WWE: Will Dolph Ziggler Have a Terrible World Championship Run?


Before I get slaughtered with hate mail about why I think Ziggler’s eventual run as champ will do worse than that of The Miz’s title run as WWE Champ, I’ll give you several reasons why.

The Miz was kept somewhat strong when he won Money in the Bank in July 2010, especially when he was US Champion before losing it to Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions 2010. There were several teases of when The Miz was going to cash in his MITB Briefcase on RAW.

Miz cashed it in on a guy (Orton) who is pretty much one of the top guys in the company. Granted, Miz’s run was a failure, but it didn’t mean it wasn’t due to trying. They tried to make Miz look strong, especially during WrestleMania 27 season. Put it this way; most people bought WrestleMania due to The Rock’s return and Taker/HHH.

Ziggler, on the other hand, has been looking up at the lights more and more often than CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were doing when they won Money in the Bank briefcases. For a talented guy, he has a such a weak finisher in the Zig Zag. The Zig Zag is nothing more than a ripoff of the Play of the Day and Pay-dirt finisher in reverse. Ziggler’s finisher should be the Last Chancery or the Famouser!

He’s one of the smaller guys on the roster and that’s lost on mostly everybody! MVP and R-Truth are taller than him…that’s why the finisher made sense for them. Ziggler can’t even get a reaction on his own and I’m supposed to take him seriously? He still has to rely on Vickie Guerrero to get him heat! His name alone sounds like an adult film star name and a joke overall. What was wrong with his real name, “The Natural” Nick Nemeth?

I get the idea that he built up his name for years, but look at where he has gotten with that! He is not that good on the microphone to me and no one remembers he was a FORMER World Champion…I digress.

Ziggler’s going to be cashing it in on one of the following guys: Big Show…a guy I think the fans don’t take seriously on a main event level anymore especially in 2012 or Sheamus, who has somehow, someway been OVEREXPOSED as a HEEL and a FACE despite having good matches, however, he’s not going be the face of the company anytime soon due to his age and nationality.

Ziggler’s run as World Champion, if he does win it all, will not lead to main event on pay per views…not even mid card status at WrestleMania. It will probably be opening match status after the dark match shenanigans at WrestleMania 29 defending it against the Royal Rumble winner and somehow losing it.

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