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WWE Smackdown Review – July 13, 2012


WWE Smackdown Review – July 13, 2012
by Nick Ohrn


This week Smackdown kicks off with this week’s general manager, Zack Ryder, making his way to the ring. They are really piping in the fake crowd noise for this one, which I find to be the most atrocious noise on Smackdown every week. After some woo woo woo crap, Alberto Del Rio interrupts him and says after he wins the World Heavyweight title, he will run Smackdown. Zack introduces Del Rio’s opponent. Sin Cara. Horrible way to open the show….
Opening Segment: 1/5

Alberto Del Rio takes on Sin Cara for the first match of the night. I hope these two can wash that bad taste from Zack Ryder out of my mouth. Sin Cara tries to make this a high flying match, but when Del Rio finally takes control, he turns this into a technical, submission styled match. These superstars have a very decent match at least, with Del Rio taking the win when Sin Cara misses a move off the top rope and he receives a cross arm breaker.
Match Rating: 3/5

Backstage, Teddy Long tells Ryder he’s doing a great job running the show ( bullshit ) and then the Big Show approaches. He tells Ryder he should be general manager, and then the Great Kahli shows up just in time to for Ryder to tell Big Show that Kahli is his opponent. Kahli says ” woo woo woo”. This is going to be bad…..
Segment Rating: 1.5/5

Darren Young, accompanied by Titus O’Neil and AW, takes on Primo, joined ringside by Epico and Rosa Mendes. Primo is looking great in this match. Hearing AW shout orders to Darren Young is far less entertaining then Jimmy Hart and his megaphone. Young takes control about half way through the match, and keeps the control until Primo is able to get the pin after a roll up. Not a stellar match, but at least Primo gets to pick up the win here.
Match Rating: 2.5/5

Backstage again with Zack Ryder and the World Heavyweight champion Sheamus. Jericho shows up while they chat, and Ryder puts him in a match with Sheamus for later tonight. At least we have Jericho on Smackdown…that will count for something, even if he has to wrestle Sheamus.
Segment Rating: 2/5

Intercontinental champion Christian and United States champion Santino Marella team against Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. Two of my favorite superstars who both need to win the MITB match this coming Sunday, Ziggler and Rhodes, put on a good match with Christian and Santino. Christian plays the standard face in peril most of the match, until the hot tag to Santino, but when Cody and Christian end up on the outside of the ring, Ziggler is able to nail the Zig Zag on Santino for the win. Rhodes and Ziggler look up at the briefcase hanging above the ring after the match.
Match Rating: 3/5

The Big Show vs. the Great Khali is next. This match lasts all of 30 seconds as Big Show nails the WMD punch knocking out Khali. Thankfully this match was over before they let Kahli try to wrestle.
Match Rating: 2/5

Next up is Tyler Reks, accompanied by Curt Hawkins, against Ryback. Reks actually puts up the best fight yet against Ryback, but ultimately comes up short. Ryback remains undefeated. Feed him more? Feed me less.
Match Rating: 2/5

Damien Sandow takes on Justin Gabriel next. Wow, these two young superstars but on a great, fast paced match with plenty of action for it’s short duration. Sandow picks up the win here, but it really is a shame this match wasn’t given a few more minutes.
Match Rating: 3/5

Our main event is World Heavyweight champion Sheamus against Chris Jericho. This is a typical Sheamus match, with all his power moves landing on the very gracious Jericho. Sheamus and Jericho put some good dramatic spots in here with their finishing moves, a Codebreaker from Jericho off the top rope being one of the highlights. Sheamus emerges victorious however, nailing a hard Brogue Kick on Jericho. Sheamus celebrates at the entrance way, as Alberto Del Rio shows up to attack him from behind. Del Rio apples a nasty cross arm breaker on the stage and stands tall over the World Heavyweight champ as Smackdown comes to a close.
Main Event Rating: 3.5/5

WELL…. glad that is over with. 23.5 out of 50 points for Smackdown, earning a C- grade. I’m very tempted to give this show a D however, as it was definitely the worst WWE show I’ve seen as of late. Jericho being on the show helped, but not enough to make this show a good one. I hope after Money in the Bank this Sunday they start stacking up their shows better because lately I have not been too impressed over the last month.

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