrupts to tell Booker that he hopes the fact that he ended his in ring career doesn’t affect their working environment. Cody takes offense to being called “sucka” and Booker puts him in a match next week against Sin Cara. Cody storms off. I am really enjoying Booker’s character tonight, he is exactly the kind of face general manager Smackdown needed.
Segment Rating: 3/5

The main event is Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rioooooooo. Orton immediately takes control of this match and dominates Del Rio for the first few minutes of this match. A rest hold is the most advantage Del Rio can keep on Orton, which doesn’t last long, but these two exchange a little before Del Rio is control once again. Del Rio misses Orton and hits the ring post, giving Orton the advantage once again, until Ricardo Rodriguez gets involved before Orton can nail the RKO. This match ends in DQ, and Del Rio’s attempt at attacking Orton after the match falls short. Del Rio is waling back up the ramp when Sheamus comes from behind and throws him back in the ring to get that RKO from Orton. Sheamus and Orton smile at each other as Smackdown goes off the air. This match pretty much went the way I expected and not a super exciting finish to the show.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

This was not a bad Smackdown, but I think Booker T being made the general manager may have been the best part of the show, but there were some good matches in the earlier half of the show. 34 out of 60 points for this week’s show, and I’m giving it a C grade.

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