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WWE: The Ultimate Warrior and the Monday Night Wars


So in the spring of 1996, The WWF(E) and WCW were going through the Monday Night Wars on USA and TNT. Several stars had changed brands as Lex Luger and Vader had gone from one company to the other. However the biggest stars going to jump were both Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) and Diesel (Kevin Nash) from WWF to WCW. While the departures were no secret, Vince had “an ace” up his sleeve, he had the man who in 1990 cleanly pinned Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6 for the WWF title, he had The Ultimate Warrior.

Now, as we all know the relationship between Vince and The Warrior have had plenty of ups and downs which if i went into here, would take a week to read. Regardless of those differences, The Warrior was coming back at Wrestlemania 12 and to Monday Night Raw.

As Hall and Nash departed, the Warrior was involved with a WTF feud with Golddust at the April In Your House Event, Non existent for the May PPV, and then back for a WTF feud with Jerry Lawler leading into King Of The Ring. This is where the wheels began to fall off. WCW at this point was starting its run of ratings wins as Hall and Nash had debuted on Nitro and were heading into the Bash At the beach showdown with the mystery of the 3rd Man. Meanwhile WWF had ended KOTR, with the announcement of their own 6 man tag match at the July PPV, which was to feature Ahmed Johnson, Shawn Michaels, and The Warrior taking on Vader, Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith. But on the road to the PPV the Warrior was “suspended” and never seen from again.

But what if the Warrior stayed?? Would feuds between the Warrior and Vader, The Warrior and Sid, eventual and rumored WWF Title Matches with HBK, and maybe even a show down with the returning Bret hart have helped the WWF in the ratings?? Would more people have tuned into a live raw to see the Warrior vs Stone Cold Steve Austin instead of watching The Taskmaster vs greg Valentine, hoping for a nWo run in?? Maybe we would of finally gotten that televised and ppv match between The Warrior and The Undertaker. Im not saying the Warrior would of lasted into the attitude era, but for the first part of the Monday Night Wars, he could of made a difference. Maybe WCW doesnt go off on 82 weeks in a row, but if they dont maybe we would never would of had the Attitude Era.

We will never know, but when you think about what could of been, it doesnt seem like it would of been all that bad.

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