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WWE: Will The Ultimate Warrior Ever Be In The WWE Hall of Fame?


Quick thoughts by Owner and Editor: “Jersey Strong” Jay

I hate professional wrestling “dirt sheet” sites and I’m proud that Pro Wrestling Powerhouse is not one of them. We pride ourselves on giving strong, opinionated articles and NOT reporting erroneous and phony wrestling news. I won’t do it and will never do it unless it is “important” or 100% confirmed by someone other than those monkey’s from Wrestling Observer or those morons from WrestleZone.

The word is breaking around the “newzzz” sites is that The Ultimate Warrior is a strong candidate to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year at WrestleMania 29. While I was always a fan of the Warrior as a kid, my gut tells me that this would be a horrible and hypocritical idea by WWE.

Don’t get me wrong: I know what I just stated is a complete oxymoron. WWE has gone back on their word and has done business with wrestlers time and time again that they vowed to never do business with again.

However, if WWE cuts a deal with The Ultimate Warrior, there is no telling what the ramifications could be. Do you really want to give this guy an open mic on one of your biggest nights of the year? Do you really want to risk Warrior no-showing the event after weeks of advertising?

Warrior has gone on record about his ill will towards Vince McMahon and the WWE brass. Hell, WWE even produced a scathing WWE called The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior that left a terrible taste in Warrior’s mouth for years.

Quite frankly, there are more honorable and deserving wrestlers that could be inducted next year at WrestleMania 29. Even though my gut tells me that this could be a bad idea, the little kid in me would LOVE to see The Ultimate Warrior have an opportunity to run full speed to the ring one more time at WrestleMania!!

“Jersey Strong” Jay

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