WWE: Why is the United States Championship Treated Like Garbage?


A question we may never hear a direct answer to. A personal friend of mine was lucky enough to attend Comic-Con last year and actually asked Triple H this question.

According to my friend he said Triple H replied,
“Creative is working hard and we do our absolute best to make sure that nobody is left off the card, but sometimes we go through what we like to call CBO (Creative Burn Out). We tend to focus on what draws the most money and captures the highest interest. We hope to include more storytelling and fan investment in our secondary titles in the foreseeable future.” [/quote]

Like a true Republican, HHH didn’t really answer the question. He danced around it, but did not divulge into the surface. I don’t know why the U.S Title is treated the way it is, but I have an idea. Vince McMahon is a very controlling person from a business standpoint. He prefers everything in his company to be WWE branded. The U.S Title is no such thing. The origins of the U.S Title can be traced back to the NWA-Mid Atlantic Jim Crockett, Jr. and to WCW ascension when Ted Turner purchased the company.

The World Heavyweight Championship is an acceptable substitute for a Triple Crown, but it does not originate in WWE, yet it counts. Why is this?

It’s because WWE revises the history of titles when it’s the most convenient for them. If you can recall, the WHC was introduced in WWF as the WCW Title in the Invasion Era. It was eventually merged with the WWF Title when Chris Jericho became the first undisputed Champion. Later on, Brock Lesnar would obtain the title and a new design was created for the belt. Lesnar would then leave for the Smackdown Brand leaving RAW “Titleless”.

At this point both the former WWF Title and the WCW Title had been dismissed. By this time the company transformed into WWE. This was when Bischoff (The RAW GM at the time) awarded HHH with the World Heavyweight Championship. We knew it was the same belt from WCW, but as far as WWE was concerned it was a new belt entirely and its lineage to WCW/NWA and the Invasion was never mentioned.

This is why the WHC counts towards the Triple Crown. As it stands, the U.S Title is utterly and conceivably worthless. It does not elevate any superstar to the next level, it holds no prestige, and it doesn’t even count towards a Triple Crown. So what should WWE do with the title?

I have three suggestions.

1. Dismiss the Title and retire it for good. Replace the title with something “WWE Branded” so it can actually benefit the mid-carders of tomorrow.

Examples: Revive European Title. Revive Cruiserweight/Lightweight Title. Bring over NXT Title to RAW or SD to give them exposure and make the mid-card look decent.

2. Merge the U.S Title and IC Title together to create one and only ONE Mid-card Title. With guys from SD appearing on RAW and vice versa, the need for two titles is essentially pointless.

3. Book the U.S Title like it matters and count it towards the Triple Crown (Not likely). In my opinion, the last U.S Champion that actually made the belt mean something was Chris Benoit. Now that I think about it, Benoit vs MVP was the last time the U.S Title actually saw spotlight at WrestleMania. Think about that as well.

Christopher Epps


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